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Saturday September 26, 2020 10:00am

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September 23 - September 25, 2020.

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To Include:
Quality Estate Furniture · Antique Furniture · Contemporary Furniture · Glass, Porcelain, Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Books & Children's Books · Collectibles · Guns · Toys & Dolls · Coins & Stamps · Tools & Machinery · Fine Linens & Textiles · Fine & Costume Jewelry

Lot 1: 1920s Mills Automatic 1-Cent Vending Machine.

Lot 2: The Good Judge Right-Cut Tobacco Dispenser.

Lot 3: Vintage 1933 Orange Crush "get cool for a nickel" Sign.

Lot 4: (4) Clark's Teaberry Gum Vaseline Glass Trays

Lot 5: 1920s Putnam Fadeless Dyes Store Display Cabinet.

Lot 6: (3) 1930s Planters Peanuts Large Glass Store Canisters.

Lot 7: (3) Owl Drug Company Cobalt Blue Triangular Bottles.

Lot 8: (16) Antique Cobalt Blue Apothecary Bottles.

Lot 9: (3) Antique Stoneware Druggist Crocks.

Lot 10: Circa 1900 Humphrey's Specifics Store Display Cabinets.

Lot 11: Vintage Bell Telephone Enameled Metal Sign.

Lot 12: (5) Antique Globe Bottle Inverted Medical Jars.

Lot 13: Circa 1917 Chicle Co. Yucatan Chew Gum Store Display.

Lot 14: Vintage Master Gumball / Peanut Vending Machine.

Lot 15: Circa 1920 Boye Sewing Needle Display Cabinet. (Style #1).

Lot 16: Large Quantity of Vintage Apothecary Bottle Label Rolls.

Lot 17: Group of Early 20th C. Skull & Crossbones Corkscrews.

Lot 18: Group of Vintage Green Glass Poison Bottles.

Lot 19: Group of (3) Vintage Chewing Gum Tin Boxes.

Lot 20: (4) Vintage Large Planters Peanut Glass Jars.

Lot 21: United States Bullion 32.15 Troy Ounce Silver Bar.

Lot 22: Navajo Handwoven Wool Blanket.

Lot 23: Lucintia Begay Navajo Rug.

Lot 24: Lucy Begay Navajo Rug.

Lot 25: Native American Yei Rug.

Lot 26: Hubert Herr German Cuckoo Clock.

Lot 27: Group of (11) 19th C. English Pewter Tankards & Mugs.

Lot 28: Group of (11) 19th C. English Pewter Tankards & Mugs.

Lot 29: (6 ) Large 19th C. Pewter Platters with Hallmarks.

Lot 30: R.J. Horner Mahogany Dining Table.

Lot 31: R.J. Horner Mahogany Sideboard.

Lot 32: 18th C. Exquisite Large Gold Leaf Frame with Painting.

Lot 33: 14K Opal and Diamond Bracelet.

Lot 34: 10K Gold & Diamond ID Bracelet.

Lot 35: 14K Gold & Diamond Ring.

Lot 36: 14K Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ring.

Lot 37: Gold & Amethyst Bracelet.

Lot 38: 14K "Linaka" Gold Band.

Lot 39: 14K Gold, Diamond and Tanzanite Bracelet.

Lot 40: 18K Gold Band.

Lot 41: 14K Gold, Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace.

Lot 42: 10K Gold & Solitaire Spinel Ring.

Lot 43: Sterling Mint Co. Antique Gold Tip Gum Stand & 3 Others.

Lot 44: Antique Ohio Matches Metal 1-cent Match Dispenser.

Lot 45: (3) Antique Apothecary Bottles.

Lot 46: Munyon's Homeopathic Remedies Store Display Cabinet.

Lot 47: Group of Vintage Metal & Enameled Advertising Signs.

Lot 48: Collection of Munyon's & other Medicinal "Quack" Cures.

Lot 49: Collection of Antique Cobalt Blue Poison & Apothecary Bottles.

Lot 50: (16) Antique Apothecary Stone Jars.

Lot 51: Antique Diamond Dyes Store Display Cabinet.

Lot 52: Group of Antique Collectibles.

Lot 53: (2) Antique Counter Top Store Display Cabinets.

Lot 54: Group of Vintage Soap Bars in Original Boxes.

Lot 55: Collection of Antique Apothecary / Herbal Boxes.

Lot 56: Group of Vintage Candy / Store Containers.

Lot 57: Circa 1900 Garland Oak Ice Chest.

Lot 58: Group of (5) Vintage Store Advertising Tins.

Lot 59: Group of Antique Mineral & Medicinal Tonics.

Lot 60: 1921 Burroughs Wall Mount Towel Dispenser.

Lot 61: 1940 Zenith Console Radio.

Lot 62: Philco Model 60 Cathedral Radio.

Lot 63: (2) Tannoy VS 218DR Large Scale Subwoofers.

Lot 64: (2) Tannoy VQ 60 Large Format Loudspeakers.

Lot 65: (2) McCauley 202-100 Large Scale Speaker Systems.

Lot 66: Pair of Acoustic Research AR-3 Speakers.

Lot 67: Fisher 700T Receiver.

Lot 68: Lab Gruppen C 48:4 4800 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier.

Lot 69: BGW GTA Grand Touring Amplifier.

Lot 70: BGW GTA Grand Touring Amplifier.

Lot 71: (3) Antiquarian Vellum Bound Books.

Lot 72: (4) Antiquarian Vellum Bound Books.

Lot 73: (3) Antiquarian Books, Vellum and Cloth Boards.

Lot 74: (3) Antiquarian Books in English.

Lot 75: (3) Antiquarian Leather Bound Books.

Lot 76: (2) Antiquarian Leather Bound Books.

Lot 77: (5) Antiquarian Books in English.

Lot 78: (5) Antiquarian Leather Bound Books.

Lot 79: Two Volumes Art and Architecture, Columbian Exposition.

Lot 80: Two Volumes Picturesque California, Ed. John Muir.

Lot 81: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 82: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 83: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 84: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 85: Mid 20th C. Modern Teak 2-drawer Desk.

Lot 86: (3) Mid 20th C. Modern Stacking Stools.

Lot 87: Contemporary Modern Coffee Table with Brass Inlay.

Lot 88: Mid 20th C. Danish Teak Draw Leaf Table.

Lot 89: Set of (3) Contemporary Modern Side Tables.

Lot 90: Conway's Fine Furniture Mahogany Lingerie Chest.

Lot 91: Noguchi style glass top coffee table.

Lot 92: Josef Neumann Wien Grandfather Clock

Lot 93: Norwegian Silver Flatware & Iceland Silver Spoon.

Lot 94: 14K Yellow Gold Necklace.

Lot 95: French Vintage Wrought Iron Garden / Coffee Table.

Lot 96: Caucasian Hand Knotted Rug.

Lot 97: John Berkey, Acrylic on Board, Dinner at Deviant's Place.

Lot 98: Russell Chatham Color Lithograph, Sunset on a Winter Evening.

Lot 99: Edmund F. Ward, Oil on Board, Jesus with Followers.

Lot 100: Hugh Lecaro Oil on Paper Board, Kite Flying.

Lot 101: (3) Vintage Neon Beer Signs.

Lot 102: Mid 20th C. Teak Drop Front, 2-door Cabinet.

Lot 103: William Dommersen, Oil on Canvas.

Lot 104: Modernist Chrome and Glass Dining Table & Chairs.

Lot 105: 1930s Oak Arts and Crafts Desk with a Chair.

Lot 106: Royal Worcester Astley Dinner Service.

Lot 107: Franciscan Desert Rose Dinner Service.

Lot 108: 1930s Oak Arts and Crafts Table.

Lot 109: Antique J. J. Vander Borght Dutch Tall Case Clock.

Lot 110: Collection of Bohemian Cut Crystal Table Ware

Lot 111: Persian Hand Knotted Rug.

Lot 112: Winterling Bavaria Blue Onion Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 113: Continental Style Drop Front Secretaire.

Lot 114: Carved Oriental Tall Lift Top 5-Drawer Chest.

Lot 115: S.A. Galton, Oil on Canvas, English Seaside.

Lot 116: Collection of Vintage Radio Boys & Radio Girls Books.

Lot 117: Collection of Young Adult / Children's Books.

Lot 118: Collection of Young Adult / Children's Books.

Lot 119: (5) Pairs of 19th C. Pewter Candlesticks.

Lot 120: (5) Pairs of 19th C. Pewter Candlesticks.

Lot 121: Vintage 3-Section Lawyer's Stacking Bookcase.

Lot 122: Contemporary Black Walnut Dining Table & 6 Chairs.

Lot 123: Group of Silver Plated Table & Hollowware.

Lot 124: Group of Silver Plated Bowls, Plates & Goblets.

Lot 125: Group of Silver Plated Table & Hollowware.

Lot 126: Contemporary Solid Walnut Blanket / Hope Chest.

Lot 127: Michaels Furniture Co. Mahogany Bedroom Set.

Lot 128: Middle Eastern Style Lift Top Chest.

Lot 129: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 130: Collection of 45 rpm Records.

Lot 131: Vixen BT80M-A Binocular Telescope & Eyepieces.

Lot 132: Dual 1019 & 1249 Turntables.

Lot 133: Pair of Ohm Walsh 2 Speakers.

Lot 134: 1950s Bunnell Electromechanical Pen Register.

Lot 135: Group of (9) Vacuum Tubes.

Lot 136: Gon Bops Conga Cajon 12. (Drum).

Lot 137: Group of (4) Silver Vanity & Tableware.

Lot 138: Group of (5) Italian Terra Cotta Figures.

Lot 139: Group of Costume Jewelry including Sterling.

Lot 140: 14K Yellow Gold Band.

Lot 141: 14K White Gold & Diamond Ring.

Lot 142: 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond Accents.

Lot 143: Group of Liberty, Franklin & Kennedy Silver Half Dollars.

Lot 144: (3) Morgan and (2) Peace Silver Dollars.

Lot 145: Navajo Handwoven Wide Ruins Rug.

Lot 146: Navajo Handwoven Storm Pattern Rug.

Lot 147: Armenian Chahar Mahal Rug.

Lot 148: Group of (3) Flat weave Rugs.

Lot 149: Collection of Dagger Replicas.

Lot 150: (3) Cynthia Hipkiss, Folk Art Pottery Figures.

Lot 151: Seven (7) Fly Fishing Hardback Books, Signed.

Lot 152: Architectural Altar Niche.

Lot 153: Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera with 3 Lenses.

Lot 154: (6) Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Lot 155: (6) Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Lot 156: (6) Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Lot 157: (6) Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Lot 158: J. Swift & Son London Brass Microscope.

Lot 159: 19th C. Ross, London, Eclipse Microscope.

Lot 160: Early 20th C. Middle Eastern Ornately Carved Door.

Lot 161: Oriental Style 8-door Display Cabinet.

Lot 162: Contemporary Gilded 3-Drawer Chest.

Lot 163: Lenox Daybreak Dinner Service.

Lot 164: Royal Doulton Napier Luncheon Set.

Lot 165: Circa 1910 Mahogany Mirrored Sideboard.

Lot 166: English Edwardian Mahogany Dressing Chest.

Lot 167: Renaissance Revival Walnut Bed & Nightstand. Circa 1900.

Lot 168: Thomas Porcelain Dinner Service

Lot 169: Continental Porcelain Dinner Service with Gilt Floral Rim.

Lot 170: Baroque Style Gilt Framed Mirror.

Lot 171: Group Assorted Czech Pottery and Porcelain.

Lot 172: Collection of English Lustre Pottery.

Lot 173: Contemporary Large Glass Top Table with 8 Chairs.

Lot 174: Gilt Metal 10-Light Swag Crystal Chandelier.

Lot 175: Oak Drop Side Rolling Tea Cart.

Lot 176: Pair of Hickory Mfg Co. 3-Drawer Chests.

Lot 177: Chinese Red Lacquered Lidded Box.

Lot 178: Ladies' Waist Length Fox Fur Jacket.

Lot 179: Ladies' Vintage Mink Fur Wrap.

Lot 180: Oak Three Shelf Rolling Tea Cart.

Lot 181: Contemporary Oriental Mahogany Sideboard.

Lot 182: Contemporary Oriental Rosewood Table & Chairs.

Lot 183: Barwick Bracket Clock.

Lot 184: Spanish Baroque Style Blanket Chest.

Lot 185: Late 19th / Early 20th C. German Wall Clock.

Lot 186: New Haven Regulator 8-day Wall Clock.

Lot 187: 19th C. French Comtoise Wall Clock.

Lot 188: Sumac Hand Knotted Rug.

Lot 189: S. Mordan Co. Antique English Postal Scale.

Lot 190: Chinese Celadon Glaze Palace Vase.

Lot 191: Group of Vintage Costume & Designer Jewelry.

Lot 192: Pair of Sanborns Mexico Sterling Silver Candelabra.

Lot 193: Yamaha C1 Baby Grand Piano.

Lot 194: Voytek Glinkowski Mixed Media Oil on Canvas, "Marta's Garden".

Lot 195: Voytek Glinkowski Oil on Canvas, "Fuga".

Lot 196: Voytek Glinkowski Oil on Canvas, "Eastern Forest".

Lot 197: (3) Hugh Lecaro Oils on Canvas.

Lot 198: (2) Hugh Lecaro Watercolors, Landscapes.

Lot 199: Contemporary Custom Top Dining Table with 10 Chairs.

Lot 200: Coup Studios Regency Sofa.

Lot 201: (4) Ceramic Asian Figures.

Lot 202: (2) Asian Porcelain Vases and a Bowl.

Lot 203: Pair of 19th C. Chinese Polychrome Enameled Bowls.

Lot 204: (3) Chinese Porcelain Bowls.

Lot 205: Group of (7) Chinese Porcelain Dishes.

Lot 206: Oriental Carved Wood Oval Side Table.

Lot 207: Mid 20th C. Oval Brass Tray Table with Folding Base.

Lot 208: Late 19th C. Bavarian 8-day Wall Clock.

Lot 209: Group of Three Woven Textiles.

Lot 210: American Oak Curio Display Cabinet.

Lot 211: American Oak Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 212: 18th C. Spanish Baroque Walnut Vargueno.

Lot 213: Rorstrand Sweden "Kardinal" Dinner Service.

Lot 214: German Bisque Head Doll.

Lot 215: (4) Asian Scroll Paintings.

Lot 216: (3) Asian Scroll Paintings on Silk.

Lot 217: Hand Knotted Oriental Rug.

Lot 218: Composition Bust on Marble Pedestal.

Lot 219: Lladro Porcelain Sad Jester Bust & 4 Angel Figures.

Lot 220: (3) Chinese Jade Figures and a Hare Netsuke.

Lot 221: Goebel Bisque Porcelain Madonna Bust.

Lot 222: Set of 12 Waterford Claret Stems.

Lot 223: R. Atkins Decorative Painting, Zebra Face.

Lot 224: (4) Asian Decorative Table Lamps.

Lot 225: Group of (5) Japanese Woodblock Prints.

General Estate Highlights
are listed below:

Lot 250: Collection Of 36 Presidential Commemorative Silver Plated Spoons In Box.

Lot 251: Shelf Of Vintage Linens.

Lot 252: (2) Shelves Of Vintage Toys And Games Incl. Green Ghost, Ka-Bala.

Lot 253: Shelf Of Vintage Toby Pitchers

Lot 254: Shelf Of Decorative Boxes.

Lot 255: Shelf Of Vintage Model Cars Incl. Hotwheels, Mostly In Packaging.

Lot 256: No Lot.

Lot 257: Group Of (3) Clocks Incl. 2 Anniversary Clocks.

Lot 258: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Cloisonne Miniature Boxes.

Lot 259: Shelf Of Asstd. Folding Pocket Knives.

Lot 260: Shelf Of Asstd. Bone China Incl. Cups And Saucers.

Lot 261: Shelf Of Glassware Incl. Paperweight, Perfume Bottles.

Lot 262: (7) Pairs Of Asstd. Binoculars Incl. Bushnell.

Lot 263: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Duck Decoys, Mounted Piranha.

Lot 264: Shelf Of Dolls And Puppets Incl. Steiff.

Lot 265: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Mother-Of-Pearl.

Lot 266: (9) Bottles Of Asstd. Red Wine.

Lot 267: Shelf Of Asstd. Pocket Knives.

Lot 268: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Figurines, Goebel, Wedgwood.

Lot 269: Shelf Of Asstd. Model Cars And Trucks.

Lot 270: Shelf Of Africa Style Carved Figures And A Drum.

Lot 271: Shelf Of Asstd. Binoculars.

Lot 272: Shelf Of Religious Items Incl. Crucifix, Rosary Beads.

Lot 273: Shelf Of Copper And Metalware.

Lot 274: Shelf Of Folding And Pocket Knives.

Lot 275: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Grape Clusters.

Lot 276: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Collectibles Incl. Medallions.

Lot 277: (2) Asian Boxes With Mother-Of-Pearl Decoration.

Lot 278: Shelf Of Collectibles Incl. Scale, Clocks, Pocket Knives.

Lot 279: Shelf Of Asstd. Pottery.

Lot 280: Shelf Of Collectibles And Knick Knacks Incl. Stoneware Crock, Gong.

Lot 281: Shelf Of Asstd. Steins And Tankards.

Lot 282: Shelf Of Asstd. Binoculars.

Lot 283: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Collectibles Incl. Vintage Car, Horn, Scale.

Lot 284: Shelf Of Vintage Coral And Sea Shells.

Lot 285: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Candlesticks, Fighting Cocks.

Lot 286: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Lidded Box, Wall Shelf.

Lot 287: (10) Bottles Of Asstd. Red Wine.

Lot 288: Shelf Of Vintage Wooden Items And Knick Knacks.

Lot 289: Shelf Of Folding And Pocket Knives.

Lot 290: Shelf Of (5) Contemporary Dolls.

Lot 291: Shelf Of Silver Plate And Pewter Items.

Lot 292: Shelf Of Oriental China And Figures.

Lot 293: Shelf Of Decorative Wooden Items And Knick Knacks Incl. Elephant Figures, Bookends.

Lot 294: Shelf Of Collectibles Incl. Scale, Ship In A Bottle.

Lot 295: Shelf Of Asstd. Religious Items Incl. Antique Painted Cherub.

Lot 296: (11) Miniature Composition Bird Figures Incl. Made In Occupied Japan.

Lot 297: Shelf Of Asstd. Pocket And Folding And Knives.

Lot 298: Shelf Of Vintage Metalware Incl. Wilton Plate, Candy Mold.

Lot 299: Shelf Of Wooden Figures Incl. Nutcrackers.

Lot 300: Shelf Of Asstd. Rocks, Lapidary Shells And Fossils.

Lot 301: Shelf Of Cameras And Lenses.

Lot 302: Shelf Of Hand Blown Glassware.

Lot 303: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Miniatures.

Lot 304: Shelf Of Bing & Grondahl Dinnerware.

Lot 305: Shelf Of Silver Plated Items Incl. Candlesticks, Flask.

Lot 306: Shelf Of China And Decorative Items.

Lot 307: Shelf Of Asstd. Pottery And Stoneware.

Lot 308: Shelf Of Vintage Wooden Figures.

Lot 309: Shelf Of Ostrich Eggs.

Lot 310: Group Of Asstd. Pottery.

Lot 311: Shelf Of Vintage Kitchenware.

Lot 312: Shelf Of Glass Decanters Incl. Waterford With Stopper.

Lot 313: Shelf Of Oriental China Incl. Chargers.

Lot 314: Shelf Of Knick Knacks, Figurines And Collectibles.

Lot 315: Circa 1900 Quadruple Silver Plated Large Pot On Ornate Stand.

Lot 316: 1930s Mahogany 6-Drawer Chest With Mirror.

Lot 317: Early 20th C. Continental Oak 2-Panel Screen.

Lot 318: Box Of Men's Neckties Incl. Ferragamo. (Mostly Silk).

Lot 319: Contemporary Varde 9-Drawer Kitchen / Utility Chest.

Lot 320: Vintage Toledo Shopkeeper's Scale.

Lot 321: Pair Of Stoneware Vases On Metal Stands.

Lot 322: Raku Art Pottery Table Lamp.

Lot 323: Group Of International First Day Covers And Asstd. Coins.

Lot 324: 1930s Oak Drop Side Table With Barley Twist Legs.

Lot 325: (4) Boxes Of Classical Records.

Lot 326: Contemporary Oak Dining Table With 4 Chairs.

Lot 327: (10) French Chairs Collection Limoges Cabinet Plates And (4) Royal Castle Porcelain Plates.

Lot 328: Group Of Asstd. Stamps.

Lot 329: Espresso Maker And A Vintage Mixer.

Lot 330: Group Of Brass Floor Standing Lamps, Candle Pricket And Vases.

Lot 331: Vintage Painted Child's Rocking Horse And A Sculpture Of A Tiger.

Lot 332: Set Of Contemporary Fireplace Irons.

Lot 333: Group Of (4) Glazed Ceramic Asian Pots.

Lot 334: Asian Cabinet With Brass Embellishment.

Lot 335: Painted Lift Top Hope Chest.

Lot 336: (2) Wine Racks.

Lot 337: Set Of (8) Country Pine Dining Chairs.

Lot 338: (3) Decorative Lidded Boxes.

Lot 339: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings. (7).

Lot 340: (4) Decorative Silvered Asian Style Boxes.

Lot 341: Group Of Antique Brassware Incl. Candlesticks, Platter.

Lot 342: Chinese Black Lacquered Storage Box With Newspaper Calligraphy Interior.

Lot 343: Vintage Metal Bread And Cake Cabinet.

Lot 344: Robert Gould Black Tassel Dress. Made In California. (40" Long).

Lot 345: Early 20th C. Eastlake Marble Top Washstand.

Lot 346: Composition Mermaid Form 6 Ft. Floor Lamp.

Lot 347: 1940s Art Deco Mantel Clock.

Lot 348: Mahogany 5-Drawer Desk With Leather Inset Top. Hekman Furniture.

Lot 349: Holmes Edwards Silver Plated Flatware Service In Casket.

Lot 350: (4) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 351: (2 1/2) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 352: Contemporary Floor Standing Jewelry Chest.

Lot 353: Vintage Oak Curved Front Cabinet With 2 Glass Panel Doors.

Lot 354: Shelf Of Rosenthal Wine Goblets.

Lot 355: Shelf Of Silver Plated Items Incl. Ice Bucket, Serving Dish.

Lot 356: Shelf Of Figurines.

Lot 357: Shelf Of Pottery Incl. Large Vintage Stoneware Mixing Bowl.

Lot 358: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Vintage Grinder.

Lot 359: Shelf Of Asstd. Dolls.

Lot 360: Shelf Of Pewterware.

Lot 361: Shelf Of Knick Knacks.

Lot 362: Shelf Of Oriental China.

Lot 363: Shelf Of Silver Plated Items.

Lot 364: Shelf Of Glassware.

Lot 365: Shelf Of Knick Knacks.

Lot 366: Shelf Of Oriental Dinnerware.

Lot 367: Shelf Of Glassware.

Lot 368: Shelf Of Art Pottery Incl. Majolica Plate, Salt Glaze Jug

Lot 369: Shelf Of Collector Plates Incl. Goebel.

Lot 370: Shelf Of Pink Stemware.

Lot 371: Shelf Of China Incl. Vintage Noritake, Shelley.

Lot 372: Shelf Of Silver Plate And Other Decorative Items Incl. Carving Set.

Lot 373: Shelf Of Pottery, Metal And Other Folk Art Sculptures.

Lot 374: Shelf Of Decorative Items.

Lot 375: Pair Of Oriental Mahogany Twin Beds.

Lot 376: Pair Of Mahogany Twin Headboards.

Lot 377: Group Of (5) Asstd. Mirrors.

Lot 378: Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rug. Umber Field With 3 Center Medallions. (8' X 5.5').

Lot 379: Contemporary Wool Rug. (Approx. 13' X 9'9").

Lot 380: Painted Tall Case Clock.

Lot 381: Group Of U.S. Coins; (2) American Eagle Silver Dollars, (16) Liberty Dimes, (40) Mercury Dimes, (19) Liberty Nickels, 2 Pennies, (9) Liberty Quarters, (4) Liberty Half Dollars.

Lot 382: (5) Asstd. Cloisonne Dishes And A Decorative Glass Bowl.

Lot 383: Armani Exchange & Casio Edifice Wristwatches.

Lot 384: Group Of Foreign Coins, Currency And A Casino Token.

Lot 385: Group Of (9) Cultured Pearl Necklaces.

Lot 386: Group Of Mother-Of-Pearl Handled Flatware.

Lot 387: 1898 Russian Ruble, (36) 1918 Russian Rubles And 2 Coins.

Lot 388: Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch.

Lot 389: Hand Made Vintage Golf Club (Putter). Made In Scotland.

Lot 390: (2) Timex Watches.

Lot 391: Green Hard Stone Necklace With Gold, 14k Gold And Pearl Bracelet And Bead Bracelet With 14k.

Lot 392: Group Of Men's Watches Marked Kenneth Cole.

Lot 393: (2) Perfume Bottles, 2 Pocket Watches And 2 Rings.

Lot 394: Small Group Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 395: (2) Leather Wallets (Marked Kate Spade & Michael Kors) And A Pair Of Sunglasses Marked Maui Jim.

Lot 396: Buffalo Nickel And Indian Penny Coin Books With Coins.

Lot 397: Group Of Wallets, Purses And A Key Holder.

Lot 398: Marc Jacobs Ladies' Leather Purse With Cloth Bag.

Lot 399: Box Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 400: Group Of Commemorative Coins And Tokens Incl. Sterling Silver.

Lot 401: (2) Boxes Of Asstd. Stamps Incl. Mint Sheets.

Lot 402: Contemporary Double Edged Sword With Brass Pommel. 30" Blade, 37.5" Overall.

Lot 403: Crossman Air Rifle.

Lot 404: Howdah Hunter .20 Cal Black Powder Pistol.

Lot 405: Group Of Asstd. Stamps.

Lot 406: World War Ii Bayonet And A Fabrice De Toledo Ceremonial Dress Sword.

Lot 407: Antique Pine Lift Top Blanket Chest.

Lot 408: (2) Asian Carved Stone Bookends.

Lot 409: Single Diamond Stud Earring.

Lot 410: Chinese Brown Jade Snuff Bottles With 2 Animal Form Handles. (3" X 3 1/4").

Lot 411: Pair Of 14k Yellow Gold Earrings With Opal Style Stones And Diamond Accents. (2.8 Grams).

Lot 412: Yellow Metal Ring With Stone.

Lot 413: (4) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 414: (5) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 415: Group Of Miniature Figurines And A Silver Compact.

Lot 416: Group Of Asstd. Coins Incl. 1899 Paperweight Morgan Silver Dollar, Half Dimes, 1868 Shield Nickel, 3 Cent Pieces, Large Cents.

Lot 417: Small Group Of Asian Miniatures Incl. Snuff Bottle.

Lot 418: Hamilton Gold Plated Pocket Watch.

Lot 419: White Gold Ring Marked 14k With 5 Stones. (3.2 Grams).

Lot 420: Antique Class Ring Marked 10k. 5 Grams.

Lot 421: (3) Morgan Silver Dollars And A Peace Dollar.

Lot 422: (5) Canadian Silver Dollars & (3) Canadian Half Dollars.

Lot 423: Group Of U.S. Coins Incl. (6) Silver Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes & Pennies.

Lot 424: Group Of Foreign Coins And Currency.

Lot 425: George Zee Co. Oriental 3-Drawer Vanity Table.

Lot 426: (2) Reproduction Brass Mantel Clock. (Non Functional, Decorative).

Lot 427: Pair Of Stanley Furniture Side By Side Cabinets.

Lot 428: (2) Contemporary Table Lamps Incl. Mica Shade.

Lot 429: Art Deco Style Glass Decanter With 4 Glasses And A Smoked Glass Decanter.

Lot 430: Contemporary Mahogany Floor Standing Jewelry Chest.

Lot 431: Pair Of Mid 20th C. Style Upholstered Chairs.

Lot 432: Fidelio Acoustic Guitar.

Lot 433: (2) Ladies Leather Bags Marked Michael Kors & Madison West.

Lot 434: Herman Carlson Levin Mandolin And A Violin (Damaged).

Lot 435: Contemporary Shield Form Beveled Mirror. 56" X 36".

Lot 436: Early 20th C. American Mahogany Slant Front Writing Chest With Serpentine Front Drawers.

Lot 437: Pair Of Upholstered Swivel Armchairs With Ottoman.

Lot 438: Pair Of American Classical Revival Mahogany Armchairs.

Lot 439: Pair Of Ceramic Ostrich Egg Form Table Lamps.

Lot 440: Group Of Stephen King Hard Back Books.

Lot 441: American Mixed Woods 2-Pc Bedroom Set. 9-Drawer Dresser And A 5-Drawer Chest.

Lot 442: Pair Of Oriental Style Circular Side Tables.

Lot 443: (3) Asstd. Sculptures / Figures Incl. Bronze.

Lot 444: Cal Shops 2-Pc Bedroom Set.

Lot 445: Leather Upholstered Wing Back Chair And Ottoman.

Lot 446: (2) Asian Reticulated Metal Baskets With Open Work Design. 8 1/2" X 10 1/2".

Lot 447: Mid 20th C. Tile Top Pedestal Table And 4 Associated Spindle Back Chairs.

Lot 448: Pair Of Asian Ceramic Table Lamps.

Lot 449: 1950s Painted 4-Drawer Chest.

Lot 450: Seth Thomas Banjo Clock.

Lot 451: Asian Porcelain Figure Of A Woman With Flowers. 10" X 12".

Lot 452: Mid 20th C. Maple 5-Drawer Chest.

Lot 453: Wm. L. Gilbert Co. Oak 8-Day Mission Wall Clock. No. 3029.

Lot 454: Late 19th C. Continental Walnut School Clock With Painted Metal Dial, Roman Numerals. 17" Dia.

Lot 455: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings. (9).

Lot 456: Metal Foliate Pendulum Style 8-Light Hanging Fixture.

Lot 457: (2) 1940s Mahogany And Walnut Cased Mantel Clocks.

Lot 458: Contemporary Pine 6-Drawer Bedroom Chest And Nightstand.

Lot 459: Mogul Design Painted Fabric Wall Panel, Figures With Vessels. (57" X 33").

Lot 460: Pine 6-Shelf Bookcase.

Lot 461: (5) Shelves Of Books, Mostly Related To Radio Engineering, Wireless Telegraphy.

Lot 462: (2) Asian Paintings On Glass, Seated Portraits Of An Emperor & Empress.

Lot 463: (5) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 464: (4) Shelves Of Books, Mostly Wireless, Radio And Telegraphy Related.

Lot 465: Shelf Of Decorative Items.

Lot 466: (2) Shelves Of Folk Art And Decorative Items.

Lot 467: (2) Boxes Of Asstd. Toys And Beanie Babies.

Lot 468: Shelf Of Asstd. Bottles And Mugs.

Lot 469: Shelf Of Toys And Knick Knacks

Lot 470: Shelf Of Collectibles.

Lot 471: Shelf Of Decorative Wooden Boxes.

Lot 472: (2) Shelves Of Vintage Dolls.

Lot 473: Large Shelf Of Silver Plate, Brass And Copper Ware.

Lot 474: Shelf Of Vintage Kerosene And Oil Lamps.

Lot 475: (2) Shelves Of Salt And Pepper Shakers And Knick Knacks.

Lot 476: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Vintage Dominoes, Silver Plated Cigarette Box.

Lot 477: Shelf Of Silver Plated And Brass Decorative Items.

Lot 478: Shelf Of Folk Art And Decorative Items.

Lot 479: Shelf Of Decorative Colored Glass.

Lot 480: Shelf Of China And Figures.

Lot 481: Shelf Of Olympia Beer Mugs And Glasses.

Lot 482: Shelf Of Villeroy & Boch Limited Edition Heinrich Russian Fairy Tale Plates.

Lot 483: Shelf Of Figurines Incl. Hummel, Dresden, Lladro.

Lot 484: Shelf Of Power Tools Incl. Makita Drills.

Lot 485: Quarter Master Electric Actuator In Box. A94wj.

Lot 486: Shelf Of Collectibles Incl. Marbles, Toy Bank.

Lot 487: (2) Shelves Of Knick Knacks, China And Glassware.

Lot 488: (4) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 489: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Decorative Items.

Lot 490: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Decorative Items.

Lot 491: Shelf Of Knick Knacks And Collectibles.

Lot 492: Shelf Of Asstd. Cameras And Radios.

Lot 493: (3) Shelves Of Knick Knacks And Decorative Items Incl. Corkscrews, Figurines.

Lot 494: (4) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 495: (2) Shelves Of Electronics Incl. Record Player, Clarion Receiver, 8-Track Player And 2 Speakers.

Lot 496: (3) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 497: (2) Homelite Chainsaws. (One With Case).

Lot 498: (3) Helicoil Master Thread Repair Kits. 5521-16, 5521-14, 5521-24.

Lot 499: (4) Asstd. Dvd Players.

Lot 500: Shelf Of Carbon Steel Fixtures.

Lot 501: (2) Shelves Of Tools & Tool Boxes Incl. Milwaukee Sawzall.

Lot 502: Shelf Of South American Folk Art And Decorative Items.

Lot 503: (2) Shelves Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 504: Heavy Duty Machine Press.

Lot 505: Samsonite Folding Table With 4 Chairs.

Lot 506: Ge Microwave Oven In Box. (Unused).

Lot 507: Roomba Irobot Vacuum In Box.

Lot 508: (5) Boxes Of Records, Cds, Dvds And 8-Track Tapes.

Lot 509: Thomas T-30a 3/4 Hp Air Compressor.

Lot 510: 10-Inch Bench Grinder In Box. (Unused).

Lot 511: (4) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 512: (6) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 513: (3+) Boxes Of Tools And Hardware.

Lot 514: Vintage Fairbanks Morse Rolling Heavy Duty Platform Scale.

Lot 515: Group Of Asstd. Artwork.

Lot 516: Vintage National Eldredge Sewing Machine In Case.

Lot 517: Vintage 16-Drawer Printer's Cabinet.

Lot 518: Early 20th C. Marble Top 6-Drawer Chest.

Lot 519: (3) Wall Mount Display Cases.

Lot 520: (10) Boxes Of Asstd. Records.

Lot 521: Group Of Electronics Incl. Mixing Board, Amplifier And (3) Speakers.

Lot 522: Group Of Fly Fishing Apparel And Equipment Incl. Flotation Tube, Waders, Fins.

Lot 523: Pair Of Wrought Iron Painted Andirons.

Lot 524: Set Of (4) Wall Mount 2-Light Brass Sconces.

Lot 525: Yamatake Mcb 10a Electromagnetic Flowmeter.

Lot 526: 1940s Oak Vanity Chest With Mirror.

Lot 527: Group Of (4) Wall Hangings.

Lot 528: (3) Asstd. Wall Hangings.

Lot 529: (6) Boxes Of Dvds And Cds.

Lot 530: 1920s Gallery Top 2-Tier Stand.

Lot 531: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings. (Approx. 11).

Lot 532: (4) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 533: Tilt Top Pie Crust Table.

Lot 534: (2) Boxes Of Dvds And A Dvd Player.

Lot 535: Chippendale Style Mahogany, Glass Front China Cabinet With 6 Drawers.

Lot 536: (2) Adjustable Office Chairs.

Lot 537: (3) Contemporary Bookcase / Display Cabinets. (Two 2-Door And A Single Door).

Lot 538: (3) Contemporary Adjustable Shelf Bookcases.

Lot 539: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings.

Lot 540: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings. (7).

Lot 541: Folding Desk Chair.

Lot 542: (3) Contemporary Adjustable Shelf Bookcases.

Lot 543: Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings.

Lot 544: Contemporary Occasional Table With Tripod Base.

Lot 545: (9) Boxes Of Lp And 78 Rpm Records.

Lot 546: 3-Panel Folding Screen.

Lot 547: Contemporary Oak Rolling Coffee Table With Side Shelves

Lot 548: (2) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 549: Technics Sl-Bd20 Turntable And Rca Victor Radio.

Lot 550: Large Group Of Asstd. Artwork And Wall Hangings.

Lot 551: (5) Boxes Of Lp & 78 Rpm Records.

Lot 552: Samsung 32" Hdtv.

Lot 553: Toshiba Wall Mount 30 Inch Hdtv.

Lot 554: Chess Set.

Lot 555: Hobie Skateboard.

Lot 556: Samsung 32-Inch Hdtv.

Lot 557: Vintage Singer Sewing Machine In Case.

Lot 558: Box Of Records.

Lot 559: Vintage Ge Model 1940 Floor Standing Radio.

Lot 560: Imac Mid 2010 Desktop. Serial No. Qp0480ncdnm 3.06 Ghz Intel Core I3, 4gb Ddr3 Ram, 500gb Drive.

Lot 561: Onkyo Tx-Sr 786 Receiver.

Lot 562: (4) Stereo Components Incl. Pioneer & Hitachi Receivers.

Lot 563: (4) Stereo Components Incl. Adc T-200, Sound Shaper.

Lot 564: (4) Stereo Components Incl. 2 Receivers, Amplifier.

Lot 565: Vizio 26" Hdtv.

Lot 566: (2) Teac Retro Style Radios With Turntable And Cd Player.

Lot 567: (7) Stereo Electronics Incl. Receiver, Tuner.

Lot 568: Bose Wave Radio / Cd Player. Awrc1g.

Lot 569: Insignia Car Subwoofer.

Lot 570: Crown Powerbase 1 Amp And A Alesis Sound Effects Processor

Lot 571: (3) Sony A/V Stereo Components

Lot 572: (4) Stereo Components Incl. Pioneer Sx-3800.

Lot 573: (2) Pairs Of Speakers. Fisher Xp7 & Pioneer Cs77a.

Lot 574: Shelf Of Stereo Equipment.

Lot 575: Gulbransen Vintage Pump Organ.

Lot 576: Pair Of Project One Stereo Speakers.

Lot 577: Group Of Stereo Equipment, Speakers And Oscilloscope.

Lot 578: Stereo Receiver, Disc Player And Speaker System.

Lot 579: (5) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 580: (5) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 581: (5) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 582: (4) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 583: Oak 4-Shelf Etagere.

Lot 584: (2) Liquor Canister Table Lamps.

Lot 585: Willett Furn. Cherry Wood 6-Drawer Chest.

Lot 586: Sheila Rosenfield Lithograph, "Black And White", Signed, #3/20. Framed, Under Glass. (10" X 11").

Lot 587: Mahogany 12-Drawer Chest.

Lot 588: Group Of Wine Glasses.

Lot 589: Marjorie Fried Gouache / Pastel, Woman With Children On A Boat. Signed.

Lot 590: (4) Silver Plated Trays.

Lot 591: Color Lithograph, An American Autumn, Signed, #138/300. Framed. (25" X 19").

Lot 592: Group Of (6) Oriental Pots And Vases.

Lot 593: Bill Knowles Watercolor, Cypress Pine At The Coast, Signed. (14" X 18.5").

Lot 594: Contemporary Oak Sideboard.

Lot 595: Pair Of Continental Metal And Glass Side Tables.

Lot 596: Oriental Black Lacquered 4-Panel Screen With Applied Figural Decoration.

Lot 597: 1920s Oak Art Deco Style Buffet Deux Corps.

Lot 598: Group Of Glassware And Stemware.

Lot 599: Contemporary Corner Cabinet With 3 Shelves And 2 Doors.

Lot 600: Pair Of Contemporary Full Size Beds And Mattresses.

Lot 601: Ladies' I. Magnin Waist Length Fur Jacket.

Lot 602: Hand Crafted Model Sailboat.

Lot 603: (4) Silver Plated Trays Incl. Reed & Barton.

Lot 604: Group Of Table Lamps.

Lot 605: Framed Limited Edition Gelatin Print, Asian Vase With Flowers Signed, #2/20. (32" X 41").

Lot 606: Pair Of Leather Button Back Armchairs.

Lot 607: Contemporary Mahogany Framed Mirror.

Lot 608: Mahogany Lift Top Blanket Chest With Upholstered Top.

Lot 609: Silver Plated 6-Pc Coffee Service.

Lot 610: Hand Knotted Wool Rug. (Approx. 10'10" X 7'2").

Lot 611: Oriental Wool Pile Floral Rug. (7'9" X 5'7").

Lot 612: 1940s Duncan Phyfe Style Mahogany 4-Drawer Sideboard.

Lot 613: Double Drawer Hall Table On Turned Legs.

Lot 614: Pair Of Willett Co. Mahogany 4-Drawer Chests.

Lot 615: Oriental Camphor Chest.

Lot 616: Contemporary Baker's Rack.

Lot 617: (2) Japanese Boxed Sets Of 5 Large Lacquer Trays Each And (2) Boxed Sets Of 5 Tea Bowls Each.

Lot 618: (2) Table Lamps.

Lot 619: 1940s Mahogany 5-Drawer Bedroom Chest.

Lot 620: (2) Contemporary Art Glass Bowls, One Signed Harry Dean.

Lot 621: Contemporary Walnut 6-Drawer Bedroom Chest.

Lot 622: Lighted Display Cabinet. (Missing Shelves).

Lot 623: English Grindley China Partial Dinner Set.

Lot 624: Thomasville Country Manor 2-Section Hutch.

Lot 625: Oak 4-Door Kitchen Cabinet.

Lot 626: Set Of (5) Painted Wooden Graduating Storage Boxes.

Lot 627: Large Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Oriental Vase, Candlestick, Planters.

Lot 628: Shelf Of Kitchenware Incl. Cuisinart Mixer, Toaster Oven.

Lot 629: Shelf Of Silver Plated Items.

Lot 630: Shelf Of Glassware.

Lot 631: Shelf Of China And Porcelain.

Lot 632: Shelf Of Glass, China And Decorative Items.

Lot 633: (4) Teak Sliding Door Storage Cabinets.

Lot 634: (2) Shelves Of Knick Knacks.

Lot 635: (2) Shelves Of Knick Knacks.

Lot 636: Shelf Of Kitchenware And Flatware.

Lot 637: Shelf Of Dolls.

Lot 638: Shelf Of Dishware.

Lot 639: (4) Globes And A Metal Sculpture.

Lot 640: (2) Shelves Of Knick Knacks.

Lot 641: Box Of Linen, Sewing Machine, Typewriter, Candlestick And Oil Lamp.

Lot 642: Shelf Of Asstd. Halogen Truck And Car Lights And Asstd. Car Parts.

Lot 643: (3) Asstd. Lamps, Wine Rack, Corkscrew, Briefcase And Box.

Lot 644: Shelf Of Vintage Kitchenware.

Lot 645: Box Of Tools And Garden Tools.

Lot 646: Shelf Of Metalware, Pottery And Glass.

Lot 647: Set Of (4) Wooden Chairs.

Lot 648: Group Of Decorative Framed Artwork. (6).

Lot 649: Vintage Nishijin Pachenko Machine.

Lot 650: (2) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 651: Roos Cedar Lined Blanket Chest.

Lot 652: (5) Hard Case Rifle Cases.

Lot 653: Husky Tool Box.

Lot 654: Remington Quiet-Riter Vintage Typewriter / Miracle Tab.

Lot 655: (2) Vintage Typewriters (Remington Rem-Riter & Smith Corona Coronet Super 12).

Lot 656: Vintage "White" Sewing Machine

Lot 657: (2) Vintage Wooden Sleds.

Lot 658: Metal Garden Bench.

Lot 659: Record / Cd Player.

Lot 660: (3) Garden Pots, 2 Statues And A Column.

Lot 661: (2) Framed Wall Hangings.

Lot 662: (2) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 663: (2) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 664: (12) Asstd. Wall Hangings Incl. Vintage Brown's Mule Tobacco Metal Press.

Lot 665: (2) Hungarian Porcelain Figurines.

Lot 666: Army Chest, Ammo Box And Seed Box.

Lot 667: (10) Boxes Of Knick Knacks, China And Glassware.

Lot 668: (2) Lawn Mowers, Weed Wacker, (2) Trimmers And A Bucket Of Garden Tools.

Lot 669: Lift Top Metal Storage Box. (20" X 20" X 20").

Lot 670: (2) Hand Trucks And A Shop Vac.

Lot 671: (4) Step Ladders. (3 Wood And 1 Metal).

Lot 672: (2) Folding Step Ladders.

Lot 673: (2) Push Mowers And An Edger.

Lot 674: Eager-1 Gas Powered Lawn Mower In Box.

Lot 675: Portable Air Compressor.

Lot 676: Werner Folding Ladder.

Lot 677: (3) Boxes Of Hardware.

Lot 678: Car Jack, Creeper And Asstd. Garden Tools.

Lot 679: Saw Horse Work Bench, Work Table And Concrete Smoother.

Lot 680: Werner Step Ladder.

Lot 681: (6) Asstd. Tool Boxes.

Lot 682: (2) Ventilation Systems And (2) Fan Mounts In Boxes.

Lot 683: Box Of Climbing Equipment.

Lot 684: Group Of Patio Furniture Incl. 2 Recliners, Side Table And 6 Asstd. Chairs.

Lot 685: Ridgid Wet / Dry Vac With Parts.

Lot 686: Box Of Camping Equipment And Cooler.

Lot 687: Biker's Choice Motorcycle Jack.

Lot 688: Werner Folding Step.

Lot 689: Group Of Workmate Benches, Craftsman Creeper And A Tool Chest.

Lot 690: Rolling Tool Chest With Contents.