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Bicycles (Library Photo)

Comic books

Smith & Wesson model 642 Airweight Revolver. Serial no: CPT9372, Caliber: .38 S&W, barrel length: 1.75 inches, color: aluminum/silver. With box and manual and a Regal R15SC cable lock

Springfield Armory model XD 9 Sub Compact semi-automatic pistol. Serial no: XD147211, Caliber: 9mm, barrel length: 3 inches, color: aluminum/silver/black. With case, manual, and accessories

Smith & Wesson model MP 9 Pro Series semi-automatic pistol. Serial no: DUK2183, Caliber: 9mm, barrel length: 4.87 inches, color: aluminum/silver/black. With case,manua, and accessoris. No magazine, Regal R15SC cable lock included

Sturm Ruger model Security 6 revolver. Serial no: 15041531, Caliber: .357 mag, barrel length: 2.75 inches, color: black. With soft case

FNH USA model FNX 40 semi-automatic pistol. Serial no: FX2U00569, Caliber: .40 S&W, barrel length: 4 inches, color: aluminum/silver/black. With case, manual, and accessories. No magazine

Sig Sauer model P220 Equinox semi-automatic pistol. Serial no: 37A009158, Caliber: .45, barrel length: 3.75 inches, color: black. With case, manual, and accessories.

Browning Arms Co. model Buckmark UFX Camper semi-automatic pistol. Serial no: 5152207583, Caliber: .22 LR, barrel length: 5.5 inches, color: aluminum/silver. With case and manuals

Benelli SPA model Vinci semi-automatic shotgun. Serial no: CG008533, Caliber: 12 gauge, barrel length: 26 inches, color: camoflage. With case, manuals, and accessories

Cannon firearm safe

Lee decapping dies and bullet lubrication and sizing kits

Lee bullet molds

Lee reloading dies. Includes .44 magnum, .357 magnum, .41 Remington magnum, 9mm Luger

RCBS ammunition tools and supplies

Firearm cleaning kits

Firearm and ammunition tools and supplies

Firearm and ammunition tools and supplies