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Friday, March 24, 2023, 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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Quality Estate Furniture · Antique Furniture · Contemporary Furniture · Glass, Porcelain, Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Books & Children's Books · Collectibles · Guns · Toys & Dolls · Coins & Stamps · Tools & Machinery · Fine Linens & Textiles · Fine & Costume Jewelry

Lot 1: (12) Sterling Silver Water Goblets.
Lot 2: (2) Mueck-Carey Sterling Silver Dishes.
Lot 3: Towle "Lafayette" Sterling Silver Flatware, 62 Pieces.
Lot 4: (12) Sterling 950 Sherry Goblets.

Lot 5: Weighted Sterling Vase and (2) Dishes.
Lot 6: (3) Pairs of Weighted Sterling Candlesticks.
Lot 7: (16) Sterling 950 Cordial Stems.
Lot 8: Small Group of Asstd. Sterling Flatware.

Lot 9: S. Kirk & Son Sterling Silver Flatware, Repousse Pattern, 61 Pieces.
Lot 10: (2) Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 11: Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 12: Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.

Lot 13: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 14: (2) Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 15: (2) Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 16: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 17: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 18: OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 19: (8) 1920s 50 Kopek Coins.
Lot 20: (2) Nicholas II One Ruble Coins.

Lot 21: (6) 19th C. One Ruble Coins.
Lot 22: 1898 Nicholas II "Alexander II Memorial" One Ruble.
Lot 23: (8) 19th C. Poltinas.
Lot 24: (3) Alexander III One Ruble Coins.

Lot 25: Arabia of Finland Valencia Dinner Service.
Lot 26: 2001 Jaguar XJ8 L 4-Door Sedan.
Lot 27: 2006 Mustang 2-Door Convertible.
Lot 28: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 29: Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 30: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 31: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 32: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 33: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 34: OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 35: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 36: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 37: Ladies' Platinum & Diamond Ring.
Lot 38: 14K White Gold & Faceted Blue Stone Ring.
Lot 39: Platinum & Diamond Solitaire Ring.
Lot 40: 14K Yellow Gold Band.

Lot 41: Yellow Gold Ring with Tiger Eye Style Stone.
Lot 42: 14K White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring.
Lot 43: 14K White Gold Double Ring.
Lot 44: 14K Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Ring.

Lot 45: Yellow Gold & Jade Cabochon Ring.
Lot 46: (6) Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Bowls.
Lot 47: Chinese Carved Huanghuali Wood Abacus Lamp.
Lot 48: Chinese Carved Jade Tablet on Stand.

Lot 49: Chinese Carved Bone Dice Holder.
Lot 50: Chinese Brown Jade Bangle Bracelet.
Lot 51: (2) PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 52: (2) PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 53: Republic Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 54: (2) PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 55: PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 56: 19th C. Mahogany Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 57: Trend by Sligh Grandfather Clock.
Lot 58: Victorian Style Cheval Mirror.
Lot 59: Attributed to Carse, Oil on Canvas, View of Wales.
Lot 60: After George Gardner Symons, Oil on Canvas, Landscape.

Lot 61: Weller Pottery "Iris" Jardiniere.
Lot 62: Weller Louwelsa Pottery Lamp with Shade.
Lot 63: Roseville Pottery Zephyr Lily Jardiniere on Stand.
Lot 64: Georgian Style Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 65: Early 20th C. Continental Wall Clock.
Lot 66: English Art Nouveau Oak Sideboard.
Lot 67: 1920s Mahogany 3-Drawer Chest.
Lot 68: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 69: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 70: (2) Credit Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 71: (2) PAMP & Credit Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 72: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 73: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 74: (2) Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 75: (2) Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 76: Mid-Century Modern Design Bar Cart.

Lot 77: Set of Mid-Century Modern Rosewood Nested Tables.
Lot 78: Arne Norell Ari Lounge Chair and Ottoman.
Lot 79: Mid-Century Modern Teak Magic Box Convertible Cabinet Desk.
Lot 80: Kalustekiila Rosewood Framed Leather Sofa.

Lot 81: (2) Kalustekiila Leather Armchairs and Ottoman.
Lot 82: H. P. Hansen Danish Rosewood Executive Desk.
Lot 83: MCM Rosewood Interlocking Cube Tables.
Lot 84: Bruksbo, Bagn Mobelindustri Rosewood Magazine Rack.

Lot 85: Mid Century Tile Top Table and Mirror.
Lot 86: Danish Rosewood 2-Shelf Bookcase.
Lot 87: Mid Century Modern Rosewood Bar Cabinet.
Lot 88: Bruksbo Mellemstrands Rosewood Long Bench.

Lot 89: HMN Denmark MCM Adjustable Stand.
Lot 90: Bruksbo, Bagn Mobelindustri Rosewood Magazine Rack.
Lot 91: Mid Century Modern Rosewood Sectional Wall Unit.
Lot 92: Set of MCM Rosewood and Tile-Top Nested Tables.

Lot 93: Oriental Hand Knotted Large Rug.
Lot 94: Lladro Porcelain Group, Mounted Warriors, #1608.
Lot 95: Asahi Refining Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 96: (2) OPM Metals Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 97: PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 98: (2) Argor-Heraus Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 99: (2) Argor-Heraus Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 100: (2) Argor-Heraus Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 101: Stelton Denmark Stainless Steel Coffee & Tea Set.
Lot 102: M. G. Wheeler Sight Light Table Lamp.
Lot 103: MCM Italian Pottery Table Lamp.
Lot 104: M. G. Wheeler Sight Light Table Lamp.

Lot 105: Martin Grierson Octagonal Center Table.
Lot 106: Walnut Japonesque 3-drawer Chest & Headboards.
Lot 107: 19th C. Mahogany Secretary Bookcase.
Lot 108: Louis XV Style Transitional Trumeau Mirror.

Lot 109: Southwood Furniture Chippendale Style Armchair.
Lot 110: A. Scheffer Oil on Canvas, Coastal Scene.
Lot 111: 19th C. American Rosewood Secretary Bookcase.
Lot 112: Pair of "Silver on Copper" Candelabra.

Lot 113: Contemporary Fruitwood Dining Table & 8 Chairs.
Lot 114: Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Print, A Quiet Evening.
Lot 115: Convertible Oak Hall Bench Table Chest.
Lot 116: (2) Scotiabank Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.

Lot 117: PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 118: (2) PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 119: (2) PAMP Suisse Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bars.
Lot 120: RMC Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.

Lot 121: Valcambi Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 122: RMC Fine Gold 1 Troy Oz. Bar.
Lot 123: Leblanc Noblet Paris 27 b flat Clarinet.
Lot 124: (5) Volumes, Les Miserables, Translated to English.

Lot 125: (6) Leather Bound Volumes relating to Sherman, Sheridan & Grant.
Lot 126: (2) American War Related Books, One Signed.
Lot 127: Conn Model 444N b flat Clarinet.
Lot 128: Silik Italian Rococo Style Tea Cart.

Lot 129: Silik Italy Giove Executive Desk & Chair.
Lot 130: Contemporary Italian Rococo Style Armoire.
Lot 131: Hand Knotted Oriental Wool Rug.
Lot 132: Wawel Poland Hand Painted Dinner Service, 91 Pieces.

Lot 133: Provincial Style Oak Dining Set.
Lot 134: F. Dankmeijer Oil on Canvas, Ships at Harbor.
Lot 135: 20th C. 2-Panel Screen, Kano Style.
Lot 136: (2) Chinese Porcelain Bowls, Vessel & Water Dropper.

Lot 137: Chinese Ink and Color on Paper, Mountain Landscape.
Lot 138: (2) Chinese Bamboo Brush Pots.
Lot 139: 19th C. Chinese Sang de Boeuf Brush Pot.
Lot 140: Oriental 2-Panel Screen on Paper, 19th / 20th C.

Lot 141: Oriental Red Lacquer & Gilt Single Door Chest.
Lot 142: (3) Oriental Reverse Paintings on Glass.
Lot 143: Japanese 4-Panel Gilt Decorated Painted Screen.
Lot 144: (2) Early 1900's Chinese Dolls.

Lot 145: Collection of Early 20th C. Miniature Dolls.
Lot 146: (2) Red Branch Coral Specimens.
Lot 147: (5) Polished Lapis Mineral Specimens.
Lot 148: Group of Stone Mineral Specimens.

Lot 149: Tjurunga and (2) Boomerangs.
Lot 150: Papua New Guinea Fighting Pick & Mt. Hagen Ceremonial Axe.
Lot 151: Group Oceanic Spears and Staffs.
Lot 152: Papua New Guinea Carved Wood Kundu Drum.

Lot 153: Papua New Guinea Ceremonial and Fighting Club.
Lot 154: African Dogon Carved Wood Granary Door.
Lot 155: Jalisco Pottery Figure, Pottery Seated Man.
Lot 156: (12) Gorham "Newcastle" Sterling Silver Teaspoons.

Lot 157: Pair of Weighted Sterling 950 5-light Candelabra.
Lot 158: Group of Sterling Silver Tableware.
Lot 159: (3) Loose Tanzanites.
Lot 160: (2) Loose Tanzanites.

Lot 161: (20) Gem Boxes with Loose Stones.
Lot 162: (3) Trilliant Cut Loose Tanzanites.
Lot 163: HMS Victory Large Wooden Ship Model.
Lot 164: Mayflower Wooden Ship Model.

Lot 165: Art Deco Alabaster Table Lamp.
Lot 166: Guatemalan Textile Specimen, Huipil.
Lot 167: Guatemalan Textile Specimen, Huipil.
Lot 168: Pair of Chinese Embroidered Silk Panels.

Lot 169: Collection: (36) E. A. Famechon Vintage Photographs.
Lot 170: (2) Walt Disney Limited Edition Cels.
Lot 171: (10) Michael P. Berman Photographs, Signed.
Lot 172: (2) Chuck Jones Warner Bros. Limited Edition Cels.

Lot 173: Leather Trend Leather Sofa.
Lot 174: Hand Woven Tapestry Rug.
Lot 175: Contemporary Console Table with Mirror.
Lot 176: Hand Knotted Bokhara Rug.

Lot 177: Pair of Upholstered Armchairs.
Lot 178: Theodore Haviland Porcelain Dinnerware, 59 Pieces.
Lot 179: Gilt Metal 10-Light Swag Crystal Chandelier.
Lot 180: Contemporary Upholstered Sofa and Armchair.

Lot 181: 19th C. German Wall Clock.
Lot 182: Jules Henri Veron-Fare, A Market Scene in Verona.
Lot 183: (2) 19th Century Yoke Back Armchairs.
Lot 184: Oil on Canvas, Landscape with Stream.

Lot 185: Pair of Ruby Flash Glass Table Lamps.
Lot 186: 19th C. English Mahogany Secretary.
Lot 187: Early 20th C. Oil on Canvas, Country Road with Cottage.
Lot 188: Art Nouveau "D. Briggs" Sterling Silver Ladle.

Lot 189: (2) 19th C. English Sterling Silver Basting Spoons.
Lot 190: (13) Tiffany & Co. "Regent" Silverplate Forks.
Lot 191: Early 20th C. Italian Marble Profile Plaque.
Lot 192: Mid Century Rosewood Vanity with Triple Folding Mirror.

Lot 193: Mid Century Scandinavian Design Glass Top Coffee Table.
Lot 194: Mid Century Modern 3-Drawer Desk.
Lot 195: MCM Rosewood Veneer Bookcase Cabinet.
Lot 196: Oriental Style Red Lacquer Coffee Table.

Lot 197: Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase.
Lot 198: Pair of Oriental Brass Stirrups.
Lot 199: Japanese Bronze 2-Handled Vessel.
Lot 200: Turkish Kilij Style Vintage Sword.

Lot 201: Group of (8) Pottery Artifacts.
Lot 202: One Volume, Our First Century, Great & Memorable Events.
Lot 203: Marc Chagall Metropolitan Opera Lithograph.
Lot 204: Martin Grierson Designer Oval Table.

Lot 205: Sterling Collection 2-Door 2-Drawer Sideboard.
Lot 206: Pair of French Louis XVI Style Mirrored Tall Cabinets.
Lot 207: 19th C. Exquisite Large Gold Leaf Frame with Painting.
Lot 208: Continental Style Mahogany Armchair.

Lot 209: 14K Yellow Gold and Pearl Brooch.
Lot 210: 14K Yellow Gold Open Work Ring.
Lot 211: (3) Loose Tanzanites.
Lot 212: (15) Gem Boxes of Tanzanites and Similar Stones.

Lot 213: (40) Gem Boxes of Loose Hard Stone Cabochons.
Lot 214: (2) Loose Tanzanites.
Lot 215: 1762 Russia Katherine II 1 Ruble.
Lot 216: (9) Russia 50 Kopek Coins.

Lot 217: (2) Russia 1913 One Ruble Coins.
Lot 218: 1883 Alexander III One Ruble.
Lot 219: (5) Russia Nicholas II One Ruble Coins.
Lot 220: 1922 & 1924 Russia One Ruble Coins.

Lot 221: (4) Gem Boxes of Loose Diamonds.
Lot 222: Frances Dennis Oil on Canvas, Tropical Scene.
Lot 223: D. H. Werner Oil on Canvas, Sunday Sailors.
Lot 224: Pastel / Gouache, Surreal Portrait, Signed.

Lot 225: Frances Dennis Oil on Canvas, Hulihee Palace.
Lot 226: (2) Jaguar Chrome Hood Ornaments.
Lot 227: John Browning London Spectroscopy Eyepiece.
Lot 228: Ernst Leitz Weitzlar Binocular Viewer.

Lot 229: Bausch & Lomb Vintage Microscope with Sliding Objectives.
Lot 230: Group of U.S. Army Distinctive Unit Insignias.
Lot 231: Abstract Metal Sculpture on Plinth.
Lot 232: Small Group of Japanese Red Lacquer Items.

Lot 233: Pair of Silverplated Candelabra.
Lot 234: H & Co. Bavaria Gilt Rimmed Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 235: Mahogany Dining Table with 5 Chippendale Style Chairs.
Lot 236: Noritake Goldkin Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 237: 19th / 20th C. Oak Drop Side Table.
Lot 238: (2) English Pearlware Platters, 19th C.
Lot 239: Modernist Sunburst Wall Hanging.
Lot 240: English Pearlware Tea Bowls and Saucers, 19th C.

Lot 241: Antique Chinese Pottery Figure, 18th C.
Lot 242: Brass Tray Top Table on Modernist Base.
Lot 243: Reproduction Portrait of Sir Ralph Abercromby.
Lot 244: 19th C. Single Drawer Table with Drop Back.

Lot 245: Pair of Art Deco Polychrome Light Fixtures.
Lot 246: (10) Toyokuni Japanese Wood Block Prints.
Lot 247: Mahogany Fold Over Occasional Table.
Lot 248: Contemporary Regency Style Mahogany Armchair.

Lot 249: Pair of Baroque Candelabra Style Table Lamps.
Lot 250: Drexel Heritage Burgundy Leather Office Chair.
Lot 251: Gilt Metal Floral Design 3-Light Wall Sconce.
Lot 252: Rococo Style Gilt Framed Wall Mirror.

Lot 253: Rococo Style Gilt Metal Headboard.
Lot 254: Continental Style Gilt Metal Towel / Quilt Rack.
Lot 255: Pair of Blanc de Chine Porcelain Base Table Lamps.
Lot 256: Pair of Blanc de Chine Porcelain Base Table Lamps.

Lot 257: Contemporary Faux Stone & Glass Coffee & End Table Set.
Lot 258: Rosenthal Studio-Line Glassware, 28 Pieces.
Lot 259: Set of (8) Stemmed Art Glass Champagne Goblets.
Lot 260: Eskimo Made Scrimshaw Cigarette Lighter.

Lot 261: Lladro Porcelain Figural Group, #5074.
Lot 262: Gilt Framed Beveled Mirror.
Lot 263: Neoclassical Style Gilt Framed Mirror.
Lot 264: (2) Pairs of Sterling Silver Serving Forks & Spoons.

Lot 265: Collection of Early U.S. Postage Stamps.
Lot 266: (3) Military Bayonets, British, German, Swedish.
Lot 267: 2 German WWII Military Artifacts.
Lot 268: Koshida KSH18 Hand Painted Tea Service, 19 Pieces.

Lot 269: 1962 Barbie Brunette Bubble Cut in Original Box.
Lot 270: Set of (3) Lladro Porcelain Mermaid Figures.
Lot 271: 4 Pieces of African Ethnic Art.
Lot 272: Collection of Antique Apothecary / Herbal Boxes.

Lot 273: Large Quantity of Vintage Apothecary Bottle Label Rolls.
Lot 274: Contemporary Oak Mission Style Side Table Suite.
Lot 275: (5) Hummel Figural Groups.
Lot 276: (6) Hummel Figurines.

Lot 277: 1930s Continental Upholstered Bench.

General Estate Highlights
are listed below:

Lot 281: (2) Lenox Porcelain Vases. Signed Limited Edition "Ptarmigan" Vase And A Serenade Vase.
Lot 282: (5) Sterling Silver Vanity Items.
Lot 283: (2) Victorian Silver Plate And Glass Pickle Jars.
Lot 284: Group Of Pickard And Other Gilt Porcelain Tableware. (18)

Lot 285: Art Glass Lemonade Set. Pitcher And 6 Glasses.
Lot 286: Pair Of Chinese Cloisonne Baluster Vases And 4 Small Dishes.
Lot 287: Ransgil Porcelain Dinner Service, Normandy Pattern. Approx. 81 Pcs.
Lot 288: (6) Gorham Silver Metal Open Work Candle Shades, 4 Bead Fringe Shades And 2 Candlesticks.

Lot 289: Group Of Mother-Of-Pearl Handled Knife And Fork Set. 23 Pcs.
Lot 290: Circa 1900 Walnut 2-Tier Dumbwaiter Table With Marble And Galleried Top.
Lot 291: H & M Evergreen Parka With Faux Fur Hood. Size L.
Lot 292: Oriental Hand Knotted Rug. Red Ground With Floral Motif. 12' X 9'.

Lot 293: Tapestry Style Upholstered Wing Back Chair.
Lot 294: Chinese Crackle Glaze Porcelain Table Lamp. First Half 20th C.
Lot 295: Morganton Duncan Phyfe Style Mahogany Serpentine Front Sideboard.
Lot 296: Japanese Imari Porcelain Large Vase (36" Tall) Mounted As A Table Lamp.

Lot 297: Oriental Style Sofa Table.
Lot 298: Group Of Small Furniture Incl. 3-Shelf Side Table, Tray Top Side Table, Pedestal Stand.
Lot 299: Group Of Vintage Textiles Incl. 2-Pc Uniform, Silk Shawl And Jacket.
Lot 300: Group Of Silver Plate Flatware Incl. Oneida Tudor In Casket.

Lot 301: Late 20th C. Gilt Framed Rectangular Mirror. 40" X 28".
Lot 302: Morganton Mahogany Serpentine Front 4-Drawer Chest.
Lot 303: Circular Hard Wood End Table With Open Lower Shelf.
Lot 304: Large Group Of Silver Plated Tableware.

Lot 305: Mahogany Circular Top Pedestal Table.
Lot 306: 1940s Framed Color Print Of 18th C. Parlor Scene.
Lot 307: Group Of Brilliant Cut Glass Tableware. 11 Pcs.
Lot 308: Baker Furniture Burl Walnut 3-Drawer Chest.

Lot 309: Gilt Framed Oil On Canvas, European River Scene, Signed Lower Right, Perceval. (Approx. 26 1/2" X 38 1/2").
Lot 310: (2) Oriental Hard Stone Plants On Hard Stone Bases.
Lot 311: Pair Of Contemporary Single Drawer Nightstands With Marble Mosaic Top.
Lot 312: Pair Of Carved Wood Candle Prickets.

Lot 313: Continental Style Oak Armchair With Barley Twist And Turned Supports.
Lot 314: Continental Style Triple Glass Door 3-Drawer Display Cabinet.
Lot 315: (4) Boxes Of Records.
Lot 316: Group Of (9) Jim Hawks Photographic Prints, Mostly San Francisco Themed.

Lot 317: Oriental Hand Knotted Small Rug, Rug Fragments And A Saddle Rug. (Approx. 2' X 2' To 4' X 2.5').
Lot 318: Gilt Metal Flatware Service. 6-Pc Place Setting For 12 And 2 Serving Spoons.
Lot 319: Group Of Weighted Sterling And Silver Lined Items Incl. Cups, Sugar, Creamer, Glass Dish. (18 Pcs).
Lot 320: (15) Spode Limited Edition Christmas Plates And A Wedgwood Plate.

Lot 321: (2) Groups Of French And Bavarian Hand Painted Porcelain Cabinet Plates.
Lot 322: Pair Of Louis Xvi Style Gilt Wood Framed Medallion Back Side Chairs.
Lot 323: Ethan Allen Mahogany Single Drawer Wall Table.
Lot 324: Paolo Grimaldi Tempera And Mixed Media, I Dream The Gold Sea. Signed Lower Right. P. Grimaldi. Titled, Signed And Dated 1997 Verso. 5 7/8" X 7 3/4". Framed.

Lot 325: H. Connell Oil On Canvas, Crucifixion And Other Christ Themes. Signed. 30" X 40". Framed.
Lot 326: Mahogany Panel Front 2-Door Sideboard.
Lot 327: American Revival Style China Cabinet With Carved Leaf Handles.
Lot 328: Drexel Contemporary Oak Drop Front Secretaire.

Lot 329: Reneson Print, Hunting Theme, Western Broadbills, #114/200. Signed.
Lot 330: Pair Of Mid 2oth C. Suede Upholstered Armchairs.
Lot 331: (19) Pairs Of Gent's Cuff Links.
Lot 332: Collection Of Cigarette Lighters. (9).

Lot 333: Group Of Foreign Coins And Currency.
Lot 334: Group Of Costume Jewelry, Belt Buckles, Lapis Beaded Jewelry And 2 Pendants.
Lot 335: Group Of U.S. Coins Incl. 7 Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, 4 Silver Quarters.
Lot 336: (2) 10k Gold Capitol Air Lines Cuff Links And (6) Pairs Of 10k & Silver Metal Cuff Links.

Lot 337: Group Of Sterling Neck And Silver Plated Flatware.
Lot 338: Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet And Judith Leiber Black Leather Clutch.
Lot 339: Approx. (19) Pairs Of Cuff Links And Pins.
Lot 340: (2) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 341: (2) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 342: Art Glass Lemonade Set. Pitcher And 6 Glasses.
Lot 343: Silver Metal 4-Pc Coffee & Tea Set, Marked Sterling 950.
Lot 344: Barbour Silver Quadruple Plate Ceramic Lined Lidded Pitcher.

Lot 345: Nickel Silver Oval Serving Tray With Rose Garland Border. Marked Nickel Silver Sterling 950. 30" X 18".
Lot 346: (5) Trays Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 347: (3) Trays Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 348: (5) Trays Of Costume Jewelry.

Lot 349: Approx. (40) Pairs Of Costume Earrings.
Lot 350: Chinese Hard Wood And Gold Lacquer Corner Cabinet. Japonesque Style. 2 Upper And 2 Lower Doors With Courtyard And Figural Decoration. 79 Inches Tall.
Lot 351: P. Taylor Watercolor, Ships At Sea. Signed Lower Right, Dated 97. 15" X 23". Framed. Overall: 27" X 34".
Lot 352: Oriental Black Lacquered, 2-Section Beveled Glass Top Coffee Table.

Lot 353: Gilt Ceramic Vase Form Table Lamp.
Lot 354: Oriental Style 2-Tier End Table With 2 Drawers. 30.5" X 18.5" X 25".
Lot 355: (6) Vintage Volumes Incl. 3 Chinese Subjects, Masonic And 2 Others.
Lot 356: Works Of George Meredith, 29 Volumes Incl. Letters I & Ii. Charles Scribner's Sons. New York, 1909.

Lot 357: Orange Upholstered Wing Back Armchair.
Lot 358: Japanese Hard Wood Dining Set. Oval Extending Table And 6 Brocade And Velvet Chairs.
Lot 359: Royal Doulton Napier Partial Luncheon Set. 35 Pcs.
Lot 360: Centurion 35-Day Wall Clock.

Lot 361: Framed Print, Golfer Lining Up A Putt.
Lot 362: Oriental Red And Black Lacquer Circular Table Top With Floral Medallion Center. 37" Dia.
Lot 363: Late 20th C. Oak 3-Pc Bedroom Set.
Lot 364: Sculpted Metal Palm Frond Table Lamp. 40" Tall.

Lot 365: Framed Oriental Watercolor On Paper, Irises, Butterflies And Ducks. Signed. 39" X 23".
Lot 366: Japanese Bronze Footed Bowl With Pine, Plum And Bamboo. Three Friends Of Winter.
Lot 367: Mid 19th C. Burl Walnut 3-Drawer Drop Front Chest.
Lot 368: Framed Woodblock Print, N-Saki '58. Printed In 1965. Signed. 15" X 12".

Lot 369: 19th C. Walnut Case Wall Clock Time And Strike.
Lot 370: 19th C. Bridgewood Sons Chamber Pitcher And Athens Chamber Pot.
Lot 371: Chinese Celadon Style Vase Form Table Lamp.
Lot 372: Louis Xvi Style Framed Beveled Mirror With Harvest Pediment 56" X 30"

Lot 373: Abercrombie & Fitch Hooded Parka. Size L.
Lot 374: Knotty Pine Country Style 9-Drawer Dresser And 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 375: Rosenthal "Brocade" Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 376: Contemporary Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Chairs With Floral Upholstered Seats.

Lot 377: H & M Double Breasted Wool Dress Coat. Size 38r.
Lot 378: Contemporary 5-Shelf Bookcase.
Lot 379: (2) Shelves Of Books.
Lot 380: (3) Shelves Of Paperback Books

Lot 381: Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Large Temple / Palace Vase. Landscape And Figural Decoration. Approx. 66" Tall.
Lot 382: Gilt Framed Beveled Wall Mirror.
Lot 383: Dan Sweeney (American, 1880 - 1958), Pilgrim Offering To An Indian Hunter. (Approx. 9 3/4" X 12 7/8", Overall: 13" X 16 1/4").
Lot 384: Group Of (5) Japanese Woodblock Prints. Late 19th / 20th C.

Lot 385: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Sideboard.
Lot 386: Group Of Artwork Incl. Framed Watercolor (Gentleman With Staff), 2 Thangka Style Prints In Color, Old City Shanghai Photographic Print.
Lot 387: Heritage Furniture Continental Style Canape.
Lot 388: Classical Style Gilt Bronze 5-Light Chandelier. Scroll Arms Connected To A Center With Classical Faces. Swag And Drop Crystals. 28" X 28".

Lot 389: Button Tuft Upholstered Settee.
Lot 390: Group Of Poster Prints Incl. Chinese Revolutionary, Liberators Of The World. 2 Framed.
Lot 391: Brass 6-Light Chandelier.
Lot 392: Chippendale Style Mahogany Pie Crust Tilt Top Table On Ball And Claw Feet.

Lot 393: Contemporary Baroque Style Painted Parcel Gilt Large Display Cabinet. (Approx. 8'6" Tall, 7" X 1'6").
Lot 394: Royal Bayreuth Bavarian Porcelain Dinner Service. 80 Pcs.
Lot 395: Lineage Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Drexel Heritage Chairs With Fabric Upholstered Seats.
Lot 396: Oak Framed Armchair With Leather Seat And Back. (Repaired Leg).

Lot 397: Oak Cylinder Desk, First Half 20th C. 6-Drawer Double Pedestal Base With Single Door On The Back. Cylinder Top Opens To Leather Inset Writing Surface, 6 Small Drawers And 5 Cubby Holes. Gallery Top. 48" X 31" X 47".
Lot 398: Cotemporary Oak Framed Lighted Triple Display Cabinet With Leaded Glass Doors.
Lot 399: Whitemore-Sherrill Leather Upholstered Button Tuft Club Chair.
Lot 400: Extensive Franciscan Apple Blossom Dinner Service.

Lot 401: Custom Crafted French Provincial Style 3-Drawer Sideboard.
Lot 402: Louis Xvi Style Oak Panel. (Chest Front).
Lot 403: Mahogany Tilt Top Occasional Table On Tripod Legs And Casters. 35.5" X 27".
Lot 404: Hammary Mahogany Single Drawer Entry Wall Table.

Lot 405: Mahogany Tilt Top Pedestal Table With Pie Crust Rim.
Lot 406: F. Dennis Hand Painted Lidded Vase (cracked) and 4 Hand Painted Eggs.
Lot 407: Group Of Knick Knacks Incl. White Cinnabar Style Ginger Jar, Pair Of Cloisonne Vases, Tiffany Lidded Box, Carved Figures.
Lot 408: Group Of Lenox Porcelain Items Incl. Candlesticks, Bowls, Angel Figure.

Lot 409: Group Of Lenox Porcelain Items (8 Pcs) And An Oakland Studio Cabinet Plate.
Lot 410: Set Of (12) Bavarian Porcelain Demitasse Cups And Saucers With Gilt Decoration.
Lot 411: Tirschenreuth Bavarian Porcelain Consomme Bowls And Saucers (13 Bowls / 12 Saucers)
Lot 412: (5) Hungary Porcelain Figures. Zsolnay Maiden With Goose And 4 Hollohoza Figures.

Lot 413: Framed Poster Print. "Fruits, Veg & Kaiser Too". 29" X 19".
Lot 414: Contemporary Wool Rug. (6' X 4').
Lot 415: Contemporary Knotted Pine Kitchen Hutch.
Lot 416: Framed Poster Print. "The Ships Are Coming". 29" X 18".

Lot 417: (3) Panama Folk Art Cunha Indian Textiles.
Lot 418: Continental Rococo Style Wall Table. Gilt Painted With Floral Crest Design And "Marbled" Glass Top. 34" Tall.
Lot 419: (3) Framed Prints Incl. French Sailing Ships At Sea.
Lot 420: 1940s Walnut Framed Federal Style Mirror.

Lot 421: Central American Textile Specimen. Woven In Red And Alternating Striped Bands. Intricately Embroidered At Neck With Lush Leaves And Flowers. Mounted And Framed. 21" X 46".
Lot 422: (3) Chinese Porcelain Vases, One Modified As A Lamp.
Lot 423: English Carved Oak Framed Beveled Mirror. 47" X 28".
Lot 424: Oriental Style Table Lamp With Mosaic Porcelain Chard Decoration.

Lot 425: Mahogany 11-Drawer Dresser And A Pair Of 4-Drawer Nightstands.
Lot 426: Group Of Silver Plated Hollowware Incl. Trays, Bowls.
Lot 427: Group Of Framed And Unframed Artwork Incl. Photographic Prints.
Lot 428: Abercrombie & Fitch Black Parka. Size Xxl.

Lot 429: Federal Mahogany Framed Wall Mirror.
Lot 430: 1940s Mahogany Drop Front Writing Desk.
Lot 431: Group Of First Day Covers, Cancelled Stamps, Envelopes And Stamps.
Lot 432: Group Of First Day Covers, Cancelled Stamps, Envelopes And Stamps.

Lot 433: (6) Albums Of First Day Covers Incl. Birds And Flowers Of The 50 States, Pioneers Of Flight, U.N., American Revolution.
Lot 434: (12) Volumes Of Shakespeare's Works (1903) And 16 Miniature Literature Books.
Lot 435: Group Of Asstd. First Day Covers And Cancelled Stamps.
Lot 436: (2) Albums With First Day Covers. 1978 Er Westminster Collector Society, Norman Rockwell Classics.

Lot 437: Group Of Asstd. First Day Covers And Cancelled Stamps.
Lot 438: Group Of Silk Textiles Incl. Embroidered Silk Panel, Runner, Wall Hanging And 2 Pairs Of Tassels.
Lot 439: (2) Albums With First Day Covers. Westport Collector's Society Presidents Of The U.S., Pcs America's First Ladies.
Lot 440: Mahogany Double Pedestal Extending Dining Table With Single Leaf And (4) Shield Back Dining Chairs

Lot 441: Japanese "Princess House" Porcelain Dinner Service, Service For 8. 58 Pcs.
Lot 442: Group Of Sterling Silver Items, Pocket Watch, Card Cases, Pocket Knife And Vintage Pencils.
Lot 443: Group Of Vintage Collectibles Incl. Drafting Tools, Watches.
Lot 444: Japanese Lacquer Pelican Gripper Cigarette Box, Mettlach Stoneware Lidded Pot, 4 Red Lacquer Coasters.

Lot 445: Group Of Sterling Silver Flatware, Weighted Compote And Other Small Wares.
Lot 446: Early 20th C. Gilt Metal Picture Frame. Stamped Bscep 401. With A Photo Of A Young Spanish Beauty. 12.5" X 10".
Lot 447: (2) Bead Work Ethnic Artifacts With Cowry Shells. 8" X 23" & 66" X 4".
Lot 448: Hand Cast Baby Gargoyle.

Lot 449: Embossed Gilt Metal Picture Frame With Hinged Door Front And Porcelain Center Medallion.
Lot 450: Small Group Of Miniature Books Incl. Literature, Poetry. 19th / 20th C.
Lot 451: Joy Imai Signed Pottery Vase. 8" Tall.
Lot 452: Pair Of Japanese Cast Iron Stirrups.

Lot 453: Balinese Small Mask On Stand.
Lot 454: Buttontuft Upholstered Slipper Chair, Circa 1920.
Lot 455: Ladies' 14k White Gold And Diamond Band. 2.4 Grams.
Lot 456: (2) Gent's 10k Gold Rings With Stones. 10.9 Grams Total.

Lot 457: Ladies' White Metal Band With Diamonds. 2.5 Grams.
Lot 458: (3) Gold Single Earrings. 22k (3g) And 2 14k (4.6g).
Lot 459: Gold Interlocking Ring (Tests 14k, 3.5g) & 10k Gold Signet Ring (3g). 6.5 Grams Total.
Lot 460: Group Of U.S. Coins Incl. 9 Franklin, 2 1964 & 1936 Bay Bridge Half Dollars, 97 Susan B. Anthony Dollars.

Lot 461: Group Of Foreign Coins And 4 Olympic Tokens (3 Silver).
Lot 462: (3) Peace Dollars, 3 Post 1964 Halves And Asstd. 19th C. One Cent Coins.
Lot 463: Group Of Foreign Coins.
Lot 464: (40) Pairs Of Ladies' Costume Earrings.

Lot 465: Group Of Costume Watches.
Lot 466: Group Of Sterling Silver Bracelet Incl. Tiffany & Co. Bracelet And Pen.
Lot 467: Group Of Costume Jewelry And Others Incl. Brighton Tray And Clock, Shoe Clips.
Lot 468: Group Of Ladies' Costume Designer Belts.

Lot 469: Group Of Costume Bangle And Other Bracelets.
Lot 470: Yellow Gold Ring. (Tests 14k). 5.8 Grams.
Lot 471: Group Of Vintage Jewelry Incl. Stick Pins, Cuff Links.
Lot 472: (2) Pairs Of Givenchy Clip On Earrings And A Pair Of Swarovski Earrings.

Lot 473: 14k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet, 14k Ring And Dental Gold. (Bracelet & Ring: 14.2 Grams).
Lot 474: Group Of Costume Jewelry Earrings.
Lot 475: Group Of Costume Jewelry Earrings.
Lot 476: Group Of Costume Jewelry Incl. Calvin Kline, Ben Amun, Givenchy.

Lot 477: (2) Wristwatches, (2) Pocket Watches, Pedometer And Candle Snipper.
Lot 478: Group Of Cuff Links And Costume Jewelry.
Lot 479: Group Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 480: 1940s Mahogany 4-Drawer Drop Front Chest.

Lot 481: Contemporary Country Style Drop Front Secretaire.
Lot 482: Crossed Swords 5-Candle Wall Sconce. 36" X 20".
Lot 483: Gilt Metal Leaf Wall Sconce (Electrified). 30" X 20".
Lot 484: Group Of (7) Floral Hand Painted Cabinet Plates And Bowls. 10" To 12" Dia.

Lot 485: Drexel Velero Mediterranean Style Sideboard.
Lot 486: (2) Contemporary Oak Glass Top End Tables. Empire Style.
Lot 487: Contemporary Chrome And Glass 4-Light Chandelier And Brass And Ceramic 3-Light Fixture.
Lot 488: Charles Hunt Engraving, Newton Races, 1831. Filde Beating Halston And Recovery. Published By Agnew And Zanetti. Image: 19 1/4" X 28 1/4".

Lot 489: (2) Painted Glass Hurricane Style Table Lamps.
Lot 490: Country Pine 4-Drawer Chest.
Lot 491: (2) Chinese Scrolls. Calligraphy And "Health Chart"
Lot 492: Mahogany Chippendale Style Desk With Leather Inset.

Lot 493: Contemporary Lighted Display Cabinet.
Lot 494: Spencer Lens Co. Microscope.
Lot 495: Group Of Chinese Decorative Items Incl. Snuff Bottles, Artist Brushes, Hand Fan And Souvenirs.
Lot 496: (2) Albums Of Basketball Sports Cards.

Lot 497: (2) Early To Mid 20th C. Dolls.
Lot 498: (2) Albums Of Baseball Sports Cards.
Lot 499: (2) Albums Of Nfl Sports Cards
Lot 500: Circa 1940s Glass Front Oak 4-Shelf Bookcase / Display.

Lot 501: (2) Unframed Lacquer Abstract Prints. 41" X 41".
Lot 502: (3) Modern Art Glass Footed Centerpiece Bowls.
Lot 503: 19th C. Oak Panel Front 2-Door Coffer With 3 Drawers.
Lot 504: (3) Porcelain Table Lamps With Hand Painted Foliate Decoration.

Lot 505: Country Style Plank Top 2-Drawer Console Table.
Lot 506: Se Yei Japanese Fine Porcelain Dinner Service, Peony Pattern.
Lot 507: Drexel Velero Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 6 Chairs.
Lot 508: Lineage Oak 4-Door China Cabinet With Mirror Back And 4 Glass Front Lattice Doors.

Lot 509: Fur Jacket.
Lot 510: Lane Mediterranean Style Cedar Lined Chest With Full Length Drawer.
Lot 511: Framed Poster Prints, Cunard Line Aquitania. 29" X 18".
Lot 512: Maple 4-Drawer Chest.

Lot 513: Guatemalan Textile Specimen. Huipil Traditional Garment. Woven And Pieced In Alternating Rows Of Color And Texture. Bands Of Birds And Stylized Flowers. 48" X 35". Framed.
Lot 514: (3) Chinese Cloisonne Vases, One Mounted As A Table Lamp.
Lot 515: Kittinger Furniture Gilt Wash 9-Drawer Chest On Stand. Overall: 38" X 18" X 28".
Lot 516: (2) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 517: Shelf Of Books.
Lot 518: (3) Shelves Of Books Incl. Travel, Golf.
Lot 519: Circa 1900 Mahogany Drop Front Writing Desk With Slotted Interior.
Lot 520: White Furniture Contemporary China Cabinet. Glass Front 3-Shelf Top, 4-Door Bottom.

Lot 521: Collection Of Asstd. Scent Bottles And A Mirrored Tray.
Lot 522: Group Of Oriental Knick Knacks (Wicker And Lacquer Sewing Basket, Cast Metal Bell Dome, Rules And Lidded Boxes).
Lot 523: Shelf Of Scent Bottles, Glass Dinner Bells, Opalescent Glass Vases And Bird Figures.
Lot 524: Chinese Porcelain Figure, 2 Vases And A Carved Wood Figural Group (Damaged).

Lot 525: Shelf Of Asian Porcelain Jardinieres.
Lot 526: Shelf Of Chinese Cloisonne Vases, Bowls And A Box. (9).
Lot 527: Group Of Chinese Porcelain Items Incl. Figures. 12 Pcs.
Lot 528: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Lacquered Wood Box, Dresser Boxes, Ship's Clock, Asian Figures, Frame Mogul Painting.

Lot 529: Shelf Of Music Boxes And Mechanisms Incl. Thoren's Box With Discs.
Lot 530: Vintage Silvertone Radio, Thomas Desk Radio, Crosley Turntable.
Lot 531: Shelf Of Silver Plated Tableware Incl. Serving Tray, Center Bowl, Flatware.
Lot 532: Circa 1930s A.C. Gilbert No. 8 1/2 Erector Set In Blue Box.

Lot 533: Shelf Of Chinese Porcelain Bowls, Asstd. Sizes.
Lot 534: Shelf Of Chinese Carved Wood Inlaid Boxes, Gourds And Horse Figures.
Lot 535: Shelf Of Porcelain Jugs, Teapots, Pitcher And Covered Bowls.
Lot 536: (2) Pre-Columbian Style Pottery Figures And A Figural Vessel.

Lot 537: (2) Ceramic And A Metal Buddha Figures And A Porcelain Seated Man Figure.
Lot 538: (2) Shelves Of Glass And Ceramic Tableware.
Lot 539: Shelf Of Tableware, Albums, Washboard And Christmas Items.
Lot 540: (12) Bottles Of Asstd. Wine.

Lot 541: (2) Shelves Of Vintage And Collectible Glassware Incl. Vases, Compotes, Lamp.
Lot 542: (2) Shelves Of Vintage Dishware Incl. Fiesta, Hummel.
Lot 543: Shelf Of Asstd. Tableware Incl. Metalware, Flatware, Porcelain And Art Glass.
Lot 544: Shelf Of Glassware Compotes, Jugs And Dishes.

Lot 545: Hutschenreuther Tavola Leonard Tea Set And 2 Decorative Plates.
Lot 546: Shelf Of Green, Pink And Other Depression Era Glassware And Collectibles.
Lot 547: Shelf Of Porcelain Items Incl. Belleek, Royal Copenhagen, Portmeiron, Limoges.
Lot 548: Shelf Of Porcelain And Ceramic Dishware.

Lot 549: (2) Shelves Of Porcelain Head Dolls And Other Dolls.
Lot 550: 8-Pc Pewter Coffee And Tea Service.
Lot 551: Shelf Of Glass Tableware Vases, Dishes, Biscuit Barrel, China Cups And Saucers.
Lot 552: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Sewing Machine Attachments, Baby Clothes, Clocks.

Lot 553: Collection Of Asstd. Dolls Incl. Madame Alexander Rebecca, Princess; Storybook And Others. With Doll Clothes. (17 Total).
Lot 554: (2) Glass Bowls And A Stoppered Bottle.
Lot 555: Shelf Of Sunglasses And Cases.
Lot 556: Shelf Of Mid 20th C. Dolls, Clothes And Kewpie Dolls.

Lot 557: (7) Japanese Dolls.
Lot 558: Shelf Of Glassware Bowls, Cut Glass Creamer Sets, Cordials.
Lot 559: Shelf Of Blue Glassware.
Lot 560: Shelf Of Decorative Tableware.

Lot 561: Shelf Of Middle Eastern Brass And Metalware Pitchers.
Lot 562: Shelf Of Craft And Jewelry Supplies.
Lot 563: Glass Centerpiece Bowl With Sterling Base And (3) Glass Dishes With Silver Plate.
Lot 564: Group Of (7) Porcelain Vases Incl. 3 Pairs Of Chinese Vases

Lot 565: Shelf Of Porcelain Tea And Demitasse Cups, Saucers And 2 Coffee Pots.
Lot 566: Shelf Of Decorative Items.
Lot 567: Pair Of Ceramic Seated Thai Figures.
Lot 568: Shelf Of Royal Copenhagen And Hummel Style Anniversary Plates. (16).

Lot 569: Thuny Czech Porcelain Dinner Service. Wilshire Pattern.
Lot 570: (2) Metal Clad Pitchers, Stoppered Decanter And Pottery Vase.
Lot 571: Shelf Of Christmas Figures And Tableware.
Lot 572: (11) Walter R. Duff American Game Bird Cabinet Plates By Fondeville, New York.

Lot 573: (10) Decorative Prints And Oil Paintings.
Lot 574: Group Of (16) Decorative Framed Prints.
Lot 575: (2) Marionettes. Captain Hook And Alice In Wonderland.
Lot 576: 16 Hand Crafted Needlepoint Panels, Flowers.

Lot 577: (2) British Naval Standards.
Lot 578: Pair Of French Empire Style Mahogany And Marble Top Jardiniere Stands.
Lot 579: Vintage Branding Iron. "Jd".
Lot 580: Large Chinese Porcelain Balustrade Vase. Floral Motif And Inscription. 24" Tall.

Lot 581: Asian Hard Wood 10-Drawer Jewelry Box With Gilt Metal Strapwork.
Lot 582: (3) Silver Plated Serving Trays, 3 Coasters And Asstd. Spoons.
Lot 583: Group Of (5) Decorative Pictures.
Lot 584: (6) Colored Table Cloths.

Lot 585: Group Of (4) Handbags.
Lot 586: Vintage Wooden Trunk.
Lot 587: Open Work Bistro Table With Circular Glass Top And 4 Chairs.
Lot 588: Violets-Pompadour Bone China Dessert Set. (8) 3-Pc Place Settings, Sugar And Creamer.

Lot 589: (7) Boxes Of Crystal Stemware Incl. German Crystal.
Lot 590: Shelf Of Table Linens.
Lot 591: Shelf Of Table Linens.
Lot 592: Shelf Of Teddy Bears.

Lot 593: Shelf Of Artisan And Other Textiles.
Lot 594: (4) "Impursenators" Handbags.
Lot 595: (2) Decorative Framed Wall Mirrors.
Lot 596: (3) Bridal Dolls In Display Boxes.

Lot 597: Shelf Of Asstd. Vintage Glass Lamp Shades.
Lot 598: Shelf Of Table Linens.
Lot 599: 2-Pc Stone Garden Pagoda Statue.
Lot 600: (2) Mink Stoles.

Lot 601: Group Of Table Linens, Runners And Tablecloths.
Lot 602: (3) Ladies' Garments. Scott Mcclintock Elegant Red Evening Trouser Suit, Black Wool Coat Dress, Hooded Cloak.
Lot 603: Group Of Ladies' Scarves And Wraps.
Lot 604: (2) Ladies' Wool Capers With Alpaca Collars And A Sweater With Fox Fur Collar.

Lot 605: 1960s Tulip Table With 4 Swivel Pedestal Chairs.
Lot 606: Chinese Famille Rose Fish Bowl.
Lot 607: (2) Chinese Porcelain Jaridinieres On Stands.
Lot 608: Marble Top Eastlake Chest Of Drawers.

Lot 609: Collection Of Ladies' Belts In A Rolling Chest.
Lot 610: (9) Framed Needlepoint Pictures And A Framed Picture In Relief.
Lot 611: (3) Wooden Walking Sticks.
Lot 612: Shelf Of Silver Plated Tableware Incl. Trays, Bowls, Flatware.

Lot 613: Group Of Table Linens.
Lot 614: (4) Asian Low Tables.
Lot 615: (4) Shelves Of Antiquarian Books.
Lot 616: (4) Shelves Of Collector's Reference Books.

Lot 617: Calvin Klein Water Resistant Jacket. Size L.
Lot 618: Oriental Carved Wood Bird Cage.
Lot 619: Contemporary Mahogany Single Drawer Wall Table. 29.5" Tall.
Lot 620: 6-Panel Chinese Decorated Lacquer Table Screen.

Lot 621: Group Of (3) Quilts.
Lot 622: Oriental Red Lacquered Table Top Stand. 32" X 15" X 5".
Lot 623: (2) Carved Wood Open Work Panels.
Lot 624: Oriental Hand Knotted Large Rug. Red Field With Overall Floral Decoration. 16' X 11.5'.

Lot 625: (4) Oriental Panels.
Lot 626: Chinese Embossed Wool Pile Rug Meandering Flowers On A Beige Ground. Approx. 9' X 5'.
Lot 627: Oriental Hand Knotted Rug Meandering Floral Motif In Beige, Green, Dusty Rose. 20th C. 12'6" X 9'.
Lot 628: Ann Nolte Oil On Canvas, Still Life, Urn With Flowers. Signed Lower Left. 41.5" X 40". Framed.

Lot 629: Group Of Asstd. Gilt Rimmed Glass Stemware.
Lot 630: Late Victorian Oak Case Waterbury Mantel Clock.
Lot 631: Circa 1900 Continental Style Buffet. Rocaille Carved Panel Front. 4 Doors And 3 Drawers. 72" X 20" X 40".
Lot 632: Antique Framed Wall Mirror. Overall: 52" X 44".

Lot 633: (4) Porcelain Cabinet Plates. Delft, Royal Couldon, La Belle Czech.
Lot 634: Framed Fox Hunting Print. 24" X 30".
Lot 635: Thomasville Oak 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 7-Drawer Dresser And A Pair Of Nightstands.
Lot 636: Shadow Box Collage Guan Yin In Twilight Forest.

Lot 637: Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rug. Blue With Beige Center Medallion. 7'2" X 5'.
Lot 638: Pair Of Mahogany Brentwood Collection 2-Drawer Side Tables.
Lot 639: Collection Of Chinese Books.
Lot 640: Mahogany Carved Framed Beveled Mirror.

Lot 641: Group Of Brass Candlesticks And Candelabrum.
Lot 642: Mahogany 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet.
Lot 643: Hand Made Flat Weave Runner. 8'4" X 2'6".
Lot 644: Collection Of Ladies' Belts In A Rolling Chest.

Lot 645: Peggy Lindt Painting On Fabric. Art Nouveau Fan Shape With Dolphins And Berries. Artist Label Verso. 41 1/2" X 39".
Lot 646: Patrick Nagel Poster, "Nagel, The Book". Published By Alfred Van Der Marck Editions. Deluxe Volume Distributed By Mirage Editions Inc. Framed. Overall: 36" X 24".
Lot 647: Pair Of Ebonized Ceramic Quan Yin Figures. 21" Tall.
Lot 648: Decorative Wall Mirror, The Copper Metal Frame Embossed With Elephants And Palm Trees

Lot 649: Mikasa "Plum Rose" Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 650: Fanfare Maple 2-Pc Bedroom Set 9-Drawer Dresser And A 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 651: Maple 4-Pc Bedroom Set. Pair Of 7-Drawer Lingerie Chests And Pair Of 3-Drawer Nightstands.
Lot 652: Mikasa "Love Prose" China. 16 Pcs.

Lot 653: Bassett Furniture Co. 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 654: (5) Decorative Pictures And Prints Incl. Loris, R.C. Gorman.
Lot 655: Maple Drop Front Writing Desk.
Lot 656: Antique Gilt Framed Wall Mirror.

Lot 657: Drexel Heritage 3-Drawer Bookcase Chest.
Lot 658: 1920s Oak Art Deco Style Buffet Deux Corps.
Lot 659: Group Of Silver Plated Tableware.
Lot 660: Pair Of Oriental White Porcelain Open Work Table Lamps.

Lot 661: Papier Mache Mixed Media Sculpture, Woman Holding A Fish. 65 1/2" Tall.
Lot 662: (3) Shelves Of Vintage Books.
Lot 663: Lane Blanket Chest With Upholstered Seat.
Lot 664: 1995 Jaguar Xj6 4-Door Sedan. Vin: Sajhx1741sc728555 License: 5pug105 Odometer Reading: 197781.

Lot 665: Faux Ficas Tree In Brass Planter.
Lot 666: Group Of (8) Christmas Snow Globes.
Lot 667: Shelf Of Oriental And Other Decorative Metalware Items.
Lot 668: Group Of Framed Decorative Lithographs And Prints (6). Incl. Altman.

Lot 669: Shelf Of Porcelain And Ceramic Figures.
Lot 670: Shelf Of Hand Painted Pottery Bowls, Pitchers And Lidded Pot
Lot 671: Group Of Framed Decorative Lithographs And Prints (7). Incl. Samuel Coleman, Degas.
Lot 672: Shelf Of Glassware.

Lot 673: Group Of Framed Decorative Lithographs And Prints (6). Incl. Robert Kasimir.
Lot 674: (2) Shelves Of Airline Related Collectibles.
Lot 675: Shelf Of Magenta Glassware.
Lot 676: Group Of Framed Decorative Lithographs And Prints (). Incl. One Marked Ea Luigi Kasimir.

Lot 677: Shelf Of Porcelain And China Incl. Wedgwood.
Lot 678: Pair Of Ceramic Lamps And Group Of Glassware.
Lot 679: Group Of Decorative Artwork Incl. Airplane Theme. (5).
Lot 680: Shelf Of Dishware And Glassware.

Lot 681: Shelf Of "Rfd America" Collectibles In Box. Signed Lowell Davis.
Lot 682: Group Of Framed Decorative Lithographs And Prints (6) Incl. Eidenberger.
Lot 683: (2) Shelves Of Glass And China Incl. Etched Stemware, Demi Tasse Cups And Saucers.
Lot 684: Shelf Of Glass And Porcelain Items.

Lot 685: Group Of Framed Decorative Art And Photos (6).
Lot 686: Shelf Of China And Glassware Incl. Oriental Vases, Coffee And Teapots.
Lot 687: Shelf Of Kitchenware Items.
Lot 688: Group Of Decorative Artwork. (6).

Lot 689: Rosenthal White Porcelain Partial Set; Plates And Cups. (26).
Lot 690: Royal Gallery "Jessica" White Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 691: Group Of (7) Framed Pictures Incl. Oil Paintings, Prints, Poster.
Lot 692: Pair Of Twin Poster Beds.

Lot 693: 4-Poster Bed.
Lot 694: Turkish Large Hand Knotted Rug. Dark Red Field With Floral Pattern. (19' X 10.5').
Lot 695: (2) Twin Size Bobbin Head And Footboards.
Lot 696: Oriental Wool Rug With Beige Field. Approx. 9' X 5'3".

Lot 697: Asian Hardwood Queen Size Sleigh Bed.
Lot 698: Oriental Wool Rug. 7'2" X 5'.
Lot 699: Pair Of Twin Wicker Headboards
Lot 700: Inlaid Mahogany 4-Drawer Drop Front Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 701: Victorian Scroll Back Button Tuft Settee.
Lot 702: (4) Framed Prints With Western Theme.
Lot 703: Shelf Of Asstd. Hand Painted Cabinet Plates. (9).
Lot 704: 1930s Oak 5-Drawer Chest.

Lot 705: Mid 20th C. Mahogany Fold Over Table.
Lot 706: Octagonal Occasional Table With Open Work Apron And Galleried Lower Shelf.
Lot 707: Pair Of Contemporary Painted Silvered Side Tables With Removable Trays. 38" X 37" X 36".
Lot 708: Asian Style Glass Top Console Table.

Lot 709: Noritake "Royal Mint" Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 710: Burl Walnut Veneer Sofa Table.
Lot 711: Hancock & Moore Slate Blue Natural Leather Sofa.
Lot 712: Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, Rothschild Pattern.

Lot 713: Painted Console Table. (66" Long).
Lot 714: Oriental Red Lacquered Low Table.
Lot 715: Square Wood And Brass Framed Glass Top Coffee Table.
Lot 716: Pair Of Rush Seated Painted Benches.

Lot 717: Pair Of Contemporary Armchairs Sterling Custom Upholstery In Oriental Theme.
Lot 718: Knotty Pine 3-Drawer Trestle Writing Table With 4-Drawer Fitted Gallery.
Lot 719: Group Of (3) European Etchings.
Lot 720: White Painted 2-Door Cabinet With Blue Trim And Fluted Pilasters.

Lot 721: Group Of Vintage Wicker Furniture. (3).
Lot 722: Console Wall Table.
Lot 723: Pair Of Swag Draped Baluster Table Lamps.
Lot 724: Contemporary 3-Drawer Nightstands / Chest.

Lot 725: Sango Porcelain Dinner Service "Eternal" Pattern.
Lot 726: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Chairs.
Lot 727: Cast Metal Aesthetic Movement Electrified Light Fixture With 3 Hurricane Shades.
Lot 728: Royal Doulton "Clarendon" Partial Dinner Service, 35 Pcs

Lot 729: Universal Furniture Desk.
Lot 730: Oak Fitted Clothes Cupboard With Linen Fold Paneled Cabinet Doors.
Lot 731: Group Of Music Stands And Display Easel.
Lot 732: Heritage Furniture Walnut Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 733: (4) Shelves Of Books, Mostly Fiction.
Lot 734: (3 Shelves Of Books: Travel And History.
Lot 735: (32) Volumes, Works Of William Makepeace Thackeray.
Lot 736: (4) Shelves Of Books. (Biographies).

Lot 737: (5) Boxes Of Records.
Lot 738: J.J. Vander Borght Dutch Tall Case Clock. Late 18th / Early 19th C. Walnut Case, Circular Brass Face And Roman Numeral Indicators. 84" X 24".
Lot 739: Large Group Of Silver Plate Items Incl. Serving Trays, Lidded Dishes, Teapots, Footed Bowls And Flatware.
Lot 740: Cotemporary Oak Framed Lighted Display Cabinet With Leaded Glass Doors.

Lot 741: Provincial Style Rush Seated Chair.
Lot 742: Oak 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 9-Drawer Dresser And Pair Of 2-Drawer Bedroom Chests.
Lot 743: Bose Home Theater System.
Lot 744: (4) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 745: Apple Imac Computer. Serial No. C02hc9zsdhjp. 2.7ghz Intel Core I5, 16gb Ram.
Lot 746: Hexo+ Aerial Drone With Accessories.
Lot 747: Pair Of Girls' Inline Skates In Box. Size M. Unused.
Lot 748: (2) Collector Dolls In Boxes Incl. Suzanne Gibson.

Lot 749: Group Of Rnc Collectibles And Tokens.
Lot 750: Crossman Air Pistol.
Lot 751: Group Of Drafting Tools.
Lot 752: (2) Air Pistols And Related Items.

Lot 753: Group Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 754: Bundy Selmer Silver Plated Flute With Case, Schreiber And Hohner Recorders.
Lot 755: Mahogany Double Pedestal Dining Table With 2 Leaves, 6 Chippendale Style Chairs And 2 Other Chairs.
Lot 756: Flintridge Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 757: Devorah Jacoby, Oil On Canvas, Lady In Red, Posing On A Park Bench. (Approx. 60" X 48").
Lot 758: Oak 3-Drawer Sofa Table. Hickory Furniture Co.
Lot 759: Oriental 4-Panel Reversible Screen With Applied Flora And Fauna Decoration.
Lot 760: Mikasa "Tudor Row" Porcelain Dinner Service For 12. (63 Pieces).

Lot 761: Oak Executive Computer Desk.
Lot 762: (4) Brass Lamps.
Lot 763: Provincial Style White 9-Drawe 2-Door Dresser.
Lot 764: Edwardian Mahogany Mirrored Vanity Chest. Circa 1910.

Lot 765: Hand Made Flat Weave Rug. Rust Ground With Floral Symbols And Beige Border. 14' X 10'.
Lot 766: Modern Design Silver Metal Floor Lamp.
Lot 767: Bentwood Cane Seat Side Chair.
Lot 768: Century Furniture Provincial Style Triple Glaze Door China Cabinet.

Lot 769: Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, "Janice".
Lot 770: Provincial Oak Draw Leaf Dining Table With 6 Chairs. Parquet Top With Carved Apron And Scrolled Legs.
Lot 771: American Golden Oak Mirror Back Sideboard. Exquisitely Carved, 3-Drawers And 2 Doors.
Lot 772: Mahogany Bow Front China Display Cabinet.

Lot 773: (2) Henredon Asian Style Bookcase Display Cabinets.
Lot 774: Mahogany Rolling Drop Side Coffee Table.
Lot 775: (3) Asstd. Armchairs. Empire Style Cane Back, Provincial Style Cane Back & Beige Leather With Oak Frame.
Lot 776: Shelf Of Candlestick Holder Pairs.

Lot 777: Shelf Of Glass Tableware And Stems.
Lot 778: Shelf Of Hand Painted Bowls And Dishware Incl. Signed.
Lot 779: Shelf Of Knick Knacks.
Lot 780: Group Of Woven Baskets.

Lot 781: Shelf Of Lidded Boxes And Geological Specimens.
Lot 782: Shelf Of Asstd. Toys, Games And Railroad Track.
Lot 783: Shelf Of Oriental Pottery And Figurines.
Lot 784: Shelf Of Asstd. Desk Clocks.

Lot 785: Shelf Of Ceramics And Pottery Dishware.
Lot 786: Shelf Of Asstd. Flatware And Silver Plated Trays.
Lot 787: Shelf Of "Mother Goose" Related Items.
Lot 788: Shelf Of Porcelain Cups, Saucers, Plates And Jugs.

Lot 789: Shelf Of Glassware Incl. Fish Bowls, Vases, Ruffle Glass Items.
Lot 790: Shelf Of Asstd. Dishware.
Lot 791: Shelf Of Oriental Dolls.
Lot 792: Shelf Of Fine China Dishware With Fruit Theme.

Lot 793: Shelf Of Cabinet Plates And Oriental Tea Set.
Lot 794: Shelf Of Asstd. Stemmed Glassware.
Lot 795: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Candle Holders, Counter Containers.
Lot 796: Shelf Of Asstd. Glassware And Desk Top Globe.

Lot 797: Large Shelf Of Metalware Incl. Silver Plated Serving Trays, Champagne Buckets, Candelabra.
Lot 798: Shelf Of Glass Stemware.
Lot 799: Shelf Of China Cups And Saucers.
Lot 800: Noritake "Candice" Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 801: Group Of (8) Geisha Dolls.
Lot 802: Shelf Of Binoculars, Tripod, Garmin And Flashlights.
Lot 803: Shelf Of Fishing Reels, Tackle Box And Group Of Fishing Poles (6).
Lot 804: Shelf Of Kitchenware, Small Appliances And Household Items

Lot 805: Shelf Of Blue Glass Vases And Other Glassware.
Lot 806: Shelf Of Asstd. Dolls And Doll House Furniture.
Lot 807: Shelf Of Horse Figurines And Tack Accessories.
Lot 808: Shelf Of Ceramic Jugs And Creamers.

Lot 809: Shelf Of Tools, Tool Boxes And Hardware.
Lot 810: Large Shelf Of Power Tools Incl. Circular Saw, Angle Grinders, Hand Held Vacuum.
Lot 811: Porter Cable 12-Inch Dovetail Jig, "Ibox" Router And Table Saw Jig.
Lot 812: Craftsman Tool Box With Contents And Workforce Tile Cutter.

Lot 813: (2) Shelves Of Power Tools And Tool Boxes Incl. Sanders, Drill, Oscillating Cutters, Jig Saw.
Lot 814: Large Shelf Of Asstd. Hardware
Lot 815: (3) Parts Bins With Contents.
Lot 816: Craftsman Power Sander And Cordless Drill.

Lot 817: Cordless Drill And Leaf Blower.
Lot 818: Porter Cable 6 Gal / 150 Psi Air Compressor.
Lot 819: Shelf Of Power Tool And Socket Set.
Lot 820: Large Shelf Of Hardware.

Lot 821: Shelf Of Asian Dolls.
Lot 822: (2) Shelves Of Power Tools, Sander, Jig Saw Planer And Fastener.
Lot 823: Shelf Of Asstd. Hardware.
Lot 824: Shelf Of Parallel Clamps.

Lot 825: Shelf Of Tools Incl. Husky Air Compressor.
Lot 826: (2) Shelves Of Hand Tools Incl. Clamps, Wrenches, Hammers.
Lot 827: Shop Smith Mark V Workstation With Attachments.
Lot 828: Delta 12-Inch Thickness Planer And Delta 4-Inch Jointer.

Lot 829: Group Of Sanders And Grinders Incl. Powertech, Craftsman, Delta.
Lot 830: Group Of Power Tools, Stands And Lights Incl. Dewalt Miter Saw, Craftsman Scroll Saw.
Lot 831: Beseler Model 23c Photographic Enlarger.
Lot 832: Shelf Of Winnie The Pooh Stuffed Animals.

Lot 833: (2) Shelves Of Board Games And Puzzles.
Lot 834: Ohio Forge Bench Top Drill Press, Black & Decker 10-Inch Miter Saw, Chainsaw And Reciprocating Saw.
Lot 835: Wen 5-Speed Drill Press On Stand.
Lot 836: Ibm Selectric Ii Typewriter, Accessories And Rolling Table.

Lot 837: Shelf Of Board Games.
Lot 838: Wilson And Prince Tennis Rackets.
Lot 839: Group Of (3) Pneumatic Nailers
Lot 840: Poulan Pro Pr2322 Hedge Trimmer.

Lot 841: Brass Fireplace Tools And Fender.
Lot 842: Group Of Candle Stands.
Lot 843: Precor Efx 5.21si Elliptical Crosstrainer & An Abs Machine.
Lot 844: Craftsman Router Table And Rolling Cabinet With 2 Routers And Accessories.

Lot 845: Bulbous Brass Base Table Lamp.
Lot 846: Art Nouveau Wood Framed Armchair.
Lot 847: Group Of (5) Oil Paintings By Rose Clark.
Lot 848: Pair Of Beige Ceramic And Metal Base Table Lamps.

Lot 849: Circa 1940s Mahogany 2-Door, 6-Drawer Gentlemen's Cabinet.
Lot 850: Noritake 5271 Porcelain Dinner Service. Mint Green With Leafy Bamboo.
Lot 851: Rattan Dining Table And 4 Chairs Set.
Lot 852: Late 1950s Conti Princess Lux Espresso Machine And La San Marco Coffee Grinder.

Lot 853: (7) Framed Hand Colored Etchings, European Vistas. Incl. Kasimir, Eidenberger.
Lot 854: Group Of Silver Plated Tableware.
Lot 855: (7) Framed Decorative Prints, Mostly P. Buckley Moss.
Lot 856: Oak & Satinwood Games Table With 4 Cane Back Chairs.

Lot 857: Group Of 3 Small Side Tables.
Lot 858: (4) Boxes Of Records.
Lot 859: Circa 1930s Walnut Display Cabinet With Paint Decorated Medallion Panel Cabinet Door.
Lot 860: American Oak Side By Side Drop Front Cabinet / Display Case.

Lot 861: (4) Asian Black Lacquer Panels With Applied Figural Decor.
Lot 862: Group Of (11) Framed Decorative Etchings And Prints Mostly European Vistas, Various Artists.
Lot 863: Group Of (12) Collector Dolls.
Lot 864: 1940s Folding Table And Chair Set. The Leg-O-Matic Company.

Lot 865: Contemporary Oak 7-Drawer Dresser With Center Cabinet And Double Mirrors.
Lot 866: Country Style Drop Leaf Plank Top Dining Table And Chairs.
Lot 867: Artist's 6-Ft Rolling Easel.
Lot 868: Group Of Silver Plated Tableware Incl. Serving Trays, Teapots, Cups.

Lot 869: Noritake Wheaton Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 870: Mid 20th C. Dining Table With 6 Bentwood Chairs.
Lot 871: Cast Metal Dolphin Sculpture. 18" Tall.
Lot 872: Clover Shaped Travertine Top Center Table.

Lot 873: (3) Jonathan Clark Photographs Kyoto 1987, Pond In The Mist 1982, Steam Vents, Hakone, Japan 1987. Signed.
Lot 874: (2) Contemporary Jardiniere Stands.
Lot 875: Pair Of Mid 20th C. Wood Framed Reception Chairs.
Lot 876: Oneida "Coronation" Community Plated Flatware Service.

Lot 877: R. Atkinson Fox Art Deco Prints And Bessie Pease Gutman Infant Print.
Lot 878: Wall Mounted Taxidermied Bass Fish. 40" Long.
Lot 879: (2) Asstd. Table Lamps.
Lot 880: Circa 1960s Japan Air Lines And Other Calendars.

Lot 881: Oneida Tudor Silver Plate Flatware Service.
Lot 882: Hickory & White Furn. Beige Upholstered Sofa.
Lot 883: Group Of Cup, Saucer And Plate Sets. (54 Pcs).
Lot 884: Peter Anthony Collection Queen Anne Style Walnut 3-Drawer Console Table. 57" X 21" X 30".

Lot 885: (3) Japanese Modernist Prints. Haku Maki Persimmon And (2) Humo Tomita Abstracts. Signed And Numbered.
Lot 886: Group Of (4) Framed Color Etchings And Prints, European Vistas Incl. Kasimir.
Lot 887: Contemporary Drop Crystal Chandelier.
Lot 888: Pair Of Victorian Mahogany Chairs With Upholstered Seats.

Lot 889: Japanese "Bamboo" Stainless Steel Flatware Service In Casket.
Lot 890: Hardwood 2-Door Cabinet With Cubby Slotted Interior.
Lot 891: (2) Oriental Ceramic Figures. Buddha And Guan Yin.
Lot 892: End Table.

Lot 893: Eastlake Marble Top Side Table With Flat Cut Supports.
Lot 894: (2) Contemporary Hammary End Tables. Single Drawer And A Glass Top.
Lot 895: 3-Tier Nativity Carousel.
Lot 896: Japanese Mizuko Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 897: Oak Parquet Top Extending Dining Table On Double Pedestal Base With 8 Chairs.
Lot 898: Contemporary Baroque Style 12-Light Chandelier.
Lot 899: Glass Table Lamp With Gilt Decoration.
Lot 900: (2) Continental Style End Tables.

Lot 901: Gilt Framed Rectangular Beveled Mirror. 42" X 30".
Lot 902: Group Of Depression Glass Dishware.
Lot 903: Contemporary Oak 8-Drawer, 2-Door Sideboard.
Lot 904: Group Of (7) Collector Dolls. (In 2 Boxes).

Lot 905: (2) Boxes Of Records.
Lot 906: Red Upholstered Button Tuft Armchair And Ottoman.
Lot 907: Provincial Style Armchair.
Lot 908: (2) Turned Wood Table Lamps.

Lot 909: Thomasville 2-Drawer, 4-Door Buffet.
Lot 910: (3) Parlor Chairs Incl. Louis Xv Style Armchair.
Lot 911: Asian Style Rosewood Square Side Table.
Lot 912: Square Brass And Glass Top Coffee Table.

Lot 913: Brass Base Floor Lamp.
Lot 914: Set Of Gilt Rimmed Stemware.
Lot 915: 19th C. Mahogany 4-Drawer Drop Front Chest.
Lot 916: Oak And 6-Glass Panel Top Coffee Table.

Lot 917: (2) Eclectic Table Lamps.
Lot 918: Art Pottery Table Lamp.
Lot 919: Louis Xvi Style Brass Mounted Mahogany Custom Cabinet. 20th C.
Lot 920: 19th C. Mahogany Secretary Bookcase. 86.5" Tall.

Lot 921: Early 20th C. 2-Door, 6-Drawer Gentleman's Wardrobe.
Lot 922: Georgian Partner's Desk With Green Leather Inset Top. Locks Marked Hobbs & Co. London. 57" X 42" X 31".
Lot 923: Pine 2-Door Wardrobe With Single Drawer.
Lot 924: Moss Green Upholstered Wing Back Armchair.

Lot 925: Art Deco Oak 3-Door Mirrored Armoire. (Missing Lower Door Pin).
Lot 926: Late 19th C. Walnut Cylinder Secretary Bookcase.
Lot 927: Set Of (8) Provincial Style Ladder Back Rush Seated Armchairs With Fitted Cushions.
Lot 928: Continental Mahogany Buffet Deux Corps. Carved Fluted Columns, Spindle Turned Gallery Shelves, Carved Mask And Garland Panel Door. Circa 1900.

Lot 929: Oriental 6-Panel Folding Screen. No Hinge Pins.
Lot 930: Drexel Velero China Display Cabinet.
Lot 931: (2) Table Lamps Incl. Metal Work On Trellis.
Lot 932: Contemporary 4-Drawer Chest.

Lot 933: Eastlake Marble Top Oval Table. 23" X 29" X 29".
Lot 934: Group Of 5 Decorative Prints Incl. Ira Yeager Signed Print.
Lot 935: Composite Floor Lamp.
Lot 936: Teak 7 Ft. Bookcase.

Lot 937: (2) Shelves Of Antique And Doll Related Books.
Lot 938: Oriental 4-Panel Black Lacquer Reversible Screen With Applied Figural Decoration.
Lot 939: 1950s Singer Sewing Machine With Cabinet.
Lot 940: Contemporary Teak Office Credenza With Adjustable Upper Shelves.

Lot 941: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany China Cabinet.
Lot 942: Country Pine Corner Hutch.
Lot 943: Claret Upholstered Loveseat.
Lot 944: Mahogany Bed Parts. (840411.1).

Lot 945: (2) Cynthia Corey Modernist Oil Paintings And A California Seascape, Signed D. Philips. (Approx. 48" X 60", 30" X 40", 8" X 10").
Lot 946: Dome Top Lidded Trunk.
Lot 947: Retro Side Chair And Office Lamp.
Lot 948: Pair Of Modernist Black Painted 6-Drawer Chests.

Lot 949: Vintage Sonora Phonograph, Early 20th C. (In Mahogany Cabinet).
Lot 950: Contemporary Pine 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 951: 1940s Mahogany Trestle Table With Internal Leaf.
Lot 952: (3) Teak Bookcases. 6.5 Ft. Tall.

Lot 953: Hand Crafted Mahogany 6-Drawer Mirrored Chest.
Lot 954: (3) Asstd. Chairs. Provincial Style Stripe Upholstered, Queen Anne Style And Provincial Style Chintz Upholstered.
Lot 955: Oak 3-Door, 2-Section Wardrobe.
Lot 956: Continental Style Tripe Door China Display Cabinet.

Lot 957: Pair Of Brass Candlestick Lights And A Decorative Porcelain Charger.
Lot 958: Early 20th C. Mahogany Mirrored Chest.
Lot 959: Wrought Metal Circular Patio Table And Pair Of Chairs.
Lot 960: Acrylic On Canvas, Floral Abstract, Signed E. Limon.

Lot 961: Contemporary 4-Door Lighted Display Cabinet.
Lot 962: Painted Chinese Table Top Cabinet. (Needs Repair).
Lot 963: Brass Planter And A Firescreen Fan.
Lot 964: Travel Pro Es Mobility Scooter.

Lot 965: Framed Pencil On Paper, Half And Half Portrait, "Clay And Bobby", Signed, Dated 2015.
Lot 966: Ridgid 10-Inch Portable Table Saw.
Lot 967: Military Footlocker.
Lot 968: Group Of Tools, Hardware, Tool Box And Shop Stool.

Lot 969: 6 Ft. Bookshelf.
Lot 970: (2) Painted Chests. Scmo6004mamo6005.
Lot 971: Pair Of Oak Cabinets.
Lot 972: Contemporary Beige Rug. (Prerolled). 10'6" X 8'.

Lot 973: Circa 1930s Oak Partner's Desk.
Lot 974: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany China Cabinet.
Lot 975: (3) Dell Laptops. (Nonfunctional, No Cords).
Lot 976: Dell & Toshiba Laptops, Acer Lt And Chromebook. (Nonfunctional).

Lot 977: (3) Gateway And (1) Toshiba Laptops. (Nonfunctional).
Lot 978: (2) Hp And (1) Acer Laptops. (Nonfictional).
Lot 979: Lenovo & Toshiba Acer Laptops. (Nonfictional).