Fine Estates and Antiques Auction
Sunday May 1, 2011 at 1:00pm
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Friday April 29, 2011: 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday April 30, 2011: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday May 1, 2011: 11:00am - 1:00pm
To Include:
Estate Furniture · Sterling Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Fine Jewelry · Toys, Dolls & Bears · Fine Quilts & Textiles · Rare Books · Indian Baskets · Asian Antiques · African Artifacts · Vintage Telephones and Film Cameras

Lot 1: Gorham Sterling Silver oval bowl with reticulated rim. L:11 ½ x W:9 ½ x H:2 ½ Weight: 17.03 OZT

Lot 2: King George III Silver Armorial Card Tray. London 1815 Diameter: 7 ½ inches (19.05 cms). Weight: 12.57 OZT

Lot 3: A.G. Pace Sterling Silver Serving Spoon; English Sterling Silver 2-Tine Meat Fork, Hallmarked London 1802; Swedish Silver Tablespoon.

Lot 4: Silverplated shell-form music box, purportedly a gift from Edward XVIII to Wallace Simpson

Lot 5: Mexican Sterling Silver Water Pitcher raised on a square scroll foot base. Height: 8 inches approx. Mark: 925 Sterling. Weight: 28.71 OZT

Lot 6: Antique Singing Bird Cage Automaton

Lot 7: Kirk & Sons Sterling Silver set of Four (4) Limited Edition Bowls (Set #2/500): "Cherry Blossoms" Diameter 10", 3 1/8" tall approx.; "Four Seasons" Diameter 9", Height 3 1/2": approx.; "Dogwood" Diameter 8", 4 1/8" tall approx.; "Camellias" Diameter 121/8", 2 9/16" tall approx. Total Weight: 97.5 troy ounces.

Lot 8: 19th C.German Milliners model, papier mache wooden shoulder head doll. Height: 9” ( 22 cm) approx.

Lot 9: Three (3) 19th C. German China shoulder head dolls. Height: 6", 7", 7.5" (15, 17, 19cm) approx.

Lot 10: Three (3) German bisque shoulder head doll house dolls. Circa 1920. Height: 4" Approx’ 4", 4.5", 5” (10-11.5- 13cm) approx.

Lot 11: Six (6) Ice Fishing Lures, hand-carved and hand-painted.

Lot 12: Two (2) Toy Horsedrawn Carts:
a) Wooden horse with paper lithographed body pulling a metal cart. Metal struts across the front of the toy, hooks to the horses legs that cause them to "walk" when the toy is pushed or pulled. Mechanism functions. Some age imperfections.
b) Paging BOB. Gibbs labeled, Horse drawn wooden cart. Wooden horse with paper lithographed body, pulling red wooden slot cart with metal wheels. Metal struts across the front of the toy, hooks to the horses legs that cause them to "walk" when the toy is pushed or pulled. Mechanism for walking functions off the ground, but sometimes gets stuck on the ground. Some age wear. Overall size: 12.5" (32cm) approx.

Lot 13: German bisque shoulder head , painted hair and facial features, old cloth body. Circa 1920. Height: 9" (22cm) approx.

Lot 14: Three (3) German Steiff Teddy Bears and one beige mohair Polar Bear, possibly Steiff. 20th Century. Height: 5.5", 7", 7.5", 8.5" (14, 18, 20, 21.5cm) approx.

Lot 15: German Grodnertal wooden peg doll, dressed as male. 19th Century. Height 10" (25cm) approx.

Lot 16: German China shoulder head doll, covered wagon hairstyle. 19th Century. Height: 14" (36cm) approx.

Lot 17: Two (2) Cloth folk Art dolls, one with painted features, Height: 10" (25cm) and one with printed features. 7" (18cm) approx. Circa 1910

Lot 18: American Folk Art carved wooden statue of prisoner in striped suit and cap. Ball with chain in back of statue. 20th Century. Height: 9" (23cm) approx.

Lot 19: German, Steiff, fully jointed yellow mohair bear, excelsior stuffing. Blank metal button. Clear glass eyes with black pupil. Slight hump. Felt pads with 4 black claws. Black horizontal stitched nose. Height: 13" (33cm) approx.

Lot 20: Reddish brown mohair bear, fully jointed. Slight hump. Black shoe button eyes, twill horizontal stitched nose, pointed muzzle . Felt pads, no claws . Long body, tapering arms curved at the paws. Circa 1910. Height: 13" 32cm) approx.

Lot 21: American "Roy Cox Thimble Drome Special" Control Line, red metal toy racer. Mid 20th Century. Made in Santa Ana Calif.

Lot 22 : Two (2) Black  Americana Folk Art Toy Dancers, Jigsaw Art. Head and body one piece. Jointed at shoulder hips and knees. Stick in back to hold doll and make him dance. Painted facial Features. Early 20th C. Height: 14" (37cm) approx.

Lot 23: Swiss Linden wood doll. Hand carved doll in her Swiss regional traditional attire.Circa 1930.

Lot 24: Horseman Campbell Kid. Composition head, muslin body, painted side -glancing eyes. Circa 1930. Height: 9” (23cm) approx.

Lot 25: American, Springfield. Joel Ellis doll. Gesso over wood head with sculpted hair and painted facial features . Blue like painted socks and shoes Dowel and pin jointed body with pewter feet. Circa 1875. Height: 11" (28cm) approx.

Lot 26: Fully jointed beige yellow mohair bear. Black glass eyes. Brown Felt nose and felt pads. 3 claws on all pads Small hump. Possibly German Steiff. Circa 1950. Height: 15" (38cm) approx.

Lot 27: German , Steiff. Fully jointed golden yellow mohair bear. Steiff Under scored metal button. Remnants of yellow stock tag. 20th Century. Height: 13" (33cm) approx.

Lot 28: English Norah Wellings black cloth doll. Black mask face, painted facial features, open mouth with teeth. Brown glass eyes. Muslin body. Circa 1920. Height: 19" (48cm)

Lot 29: German Taufling baby. Papier mache domed shoulder head, painted curly tendrils, black enamel eyes, closed mouth. Papier mache lower torso, hands, feet. Wooden lower arms and legs. 19th Century. 14" (35cm) approx.

Lot 30: Composition shoulder head doll, painted features, kid body, wooden lower arms and legs. 19th Century. Height: 14" (36cm) approx.

Lot 31: American Folk Art. Large Black doll with carved and painted head, exaggerated painted facial features, black curly wig. Cloth body, straw filled and wire disk jointed. Long socks, antique leather shoes. Wooden hands. Circa 1900. 33" (83cm) approx.

Lot 32: American Folk Art Cloth Rag doll. Stockinette head and hands, print cotton body, soft stuffing. Embroidered facial features. Circa 1910. Height: 25" (64cm) approx.

Lot 33: American Folk art. Pair of black papier mache puppets, female and male. Molded paper mache head, painted with exaggerated facial features. Black woollen yarn hair. Circa 1920. Height: 18" (46cm) approx.

Lot 34: American Folk Art Cloth Rag doll. Stockinette head and hands. Print cotton body , soft stuffing. Embroidered facial features, applied ears. circa 1910. Height: 26" (66cm) approx.

Lot 35: American Cloth Beecher Baby or Missionary doll. Handmade stockinet rag doll designed by Julia Jones Beecher, painted blue eyes, and facial features. Looped wool hair, applied ears. Needle sculpted hands, feet features. Circa 1900. Height: 23" (59cm) approx.

Lot 36: Mid 19th Century Papier Mache shoulder head. Unmarked Pre Greiner doll. Glass eyes, painted facial features and exposed ears. Black painted covered wagon hairstyle, sausage curls in back. Old muslin cloth body with cloth arms and legs. Height: 28" (70cm) approx.

Lot 37: Georgian Period. Early English wooden doll with original body. One piece egg shaped turned wood head with slightly elongated throat. Set black glass pupil less eyes, carved nose and painted eyebrows and remnants of red lip line. Very old human hair wig on old brown wig cap nailed to the head. Possibly original to this doll. One piece turned wood head and rounded body, small waist line, flat back. Hips have carved slots for dowel jointed lower legs. Crudely carved straight stick like legs and lower arms with carved fingers and thumb. Her lower arms are on a strip of cotton fabric and nailed to the doll. She is wearing her original brocade dress with v shaped bodice trimmed with golden thread. Fabric of dress has deteriorated. Height: 23" (58cm) approx.

Lot 38: Group of Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, some with vermeil decoration. 25 pieces.

Lot 39: Miniature portrait painting of a Lady, purportedly of Alice Spencer (aka Countess de la Verhj), in a boulle work frame. Signed Gerard.

Lot 40: Miniature portrait painting of a Lady in an ivory frame. Signed.

Lot 41: Miniature portrait painting of a Lady in a decorative openwork filigree frame with pearl detail. Signed.

Lot 42: Group of Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons, some with vermeil decoration. 28 pieces.

Lot 43: Extensive Gorham Sterling Silver flatware service, "Versailles" pattern. 106 pieces, Dinner Knives have Mother of Pearl handles. Accompanied by an Oak 2-drawer, lift top, silk lined storage box.

Lot 43 - detail.

Lot 44: Black Bisque shoulder head with molded and painted facial features. Cloth body, bisque lower arms and legs. Circa 1910.

Lot 45: Germany, Grodnertal . Carved peg-wooden doll. Painted hair, shoulders and facial features. Cheek blush. Applied nose. Dowel jointed limbs . Painted lower arms and lower legs. Square nails in back. Mid 19th C. Height: 16" (41cm)

Lot 46: Beige/white mohair bear, possibly German Steiff. Fully jointed. Glass brown eyes. Light brown felt nose with same color floss mouth. Felt pads with 5 claws. Feet reinforced with carton. Small hump. Excelsior stuffed. 20th Century. Height: 17" (43cm) approx.

Lot 47: American Martha Chase baby doll. All cloth doll with pressed and oil painted complexion and facial features,painted blond hair, brown eyes, upper lashes, white eye dots, red accent dots at eye corners and nostrils, Blond one-stroke brows, closed mouth. Stitch- jointed cloth body, separate thumbs. Circa 1900. Height: 16" (41cm) approx.

Lot 48: German porcelain shoulder head Doll with black hair, sculpted and gilded snood. Painted blue eyes, closed mouth and light cheek blush. Old cloth body legs and feet. 19th Century. Height: 11.5 (29cm) approx.

Lot 49: American cloth rag doll with bonnet. Swing arms and legs Stitched fingers, separate thumb. Head is sewn in 3 segments (front and two sides) Make the back of head pointy. Embroidered facial features. 19th Century. Height: 24" (61cm) approx.

Lot 50: American, large Izannah Walker Doll. All cloth doll with pressed and oil painted facial features and hair, applied sculpted ears, painted blue eyes, black pupils, outlined eyes, brows, closed mouth. Muslin body with painted limbs. Old recover on torso. Arms hand-stitched to shoulder. Stitched fingers with separate thumbs. Stitched toes. Circa 1870. Height: 25" (63cm) approx.

Lot 51: 19th Century Christmas Quilt. 25 Oak Leaf squares (14" x 14"), center square appliqued and embroidered with crossed Amerian Flags supporting appliqued heart and flowers. Tan border with reverse scalloped edge. Overall natural tea-dyed (2-toned) cotton squares with printed rust color Oak Leaf & Reel pattern. Overall Size: 88" x 88" approx.

Lot 51-detail: Green center heart with dark tan fringed flowers, center flower with green leaves.

Lot 52: Log Cabin Quilt, Circa 1900's. 51 Log Cabin squares and solid colored cotton comprising of Red, White, Blue, Brown and Lavendar and natural printed and solid cotton, each square (10" x 10"), surrounding off center block of appliqued Cabin square (22" x 20") with embroidered flowers. Overall Size: 85" x 68" approx.

Lot 52-detail: Cabin square (22" x 20")

Lot: 53 Star pattern pieced Summer QUilt. Field consists of 6 squares (8" x 8"). Alternating printed Rose and Gold colored 8-point stars. Overall hand quilted on natural field, capping top and bottomm rows off with 5 alternating Rose & Gold 8-point stars with cut-out corners at bottom. Overall size: 89.5" x 67.5" approx.

Lot 53-detail: 8-point Star

Lot 54: Pair of Colt Single Action Army (3rd Generation) Revolvers in presentation box. Cal: .45, Serial #’s: SA03023 and SA03876, Nickel finish, 7.5” barrels. Two piece mother-of-pearl grips with one screw each. Manufactured 1978.

Lot 55: Large Martha Chase Hospital training doll. Head and Limbs of stockinette treated with oils. Cloth body, jointed at shoulders, hip, elbows and knees. Blue painted eyes, rough stroked hair. Vibrant facial paint with some expected wear. Circa 1900. Height: 29" (74cm) approx.

Lot 56: American, Columbian Doll NY. Oil Painted Cloth head, painted brown eyes, rosebud mouth, painted hair. Cloth body, painted lower arms and legs. Stitched fingers, thumb and toes. Circa 1900. Height: 28" (71cm) approx.

Lot 57: Klamath Basket. Jule and dried porcupine quill, extra fine weave "Foot" design.
Size: 9.5" x 7" x 4" approx.

Lot 58: Karok or Hupa woven basket. Twined rim with openwork, white bear grass, black maiden hair fern and red bud or red alder dyed fern overlay. Size: 5.25” diameter, 4” tall.

Lot 59: Klamath Basket. Spread hand design,jule and dried porcupine guill, extra fine weave, 15 rows per 1" x 10 stitches per 1". Size: 7" diameter, 4" tall.

Lot 60: Paiute beaded Basket Bowl. Black and white geometric beaded design. 14 diagonal rows of beads x 14 beads per 1”. Size: 4.5 diameter, 2.5” tall approx.

Lot 61: Yurok Bottle Basket, weave bottle with cap. Stripe and sawtooth pattern. From "H.E. Williams Collection". Height: 8" approx.

Lot 62: Washoe Basket, willow and blakenfern root. 8 coils per 1” x 12 stitches per 1”. Top rim 14 crosses tapering into arrow and diamond pattern with 7 at the bottom. Size: 4” diameter, 2.5” tall approx.

Lot 63: Hupa Indian Basketry Hat. 12 wraps x 14 stitches per 1". Bear grass, woodwardia fern with crushed alder bark and maidenhair fern. Size: 6.5 diameter, 4" tall approx.

Lot 64: Yurok Tobacco Basket by Kathy Sherman. Bear grass and willow sticks. Height: 3.25” approx.

Lot 65: Klamath Indian Basket. Brown tule rush, with double diamond back bands. 10 stitches per 1" approx. Size: 8" diameter, 5.5" tall approx.

Lot 66: Klamath Lake “Modoc” woven basket. Brown tule rush. Geometric pattern. Size: 3.5” diameter, 2” tall approx.

Lot 67: Yurok Tobacco Basket. Spruce root wrapped willow sticks, woodwardia dyed maidenhair fern, twined bear grass and buckskin ties. Size: 3" diameter, 4" tall approx.

Lot 68: Yurok Vera Ryerson woven basket with openwork and cross design. 10 stitches per 1”. Size: 6.5 diameter, 6” tall approx.

Lot 69: Pitt River Basket. Bear grass, maidenhair fern, red bud edge twined. Size: 4" diameter, 3" tall approx.

Lot 70: Paiute diagonal twined Bottle with woven handles. Alternating strip design. Height: 7” approx.

Lot 71: Pitt River large woven lidded Basket. Horseshoe design on basket, spiral design on lid. 8 coils per 1" x 4 stitches per 1". Size: 10" diameter, 6" tall approx.

Lot 72: American. Folk Art cloth doll Hand painted facial features, painted ears. Blond woollen yarn hair. Muslin body with individual stitched fingers. Body and legs one. Sewn on arms. Straw filled body. Circa 1900. Height 21" (54cm) approx.

Lot 73: 19th Century Poupee, French Fashion Doll. Bisque swivel head on shoulder plate. Marked 4 on top of head. Probably replaced plaster pate. Set blue blown glass eyes, feathered eye brows, painted upper and lower lashes, black eye liner. Old human hair wig. Closed mouth, pierced ears. French kid body with shapely waist, gusset jointing at hips knees and elbows. Feet have stitched un- separated toes. Stitched on leather arms, with individual stitched fingers on hands. Dressed in long silk like dress-coat. Condition : hairline possible firing crack approx. 1/4” ( 1 cm ) On left side of head from top of rim down. Covered by wig. Circa 1880. Height: 19" (48cm) approx.

Lot 74: German Bisque Doll, slightly turned shoulder head, with blond sculpted hair in short curls, feathered eye brows, painted upper and lower lashes. Blown spiral blue glass inset eyes, closed mouth. Older muslin body with new reinforced cotton ties. Bisque forearms and hands. Antique sailers costume, under-garments, leather side button shoes. Possibly Kling. Beautiful Bisque, nice complexion. Circa 1890. Height: 22" (56cm) approx.

Lot 75: German Grodnertal carved peg-wooden doll. Painted curly hair, shoulders and facial features. Cheek blush. Applied nose. Dowel jointed limbs . Painted lower arms and lower legs. Mid 19th Century. Height: 21.5" (54cm) approx.

Lot 76:: American Black Cloth folk art Doll with embroidered facial features. Black yarn hair. Fabric appears to be dyed or painted. Stitched jointed arms and legs. Stitched fingers and toes. Early to mid 20th Century. Height: 17" (43cm) approx.

Lot 77: American , Black cloth Folk art doll. Stockinette head with white button eyes. Red embroidered facial features. Astrakhan type hair. Stitched jointed, cloth body. Circa 1900. Height: 24" (61cm) approx.

Lot 78: 19th Century Black Cloth Folk Art doll with painted facial features. Oil cloth like. With seam in the middle of face. Woollen or astrakhan type hair. Muslin body. Arms stitched onto shoulders, hands have individual stitched fingers. Height: 19" (48cm) approx.

Lot 79: German bisque shoulder head doll on kid body, composition lower arms, cloth lower legs. Glass blue sleep eyes, open mouth 4 teeth. Blonde mohair original wig. Original Dutch regional costume. Circa 1910. Height: 15” (38cm) approx.

Lot 80: Etching by Edward (John Edward) Borein (1872 - 1945) depicting three cowboys on horseback. Pencil signed lower right Edward Borein. Framed. Sight: 8" x 9.25" approx.. Overall: 14" x 15" approx.


Lot 81: Late 18th, early 19th Century Folk Art wooden Ventriloquist Doll, possibly American. Carved facial features. Gesso type painted face and lower arms. Red cheek blush and red lips. Talking mouth works with level in back, head rotates. Net like fabric wig cap nailed to the head. Fully jointed with nails at shoulder, elbows, knees and dowel like jointed feet. Wonderful carved heeled feet suggesting shoes. Neck, knee and hip joints have old metal brackets like strips, to protect or reinforce wood. There is an solder repair to the right hip bracket. Height: 23” (58 cm) approx.

Lot 82: 19th Century American Carved wooden Folk art doll. Primitively carved facial features. Jointed at shoulders, elbows hips and knees. Black painted hair, green painted waist line. Height: 20.5" (52cm) approx.

Lot 83: 19th Century all wooden Mannequin Model Doll, possibly French. Swivel head, carved facial muscular features, long neck. Shapely torso with swivel waist. Dowel and ball jointing at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Carved fingers and toes. Small chip on lower lip and small chip on right shoulder. Height: 24.5" (62cm) approx.

Lot 84: American, Topsy-Turvy. Babyland Rag Doll with two lithographed faces. One Black doll when turned one white doll. Circa 1910. Height: 12" (31cm) approx.

Lot 85: 19th Century German china shoulder head Biedermeier style doll. Domed head with black painted circle, china lower arms and legs, old muslin body. Heght: 11.5" (29cm) approx.

Lot 86: American, Topsy-Turvy. Albert Bruckner for Babyland Rag series. Two headed dolls with stiffened molded mask type faces. One white doll, one black doll. Circa 1910. Height: 14" (35cm) approx.

Lot 87: 19th Century German china shoulder head Doll with curly coiffure. Curly top doll with mass of molded black curls two laying on forehead. Blue painted eyes, light blush, exposed ears. Old cloth body with leather arms. Antique dress and under garments. Height: 20" (51cm) approx.

Lot 88: 19th Century German porcelain shoulder head Doll. Covered wagon hairstyle, single stroke eye brows, blue painted eyes, partially outlined iris, red round nostrils, nice cheek blush. Old muslin body, leather arms. Antique dress and under garments. Circa 1850. Height: 27” (67cm) approx.

Lot 89: Folk art carved wooden Male & Female figures or dolls. Possibly Native American Indian. Jointed arms and legs, carved and painted facial features, painted hair. Toes and fingers individually carved. Male wearing a black and white robe. White and yellow multiple strands of glass beads. Height: 13” (33cm) approx.; Female wearing black skirt with red top, white and yellow multiple strands of glass beads. Height: 13.5" (34 cm) approx. Early 20th Century.

Lot 90: Golden yellow mohair bear, fully jointed. Glass amber eyes. Appears to have squeaker in head. Felt like pads, no claws. 20th Century. Height: 22” (54 cm) approx.

Lot 91: Golden yellow mohair bear, fully jointed. Glass amber eyes. Horizontal stitched nose. Worn felt pads, 4 Claws on front paws, 3 claws on back paws. Non functioning growler. Extensive mohair loss. Early 20th Century. Height: 27" (63cm) approx.

Lot 92: Black bisque shoulder head doll with brown glass set eyes. Black astrakhan type hair. Composition lower arms and legs. Cloth body, straw filled. Antique clothes. H Height: 15.5” (39cm)

Lot 93: Golden yellow mohair bear, fully jointed. Clear glass eyes with black pupils, horizontal stitched nose. Felt pads with 3 claws on front paws and 4 claws in back paws. Small hump, excelsior stuffing. Non functional growler. Early to mid-20th Century. Height: 23" (59cm) approx.

Lot 94: Late 19th Century walnut red velvet upholstered open armchair, raised on front turned tapering legs with casters.

Lot 95: Oil on Canvas of Eduoard Martial Leprohan, Age 36. Inscription verso includes: Painted by Louis Dulonpre (Louis Dulongpre(?) (1753-1843). Canvas dated 1826. Sight: 22" x 18" approx. Overall: 27" x 23" approx.

Lot 96: Silver Antique Calling Card Case, cartouche form, chased decoration, center reserve monogrammed “ALL”, hinged top, attached chain. Stamped NWSW MFG.Co. 3” x 4” approx.

Lot 96 - detail

Lot 97: Austrian silver lidded trinket box, overall chased decoration with reserve, no monogram, vermeil gold interior. Date stamped 1840. 3 ½” x 1” ½ x 1” approx.

Lot 97 - detail.

Lot 98: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver round cushion form box, repousse scroll design and bead decoration. Box twists open, the interior of the two halves having a repousse floral & scroll design, centered by a chased Papyrus leaf mount and center screw. Stamped Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver. 4 1/2" diameter, 1 1/4" tall approx. Accompanied by a similarly decorated silver candle snuffer, unmarked.

Lot 98 - detail.

Lot 99: Silver necklace and matching pendant earrings. Necklace having floral and turquoise panels with pendant bells on a double fancy silver chain, Earrings have four graduated oval panels with single turquoise stone and four pendant bells, (screw type), stamped S.92. Total length of necklace: 16" approx.

Lot 100: Peruvian 18K 3-color gold medallion bracelet, brooch and earrings.

Lot 101: Sterling Silver Jerusalem Cross Pendant. Mounted at center and each of the four points with filigree and relief flowerheads. The obverse stamped with four religious vignettes and "Sterling Silver Jerusalim" and a matching 4-panel hinged bracelet with conforming floral filigree front and plain back. Stamped Jerusalim. Plunger clasp closure. Pendant size: 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" approx.. Chain: 20" approx. Bracelet: 7" approx. Total weight: 5.015 OZT.



Lot 101 - detail.

Lot 102: Ladies 3-band ring, each band set with seven (7) pigeon blood square cut rubies, natural Mogok Myanmar Ruby, set in pronged 22kt gold.

Lot 103: Art Deco 18 Kt Sapphire and Diamond Ring. An 18 Kt white gold, hand fabricated ring, featuring a facetted Sapphire and full and rose cut diamonds. The “Dinner” ring is a navette shape design, centered with a cushion shaped sapphire and flanked by old European cut diamonds in a vertical row. The three are individually bezel set within a diamond row border. The platinum is detailed with millegrain. The navette is 28.0mm and 12.65mm wide, supported by a wire scroll gallery. The shank is decorated with flanking pairs of bead set, rose cut diamonds and is 3.30mm wide. The shank is stamped “750”. The ring weighs 4.7 grams. Sapphire 1.85 cts. (estimated). Total 30 Diamonds approximately 2.21 cts. (estimated). Provenance: Gifted to Grandmother of present owner, Arianna Eisenberg, by Marlene Dietrich in 1936.

Lot 104: Patek Phillipe Ladies Wristwatch with 18K yellow gold bracelet.

Lot 105: Apple green jade single strand necklace, 81 graduated round beads (9.5 - 4.5mm) knotted. 14K yellow gold hook and snap clasp. Length: 25" approx.

Lot 106: Two (2) Pasha de Cartier Pens including a Fountain Pen, 1988 Serial #9962, gold-plated, gold nib with interlocking C's marked 18K 750. A blue cabochon decorates the tip of the pen cap.; and Rollerball Pen, 1989 Serial #9999, black onyx with gold-plated cap, decorated with a black cabochon..

Lot 107: Miniature Japanese Satsuma Bowl, handpainted and enamel decoration. Signed. Diameter: 2 1/2" Height: 7/8" approx.

Lot 107 - detail verso.

Lot 108: Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Swiss "Marina" Aquarium gilt brass and plexiglass desk clock, decorated with angel fish, sea coral etc.. Height: 8" x Width: 7".

Lot 109: Pair of French hallmarked Sterling Silver Repousse Vases, each raised on three ornate legs with scroll feet. Height: 10.5" (27cm) approx. Weight: 28.16 OZT

Lot 110: Continental hallmarked sterling silver mounted Claret Decanter with hinged lids spout and partially etched glass. Height: 11".

. Lot 111: Veuve Perrin French Faience Lidded Box. Hand-painted pink toile-style design, on the lid, two female figures sitting by a river and the four sides each having floral garlands. Circa 1800 Dimensions: L: 8” x W: 5” x H: 3”

Lot 112: A Nippon Moriage jeweled two-handled portrait Vase. Transfer portrait surrounded by gilt and enamel beaded decoration. Mark: Green “Maple Leaf” Handpainted Nippon. Circa 1910
Height: 8.5"

Lot 113 Pair of Art Nouveau Copper Picture Frames on stands, with openwork and floral design. Overall: 8” x 9.5”; Sight: 5.25” x 7.5” approx.

Lot 114: Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase. Ovoid form, earth tone pallet, Dragon and Phoenix filled shields, diapered guard borders centering main border of Butterfly filled cartouches. Meiji period. Height: 8.5" approx.


Lot 115: Lady’s Diamond, Platinum Engagement Ring, featuring one emerald cut diamond estimated total weight 2.65 cts., accented by a pair of straight baguette cut diamonds, estimated total weight 0.22 cts.  Average quality G-H, VS-2 four prong and end prong set into a handmade platinum engagement ring mounting. Wm. E. Phillips Co. Los Angeles. Circa 1944.



Lot 115 A: Ladies white gold and diamond ring, old euro cut diamond (est..50ct) centered by a diamond on each side.

Lot 116: Sterling Silver Enameled Miniature Carriage Clock. In original leather, velvet-lined, fitted "Tiffany & Co." 2-door box. Pink enameled engine turned silver case, raised on four bun feet, marked Sterling. White enameled dial with black numerals. Rear hinged door with gold washed interior, movement marked “Lemania Watch Co. Swiss, Fifteen 15 Jewels Two 2 ADJ”. Box stamped "Tiffany & Co." Clock: H: 1 ½” x W: 1” x D: 5/8” approx. Box: H: 2 ½” x W: 1” x D: 1 ½” approx.

Lot 116 - detail

Lot 117: Swiss "Gubelin", Lucerne, marble and gilt bronze 6-day Desk Clock, raised on four applied acanthine feet. Circa 1940 Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 1 ¼”

Lot 118: Swiss "Juvenia" Sterling Silver and Blue Enameled Miniature Travel Clock and/or Pendant. The enamel case has a chevron design and an enamel loop. The stem-set clock/watch inside, opens to a standing position. Face has arabic numerals and a small square second hand at the bottom. Hallmarks are stamped on the back of the clock and inside the case: "JUVENIA MFG. SWISS, STERLING SILVER, 925 #46667 and a shield stamp representative of Juvenia. Face of the watch reads "JUVENIA, FAB SUISSE”. Sterling silver case measures 1 3/8" square approx.. Timepiece measures 1" square 1/4" deep approx.

Lot 119: Lady’s yellow gold fancy link shaped band Bracelet. Brushed and polished finish with brite-cut decoration. Clasp and double safety clasp closure. Marked 750. Length: 7 ½” Weight: 2.090 OZT

Lot 120: Japanese Lacquer Inro with Ivory Shi Shi Netsuke and Cloisonne Ojimi

Lot 121: Gent's Movado Esperanza Watch with gold-plated bracelet band, black/brown Museum Dial. #84.19.861

Lot 122: Lady's Movado Esperanza watch with gold-plated bracelet band, black/brown Museum Dial. #84.25.811.4P

Lot 123: Golden Yellow Mohair Bear, fully jointed with pull string. No sound. Straw filled. Amber glass eyes. Vertical stitched nose. Felt pads, no claws. 20th Century. Height: 17” (43cm) approx.

Lot 124: (3) black composition shoulder head dolls. Circa 1930. Cloth body, original dress. (approx. 16”, 16” & 12” tall).

Lot 125: American Columbia Teddy Bear Mfrs. The Laughing Roosevelt Bear. Golden short pile mohair. Five piece jointed bear. Beige pads, three black claws on lower paws. Black claws missing on upper paws. Horizontal black stitched nose. Brown glass eyes. Mouth opens when stomach is squeezed. Showing two painted teeth. Profound wear on head and body. Dressed in plaid two button shirt. Height: 15 inches (38 cm) approx. Circa 1907

Lot 126: Haiti Folk Art black wooden doll with carved and painted features. Jointed to shoulder and hips with metal brackets (enabling doll to sit). Head and upper body one piece. Circa 1900. Height: 8.5" (22cm) approx.

Lot 127: German key wind girl in rocking chair. Bisque head doll with painted features and blonde mohair wig. Block wooden body, painted wooden composition limbs. In original outfit. In working condition. Circa 1910 Dimensions: 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm) approx.

Lot 128: American Folk Art: head of man in dovetailed box. Carved facial features, remnants of hair, moustache and eyebrows. Wearing a cotton pointed hat. Circa 1900. Dimensions: 3.5" x 5" (8.5 x 12cm) approx.

Lot 129: Six (6) American folk art hand painted decoys and carved wood ice fishing lures with tin fins. Lobster, Frog, Fish, Dragonfly, Snake, Rabbit. Early 20th century.

Lot 130: Three 19th Century German Grodnertal Peg Dolls and one other Peg Doll, possibly German, Circa 1900. Total: 4 Dolls: 1) Grodnertal peg doll. Dressed as female. Carved doll with painted hair and facial features. Dowel jointed body, wearing an antique dress and under garments. Ht: 6.5” (16cm) approx.; 2) German Grodnertal peg doll. Dressed as female. Carved doll with painted hair and facial features. Dowel jointed body. Wearing antique style dress, antique under garments . (Arms broken off by shoulder) . Height: 10” (25 cm) approx.; 3) Grodnertal. Carved wooden peg jointed doll. Peg jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Painted facial features, painted lower arms and legs. Wearing an old flower print dress. Ht: 11” ( 27.5 cm) approx. 4) Peg Doll, possibly German. Painted., dowel jointed at shoulder, elbows, hip and knees . 12” ( 31cm) approx.

Lot 131: Six (6) American folk art hand painted decoys and carved wood ice fishing lures with tin fins. Turtle, Ladybug, Frog, Snake, Lobster, Fish. Early 20th Century.

Lot 132: Cast iron statue of porter in red uniform mounted on marble stand. Hole in left hand to hold object . Overall in good condition. Some paint wear. Approx. 15.5 “ ( 39cm)

Lot 133: Triple 12-point Star Cotton Quilt. Stars are in red printed cotton with an off-white printed background, bordered in blue and white floral print. Each square 14" x 14" approx. with 3 3/4" floral print borders. Overall size: 79" x 74" approx. Circa 1930.

Lot 133 - detail.

Lot 134: Handwoven red, white and dark blue, blue-grey and natural color, reversable Jacquard. Overall body of coverlet has scroll, foliage and snowflake style designs. Bottom corners are square blocks containing 2-story house and dated 1852. Center seam. Fringe at bottom. Overall size: 90" x 76" approx. Circa 1852.

Lot 134 - detail.

Lot 135: 19th Century Wood Winter Quilt. Total of 100 Squares, 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" approx. Each yarn embroidered square with different symbols, and knots. Printed and solid squares in brown, grey, black and olive green. Overall size: 68" x 62" approx.


Lot 135 - detail.

Lot 136: 1901 Pan American Exposition Quilt, Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A. 81 embroidered squares, 8" x 8" approx., depicting people, places and things.

Lot 136 - detail.

Lot 137: Child's Appaloosa Glider Horse with black fur mane and tail. 20th Century.

Lot 138: Gilt framed Trumeau Mirror with looking glass beneath an oil on canvas upper panel. Continental school depicting harbor scene with sailing ships. 18th Century. Overall size: 43” x 33” approx.

Lot 139: English walnut corner cabinet having a lobed glazed upper display cabinet over conforming burl fronted cupboard, raised on turnip-form frontal feet. Circa 1920. Dimensions: 64” x 27” x 17” approx.

Lot 140: Diminuitive English walnut kneehole writing desk with burled, crossband, and marquetry veneers on the 3-drawer double pedestals, which center a top drawer and set-back cupboard, raised on bracket footed base, fitted with metal open pendant pulls. Circa 1920. Dimensions 30” x 30” x 20” approx.

Lot 141: Quilted and Cross Stitched "Marriage Quilt". Natural field and cross stitch work in pink and red (11" x 11" approx.), 15 total cross stitch panels with alternating floral and wreath design with center field depicting Bride, Groom and a Church. Overall size: 92" x 65" approx.

Lot 141 - detail.

Lot 142: Continental fruitwood provincial drop-leaf table, the ovaled plank top rests on pull-out supports, and raised on four splayed legs. Circa 1920. Dimensions: 30” x 60” x 36” open.

Lot 142 - detail.

Lot 143: Spanish mahogany refectory table with scroll, lyre form and paw foot supports and scrolled wrought iron stretchers. Circa 1910. Dimensions: 30” x 56” x 34” approx.

Lot 144: German wax over composition shoulder head doll, wax arms and legs. Blue glass set eyes. open mouth, two upper teeth. Blonde human hair wig. Old cloth body. White antique dress with lace accents, under garments. Circa 1880. Height: 24 inches (61 cm) approx.

Lot 145: German wax over composition musical shoulder head doll. Set glass blue eyes, one stroke eyebrows, closed mouth. Original cloth body with bellow, operated with a wooden knob, when pushed repeatedly plays a song, possibly "Mary had a Little Lamb". Leather arms and hands, dressed in red satin-like plaid dress, lace collar and cuffs. antique under garments. Rare! Circa 1880. Height: 25” (64 cm) approx.

Lot 146: "Yes & No" Monkey, (possibly Schuco Co). Felt face, hands and feet. Mechanics in good working condition. Height: 13" approx.

Lot 147: Golden yellow mohair bear. Moving mouth type bear, opens mouth when two buttons in back are pushed together. Swivel head, vertical black stitched nose, red felt mouth, applied ears. Original amber glass eyes. excelsior stuffed body, jointed arms and legs. Beige fabric pads, no claws. Circa 1910. Height: 14” (36 cm) approx.

Lot 148: German doll Sonneberg type. Papier mache shoulder head with blonde molded hair, painted features, blue eyes. Old cloth body with attached red leather boots and leather arms. Period attractive flower print dress, antique under garments. Circa 1860. Height: 30" (76 cm) approx.

Lot 149: German fur brow bisque head doll. Socket head on ball jointed composition body. Open mouth, four teeth. Set brown glass eyes, real upper lashes, painted lower lashes, fur brows, human hair wig. marked on back of head a 17 m. Child size doll. Circa 1910. Height: 41” (104 cm) approx.

Lot 150: American folk art Daniel Boone Trapper style doll. Wood carved head and body. Carved and painted facial features. Jointed arms and legs. Leather gloves. Wearing a fur outfit, under faux fur coat. Lace up leather boots. Fur skin hat with tail. Circa 1890. Height: 25” (63 cm).

Lot 151: White mohair mild hump back bear, possibly Steiff. Fully jointed, pink felt pads, glass eyes. vertical stitched nose. Functioning growler. Red bow. Excelsior stuffing. No button or tag. Circa 1950 Height: 24” approx.

Lot 152: German light brown-golden short mohair plush bear with swivel head, possibly Steiff. Black vertical stitched nose inverted Y mouth. Round stitched ears. Original black shoe button eyes. Excelsior stuffed body, small hump in back jointed arms and legs, shaped limbs. Light beige felt pads, no toes. Non-functional growler. Condition good minimal loss of mohair. Some repair and wear to felt pads. Early 20th Century. Height: 29" (74cm) approx.

Lot 153: Samuel Augustus BINION "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim", 2 Volumes in 4-parts, No.612 of 800. Limited first edition "Edition de Luxe", 72 large folio plates (25 1/4" x 19 1/4"), of pyramids, temples, views, Sphinx, antiquities, mummies, papyri and other Egyptian subjects. Profusely illustrated with fine engravings and colored plates by the best artists, from the works of L'Expedition de l'Egypte, Lepsius. Prisse D'Avennes. Henry G. Allen & Company, New York.

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 153 - example: "Ancient Egypt or Mizraim" by Samuel Augustus BINION, 1853 - 1914

Lot 154: Collection of Glass Negatives including: Cliff House fire, San Francisco; Auto Races; Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt; San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915, Schooner in San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz etc. Circa 1915. (5) glass negatives 4" x 5" and (23) glass negatives 5" x 7".

Lot 154 - example: Cliff House, San Francisco on fire.

Lot 154 - example: Palace of Horticulture, Golden Gate Park San Francisco.

Lot 154 - example: Stanford Graduate David Stern.

Lot 154 - example: Vintage Car Race Winner

Lot 155: Collection of photographs of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, with annotations in pencil.. Approximately 33 photographs 5" x 7". Assembled in a simple paper book/ album.

Lot 155 - example.

Lot 155 - example. Rolleiflex Rollei Magic TLR medium format camera, Xenar 70mm f3.5 lens with case.

Lot 155 - example.

Lot 155 - example.

Lot 155 - example.

Lot 155 - example.

Lot 156: Hasselblad 500C/M SLR medium format camera with A12 back and 80mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Planar T* lens, also Magnifier and folding viewfinders.

Lot 157: Rolleiflex Automat TLR medium format camera, Tessar 75mm f3.5 taking lens and Heidosmat 75mm f2.8 finder lens with case S/N 1445263.

Lot 158: Rolleiflex Rollei Magic TLR medium format camera, Xenar 70mm f3.5 lens with case.

Lot 159: Rolleiflex black SL35M 35mm camera with Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4 lens.

Lot 160: Rolleiflex black SL35 35mm camera with Carl Zeiss Tele Tessar 200mm f4 lens.

Lot 161: Canon black F1 ‘Lake Placid 1980’ 35mm camera with 80-200mm f4 FD L red line lens.

Lot 162: Two cameras, Canon black EF 35mm camera with SSC 200mm f2.8 FD lens and a Canon black EF 35mm camera with 70-210 f4 FD lens.

Lot 163: Two cameras, Nikon black Nikomat FTN with Nikkor 105mm f2.5 Ai lens and a Nikon Nikkormat FTN with Vivitar 28mm f2.8 lens.

Lot 164: Canon mount Angeniux 35-70mm f2.5 zoom lens in case with hoods, missing focusing ring.

Lot 165: Two Voigtlander Bessamatic ‘T’ 35mm cameras with working meters and Skopar 50mm f2.8 lenses and a Super Dynarex 135mm f4 lens with case.

Lot 166: Leica III C 35mm camera with Leitz Elmar 5cm f3.5 collapsible lens, case and cap.

Lot 167: Two vintage 3 ¼ x 4 ¼” cameras, Rochester Optical Magazine Cyclone camera with 6 plates, Pat. 1899 and a Thowe Kamera folding camera with 135mm lens.

Lot 168: Orinox 110 film Binocular camera with lens cover and case.

Lot 169: Two Voigtlander Bessamatic 35mm cameras with working meters and three Skopar 50mm lenses.

Lot 170: Four Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 35mm cameras, Two Super B and a Super with Tessar 50mm f2.8 lenses and Contaflex II with 45mm f2.8 lens, also a 115mm Pro Tessar lens.

Lot 171: Canon EOS-1N 35mm SLR camera with and Canon 100-300mm f5.6 EF zoom lens.

Lot 172: Canon EOS-1 35mm SLR camera with Power Drive Booster E1 and Canon 70-210 f4 EF macro auto focus zoom lens and 300 TL Speedlite flash and User Guide.

Lot 173: Canon 85-300mm f4.5 FD zoom lens.

Lot 174: Canon 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 II and 35-105 f4-5.6 ultrasonic autofocus zoom lenses.

Lot 175: Canon mount Sigma 400mm f5.6 autofocus telephoto lens.

Lot 176: Five cameras, Pentax SFXN 35mm SLR camera with F-Zoom 28-80mm F3.5-4.5 zoom lens and case, Pentax H1a with 55mm f2 Super Takumar lens, Pentax SV body, Canon TX body, Voigtlander Vito CLR.

Lot 177: Two Canon MA Motor Drives, Canon Power Drive Booster E1, Canon Power Winder A and a Canon Command Back 90.

Lot 178: Schneider Kreuznach Retina-Tele-Xenar135mm f4 lens and three enlarging lenses, Rodenstock Apo-Gerogon 210mm f9, Wollensack 135mm f4.5 and Schneider Kreuznach Componon 80mm f5.6.

Lot 179: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a Dragon with pearl, signed. Height: 1 ¾”

Lot 180: Japanese Hornbill Netsuke carved as a Water Buffalo and Calf, signed. Dimensions: 1” x 2 1/2” approx.

Lot 181: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as seated Man. Height: 1 ¾” approx.

Lot 182: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as two Figures at a Saki Barrel, signed. Height: 2 ¼” approx.

Lot 183: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a Karashishi. Height: 2 ½” approx.

Lot 184: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a Lohan on Horseback, signed. Height: 3 ¼” approx.

Lot 185: Japanese Wooden Netsuke carved as a Standing Buddah. Height: 2 ½” approx.

Lot 186: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a Cicada, signed. Length: 2 ¼” approx.

Lot 187: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved in full relief a Daimyo on Horseback, signed. Dimensions: 2” x 2” approx.

Lot 188: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as two Toads with Parasol, signed. Height: 2 ¼” approx.

Lot 189: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a Girl with Cockerel, signed. Height: 3 ½” approx.

Lot 190: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a recumbent Horse, signed. Dimensions: 1 ¼” x 2” approx.

Lot 191: Group of (7) Japanese miniature ivory figures, each carved as a Musician.

Lot 192: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a seated Kirin, signed. Height: 3” approx.

Lot 193: Japanese Ivory Netsuke carved as a resting Traveller. Height: 2” approx.

Lot 194: Ahm Rivarossi #4005 HO scale Big Boy 4884 Locomotive and Tender.

Lot 195: Lionel 'O' Gauge #2065 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive and 6026W Whistle Tender.

Lot 196: Aster Hobby Co. Aster G Scale 2-6-0 Live Steam Locomotive and Tender, J.Mogul #8550. Engine: L: 13 1/2" x W: 3 1/2" x H: 4 3/4". Tender: L: 8 1/2" x W: 3 1/2" x H: 3 5/8".

Lot 197: Lionel 'O' Gauge #671 Atomic Locomotive and 671W Tender.

Lot 198: Lionel 'O' Gauge train metal railroad yard accessories, including 45N Operating Gateman and Crossing Gates, Switching and Floodlight Towers etc.

Lot 199: Marx 'O' Gauge plastic train railroad yard accessories, including 3 Beacon Towers, Water Tank etc.

Lot 200: Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box, made for Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co., St. Louis, MO. Rosewood and mixed woods case with inlay decoration. Original label and tune sheet on underside of lid. #52064. Tunes include: Blue Danube by Strauss, Carnival of Venice by Paganini. Cylinder measures 8 1/4". (Case: 18 1/4" x w: 8 1/4" x H: 5 1/2").

Lot 200 - detail.

Lot 200 - detail.

Lot 201: Klamath Oval Basket, “puff weave” between weaving, twining and plaiting with 2-ply warp and weft. Dimensions: L: 9 ½ x W: 7” x H: 2 ½” approx.

Lot 202: Northern California Hupa Kurok openwork, braided footed Basket. 3 woven ringed bands, braided rim and diamond pattern openwork. Height: 6 ½”, Diameter: 3 ¾” approx.

Lot 203: Coiled grass basket Yup’ik, Hooper Bay, Alaska Eskimo Basket with lid. Coiled with undyed and dyed grass. Tightly woven. Height: 5”, Diameter: 3 ½” approx.


Lot 204: Yurok Tobacco Basket "Vera Ryerson". Spruce root, wrap willow, woodwardia, maidenhair, fern, buckskin twined. Height: 3 1/2" tall, Diameter: 2 3/4" approx.

Lot 205: Northern California Hupa Kurok open weave banded Basket. 4 woven bands approx. ½” wide, 4 openwork sections approx. 1” wide and openwork bottom. Height: 5 ½” x L: 6 ½” x W: 4 ¼” approx.

Lot 206: Alute woven oblong lidded Basket. Super tightly woven with colorful banding in shades of deep red, red, brown, yellow and orange. Ht: 2” x L: 3 ¾” x W: 2 ¾” approx.

Lot 207: Hand coiled lidded Eskimo Basket. 4 coils per 1” x 12 stitches per 1”. Circa 1930 Height: 5 ½ “, Diameter: 5” approx.

Lot 208: Nootka cedar woven lidded Basket, decorative band design. Lid rim fits over Basket, not inside, with flared rim edge. Height: 1 ½”, Diameter: 4” approx.


Lot 209: Pit River “Pomo” Basket, red bark bindings, step design. Height: 4 ¼”, Diameter: 8” approx.

Lot 210: Apache Burden Basket with alternating horizontal bands, buckskin panels and fringe with metal cone shaped tassels. Basket length: 14 ½”, opening 14” diameter, Fringe length: longest fringe 21 ½” with 1 ½” metal tassel; shortest fringe 4 ½” with 1 1/2” metal tassel.

Lot 211: Native American Indian handled “Gift Basket” with “Mother 1939” woven around into the body. Braided handle entering into braided scalloped rim, onto openwork, to tight weave. Height of Basket: 5 ¾” tall; Height to top of handle: 13”; Diameter:7” approx.

Lot 212: North West rectangular Basket, cedar bark. Imbricated. Stripes consisting of three bands in purple, orange and green and top rim band also in purple, orange and green. Ht: 3 ¾” x L: 7” x W: 3 ¾” approx.

Lot 213: “Pit River” twined basketry covered Bottle with alternating geometric bands. Height: 9 ¼” approx.

Lot 214: Cherokee, River Cane square-to-round handled basket. Height of Basket: 8”; Height to top of handle: 14” approx.

Lot 215: Twine covered Bottle with original twine Cap. “Lightening Bolts” style design. Top of cap has “Star” with mountain-top band. Height: 11 ½” approx.

Lot 216: Austro-Hungarian hammered silver bowl, square fluted form raised on four ball feet. Stamped TORV.VB. Late 19th C/Early 20th C Dimensions: L:10” x W:10” x H:3” approx. Weight: 17.74 OZT

Lot 217: Austro-Hungarian Silver lidded Box, cushion form with bright-cut decoration, fruit finial, raised on four scroll feet. Late 19th C/Early 20th C Dimensions: L: 5 ½” x W:4 ¼” H: 4 ½” (including fruit finial) Weight: 11.57 OZT

Lot 218: Finland, hammered Silver footed Sugar and Creamer. Creamer having modernist style loop handle and Sugar with two acanthus leaf handles. Mark:: Helsinki, Finland, 1930. Dimensions: Creamer: 4” tall; Sugar: L: 7 ½ x W: 3/3/4” x H: 2 ½” Total Weight: 6.88 OZT

Lot 219: Pair of 19th Century Austro-Hungarian silver tall Candlesticks. Tops are decorated with an Anthemion motif band, each stick having two repousse scroll bands, and raised on a stepped foot. Mark: Vienna 1857 Height: 9 ¼” Total Weight: 10.60 OZT

Lot 220: Austro-Hungarian hammered silver bowl, circular form, the rim decorated with a band of interlocking heart-form leaves, raised on four inflated disc feet. Makers stamp: KA Late 19th C/Early 20th C Diameter: 11 ½”. Height: 2 ½” approx. Weight: 16.91 OZT

Lot 221: Austro-Hungarian silver square tray, the four corners each having a reticulated acanthus leaf and floral motif. Late 19th C/Early 20th C Dimensions: 7 ½“ x 7 ½” approx. Weight: 8.35 OZT

Lot 222: Austro-Hungarian silver footed Sauce Server with applied ribbed rim band, double pourers, raised on an oval foot with similar ribbed band decoration. Stamped VCD. Late 19th C/Early 20th C Dimensions: L:8” x W:3 3/4” x H:5” approx. Weight: 16.07 OZT

Lot 223: Gentleman’s Smoking Pipe with 9K gold plate on top of the bowl and gold ferel band. Accompanied by red leather hinged pipe case. Plate stamped .375 Makers stamp: CHW

Lot 224: Finland, Silver partial Flatware Service, the tips of the handles decorated with a shell motif. 25 pieces, consisting of: 6 Knives (8” – silver handles, stainless blades), 6 Dinner Forks, 6 Salad Forks, 7 Large Spoons, 1 Dessert Spoon. Monogram “S”. Date Stamp: V5 (1926) Stamp: 813H Maker: K.K.o/y Weight: 31.25 OZT (not including Knives)

Lot 225: Yugoslavia, Silver Flatware Service, 109 pieces. Set consists of: 12 Dinner Knives, 12 Dinner Forks, 12 Salad Knives, 12 Salad Forks, 12 Fish Forks, 12 Dessert Knives, 12 Dessert Forks, 12 Trident Forks, 13 Serving Pieces. Circa 1920. Weight: 130.53 OZT approx. ( not including Knives).


Lot 226: Waltham Bronze 8-Day Easel Clock #8653. Square form, bevelled glass, Arabic numerals applied to a square band with scrolling floral design. Handpainted center reserve depicting Pierrot and Lady in a Garden. Made in Germany. Height: 4 5/8" x 4 1/8"

Lot 227: Blue & White Cotton Quilt with 50 embroidered floral wreath squares, each square alternates with solid medium blue square. Squares measure 5" x 5" with an 11" quilted border surround. Overall Size: 78" x 68".

Lot 227 - detail.

Lot 228: Log Cabin Quilt, consisting of 64 log cabin squares, each square approx. 10” x 10”. Back side of quilt has alternating dark brown and medium tan floral print. Overall size: 80” x 80”

Lot 228 - detail.

Lot 228 - detail.

Lot 229: Cotton Quilt, 9 embroidered squares, each square bearing embroidered Name, 3rd Meeting, Date 1886 and sayings. Squares measure 22 ½” x 22 ½”. Circa 1886. Overall Size: 68" x 68" approx.

Lot 229 - detail.

Lot 229 - detail.

Lot 230: Quilt, middle center has full body Eagle holding floral sprays, floral vines come off of center medallion, surrounded with floral vine border. Back side of quilt embroidered name “LENA SELLS”. Overall Size: 91” x 78” approx. Lot 230: Quilt, middle center has full body Eagle holding floral sprays, floral vines come off of center medallion, surrounded with floral vine border. Back side of quilt embroidered name “LENA SELLS”. Overall Size: 91” x 78” approx.

Lot 230 - detail.

Lot 231: English Wax shoulder head Doll with lever sleep eyes, in possible original silk like pinned on costume. Black glass eyes that open and close with wire lever in torso. Cheek blush, closed mouth with a hint of smile. Original brown human hair wig. Muslin body, jointed arms and legs. Wax lower arms, hands, lower legs and feet. Detailed fingers and toes. Beautiful preserved wax doll with rare sleep eyes. Circa 1870 Height: 24” (61cm) approx.

Lot 232: German Kathe Kruse cloth doll, possible Model XII. Painted head, painted brown hair with curls onto the forehead. Painted brownish eyes, black pupils with shiny irises. One stroke eyebrows, black and brown eyeliner. Red nostrils, tiny closed red mouth, rosy cheeks. On back of head are 3 vertical seams. Head is sewn on to cloth body with tab jointed arms and disk jointed legs. Her toes and fingers are stitched with separate thumbs, but made out of one piece. Left foot underside has a Serial Number: 10734. Dressed in a red cotton dress and white pinafore and a cotton print bonnet. One piece undergarment. Outfit is old and possibly original to this Doll. Circa 1931. Height: 18” (46cm) approx.

Lot 233: German bisque head two faced smiling baby. Possibly by Hermann Von Berg. One side with painted closed eyes and closed mouth other side with blue glass sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, open mouth two teeth. Cloth body and celluloid hands. Wearing knitted undies and crocheted booties. Antique lace trimmed slip and gown possible original to this doll . Condition: Does have two small firing cracks on inside of both eye socket pointing to nose . Otherwise in good condition for age. Rare little doll. Circa 1920. Height: 12 “ (30 cm) approx.

Lot 233 - detail.

Lot 234: German Kathe Kruse cloth doll, possibly Hampelchen. Painted head, brown real hair wig. Painted blue eyes, black pupils with shiny irises, black and brown eye liner, one stroke eyebrows. Red nostrils and a tiny red closed mouth, rosy cheeks. On back of her head are 3 vertical seams visible. Head is sewn onto cloth body with tab jointed arms and loosely sewn on legs. Dressed in an antique white dress with pink pinafore trimmed with lace,under garments, socks and white shoes. Circa 1931. Height: 18" (46cm) approx.

Lot 235: Martha chase Hospital Baby Doll, possibly “Sanitary Baby”. Stockinette doll with oil painted features. Jointed at shoulder . elbows, hips and knees. Stitched fingers and toes. Martha Chase stamp under arm. Paint is vibrant some mild rubs on cheeks and mild wear on top of head. Circa 1910. Height: 23" (59 cm) approx.

Lot 236: German porcelain shoulder head Doll. Blonde molded and painted curly hair, painted blue eyes, black eye liner, accented nostrils, closed mouth, light cheek blush. Muslin body and legs. Short leather hads. Dressed in antique under garments.19th Century. Height: 24” (61 cm) approx.

Lot 237: German porcelain shoulder head Doll. High brow, black molded hair, center part and covered ears, wavy around face, sausage curls in back. Painted blue eyes, red liner above eye . Small faint smiling mouth. Old straw filled muslin body, leather arms. Old undergarments. Circa 1865. Height 24 “ (61 cm) approx.

Lot 238: German paper mache shoulder head Doll by Gunno & Otto Dressel. Marked on shoulder plate. Set blue glass eyes, black eyeliner, closed mouth. Possibly original marked Walker Muslin lady body. Small waist, muslin arms with red leather hands. Black painted sculpted hair, Old under garments. Circa 1870 Height: 23” (59 cm) approx.

Lot 239: German porcelain shoulder head Doll. Black sculpted curly top hair style , exposed ears. Blue painted eyes, black pupils glancing upwards. Single stroke eye brows, black eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth. Old cloth body, sewn on black socks. Porcelain arms. 
for age.
19th Century
Height: 21” (53cm) approx.

Lot 240: German Porcelain shoulder head Doll. High brow, molded black hair. Painted facial features blue eyes, red eyeliner, soft cheek blush. Cloth body and legs, leather arms. Antique green velvet dress with antique under garments. Circa 1860 Height: 23” (59cm) approx.

Lot 241: German Parian shoulder head Doll. Unglazed bisque shoulder head with blonde sculpted curly coiffure. Blue painted eyes, one stroke eye brows, cheek blush and closed mouth. Marked 22 on back shoulder plate. Cloth body, with old and new components, kid arms with bisque lower arms and hands. Dressed in an antique garments and undergarments, black socks and leather shoes. Circa 1880. Height: 21” (53cm) approx.

Lot 242: German porcelain shoulder head Doll with black sculpted hair in center-part style. Painted blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with cheek blush. Old striped body with leather arms. Marked VIII on shoulder plate. Rare possibly original or early body. Circa 1880 Height: 22” (56cm) approx.

Lot 243: German porcelain shoulder head Doll. Blonde painted and sculpted curly hair, exposed ears. Blue painted eyes, black pupils. Single stroke eye brows, closed mouth. Old cloth body, composition arms. 19th Century Height: 20” (51cm) approx.

Lot 244: German porcelain shoulder head Doll. Black center part hair style. Painted rare Brown eyes, single stroke eyebrows. Accented nostrils, closed mouth. Cloth body, leather arms. Antique dress and undergarments. 19th Century Height: 21” (54cm)

Lot 245: German wax over papier-mache shoulder head Doll with sculpted blonde hair, away from face and curls in the back. Enamel inset glass eyes, closed mouth. Muslin body with wooden lower limbs. Painted yellow boots. Possibly original garments and under-garments. Circa 1885 Height: 17” (43cm)

Lot 246: German composition shoulder head Doll. Antique muslin body, sawdust filled. Painted facial features. Antique dress and undergarments. General age wear. 19th Century Height: 14” (36cm)

Lot 247: German wooden composition shoulder head Doll. Painted black hair with bun in back. Painted facial features, blue eyes, single stroke eyebrows, red little mouth. Antique garments and undergarments. 19th Century Height: 23” (59cm) approx.

Lot 248: Continental or American 19th Century wooden Doll with human hair wig. Remnants of paint and facial features. Wooden torso covered with fabric. Nailed on cloth upper, wooden lower arms, Cloth lower body and legs. Wearing knitted dark socks and antique shoes. Height: 20” (51cm) approx.

Lot 249: Wooden Folk Art doll, possibly American. Head and body with legs carved out of one piece of wood. Painted features and hair, detailed carved lips, eyes and ears. Remnants of white paint. Cloth arms, nailed on. Wearing a cotton dress with two front pockets. Intriguing doll with dear facial expression.. Late 19th Century Height: 14” (36cm)

Lot 250: Papier-mache Character Doll with cloth body stuffed with sawdust. Cloth legs and wooden lower stick arms. Painted blue eyes, multi stroke eye brows, closed red mouth, sculpted and painted hair. Paint wear in face and some on back of head. Wearing an antique gray skirt. Rare doll. Circa 1900 Height: 20” (51cm)

Lot 251: Signed 1953 “Yankees” Baseball. Sweet spot signature: Casey Stengel. Other signatures include: Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Elwell Blackwell, Phil Rizzuto, Billy Martin, Willy Miranda, Johnny Mize etc. Total of 27 signatures.

Lot 251 - detail.

Lot 251 - detail.

Lot 251 - detail.

Lot 252: Signed Dodgers Team Baseball. Sweet spot signature: Tommy LaSorda. Other signatures include: Fernando Valenzuela, Jerry Reuss, Dusty Baker, Ken Landreaux etc. Total of 20 signatures.

Lot 253: Signed Baseball: To Leo, best wishes DOM Dimaggio. Also signed Joe Dimaggio.

Lot 254: Signed Baseball: To Leo, best wishes Joe Dimaggio.

Lot 255: American Designer occasional Table by KERRY VESPER, (Tempe, AZ). “Camille”, Wenge and Baltic Birch Table Base. Glass top by Alisha Volotzky, carved and painted glass. Table Base: Height: 20” x Width: 28” x Depth: 16” Glass: Ht: 3/3” x W: 36” x D: 26”

Lot 256: American Designer 2-Place Sofa by THOMAS MOSER, (Maine). Solid wood with upholstered seats and back. 20th Century

Lot 257: American Designer “Wave Occasional Chair” by KERRY VESPER, (Tempe, AZ). Solid wood and stack laminated Baltic Birch, in an elegant combination of comfort and beauty. 20th Century

Lot 258: American Designer Side Table by THOMAS MOSER (Maine). Solid wood rectangular form, 2-tiers, raised on four square legs. Front end is open, three remaining sides each have vertical supports between the table-top and lower shelf.. 20th Century

Lot 259: American Designer Desk by THOMAS MOSER (Maine). Solid wood, rectangular form, double pedestals each having three drawers, and a center pull out writing table with drop front flap. Desk is raised on eight square tapering legs. 20th Century


Lot 260: American Whiting Co. Sterling Silver Presentation Cup, two applied scroll handles, raised on a pedestal base. Inscribed on one side “PRESENTED TO ETHEL HORNICK-WALKER THE K.C.O. CLUB N.Y. APRIL 27 1907”, and verso monogram “EHW”. Mark: WHITING CO. STERLING 2710 1 ½ PINT Height: 7” approx. Weight: 8.77 OZT approx.

Lot 261: Shreve & Co. Sterling Silver partial Flatware Service with hammered handles, with monogram. 45 pieces includes: 5 Dinner Knives, 6 Luncheon Knives, 6 Butter Spreaders, 6 Dinner Forks, 4 Luncheon Forks, 3 Dessert Forks, 4 Cream Soup Spoons, 7 Teaspoons, 3 Tablespoons, 1 Jelly Serving Spoon. Mark: Shreve & Co. Sterling Weight: 49.09 OZT approx. (not including Knives)

Lot 262: Silver Tea Caddy, octagonal form, four large panels decorated in relief with frolicking maidens and cherubs in a garden, and four smaller panels with bellflower and daisy decoration, rope, wreath & ribbon garland around the top. Button form push-on lid having decorated with an acanthine and floral band and center flower. Mark: ?ERMAN Height: 5 ½ inches approx.

Lot 263: San Idelfonso Blackware pottery two-handled bowl, each handle having a 3-prong design. Height: 8 ¼”, Diameter: 6” approx.

Lot 264: Blackware pottery bowl, Rosalie Aguilar (1898-1947), deeply carved with avanya undulating around body of bowl. Signed Rosalie. Height: 5 ½”, Diameter: 7 ½” approx.

Lot 265: Northern California twined Basket, woven with stepped devices on the body. First Quarter 20th Century Height: 5”, Diameter: 10” approx.

Lot 266: Hopi Pottery Bowl, finally executed with geometric design. Height: 2 5/8", Diameter: 8" approx.

Lot 267: Two (2) French WW1 Posters: one titled “JOURNEE NATIONALE DES TUBERCULEUX”. Poster promotes a National Day for Veterans who have succumbed tuberculosis, depicting a retired soldier under a blossoming tree, supports himself with a walking stick. Artist: Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer Printed by: Devambez, Paris Date: Circa 1918 Sight: 32” x 44.5” approx;
Second titled: ASSOCIATION DES DAMES DE LA CROIX-ROUGE FRANCAISE… Achetez les timbres à l'éffigie de nos Généreaux". French Red Cross Women's Association, Buy stamps bearing the effigy of our Generals. Artist: Lucien Jonas Printed by: Lapina, Paris Sight: 46 ½” x 31” approx.

Lot 267

Lot 268: Two (2) Vintage London Transport Posters: one titled “800 MILES OF RAMBLES” by Herry Perry (Heather Perry, 1893-1962) Date: 1934 No. 35-232-2500 (printed lower left) Printed by: Waterlow & Sons Ltd., London, Dunstable & Watford (printed lower right) Size: 40” x 25” approx; Second titled: EASTERTIDE 1934 by Dora M. Batty (b.1900-1966). Date: 1934 No. 34-849 (printed lower left) Printed by: Waterlow & Sons Ltd., London, Dunstable & Watford (printed lower right) Size: 40” x 25” approx.

Lot 268:

Lot 269: Czarist Russian Military Hat Badge. Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 1 1/2".

Lot 269 - detail.

Lot 270: Two (2) Vintage Lady's Beaded Bags, one depicting Japanese Geisha amongst flowers, having a beaded fringe and elaborately molded gilt frame. Interior lined, having a single small pocket and attached vanity mirror. Chain handle. Frame stamped "PAT.NOV 24 1925". Measures: 11" x 7" approx. The other being French, attached label reads: "E. GRILLOT 10 Rue Cambon Paris, Hand Made in France", elaborate paisley design in gold, blue and red thread, fold-over closure and gilt and ribbon chain. Interior lining has a small pocket. Measures: 8 1/2" x 6" approx.

Lot 271: Chinese ceramic Ewer, tapering neck with dished top issuing from an ovoid body, blue glaze cloud decoration. Minor kiln flaw. Qing Dynasty. Height: 9 ½ inches

Lot 272: Group of Chinese miniature ceramic jars (includes one round covered box). Ming and Qing Dynasties. Total of 7 pieces.

Lot 273: Bramha Tri-Murhthi stone sculpture, carved in relief with the three profiles of the Hindu Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their consorts, and Nataraj, the dancing Shiva on the back side. Artist: Kannan, India. Circa 1975. *Has not been worshipped. Dimensions: 17" x 12" x 8" approx.

Lot 274: American Queen Anne Mahogany Tea Table. Circular dished top tilts on birdcage support and turned pedestal base, issuing three cabriole legs with pad feet. Circa 1800. Diameter of single -board top: 21 1/2". Height: 26 1/4".

Lot 275: Circa 1900 Lady’s Hunter Green Wool 2-Piece Day Suit with black cord and welting detail. Button down full-length skirt with 3/4-length jacket and an associated similar vintage white cotton blouse.

Lot 276: Early 20th Century Ecru Chiffon and Net Lace Tea Dress with satin cumberband.

Lot 277: Circa 1910 Lady’s Periwinkle Blue Wool 2-Piece Day Suit with elaborate cord and welting detail. Floor length skirt with 3/4-length jacket and associated white cotton and lace blouse of similar vintage.

Lot 278: Circa 1910 Dusty Rose Chiffon with Lace Embroidery Tea Dress with satin cumberband.

Lot 279: Victorian Black Polished Cotton 2-Piece Day Dress. Fitted double-breasted buttoned front separate top and a floor length skirt with trailing hemline.

Lot 280: Exceptional quality Beige with Black Houndstooth 2-Piece Day Dress with lace and chiffon inset bodice and contrasting black button and welting detail.

Lot 281: Early 20th Century Pewter Satin Damascene 2-Piece Evening Dress with bustle and train.

Lot 282: 1930’s Lady’s Black Velvet 3/4-length Coat with wide black fur collar, cuffs and hemline.

Lot 283: 1920’s “Water Sprite” Navy Wool Swim Costume with white button and welting trim.

Lot 284: 1920’s Ecru Satin Chiffon Tea or Wedding Dress with net lace veil/shawl.:

Lot 285: 1920’s Ecru Cotton Duster Robe with lace embroidery and applique trim.

Lot 286: 1920’s Ecru Net Lace and Satin Wedding Dress with beaded tassel detail and long train.

Lot 287: 1920’s “Columbian, Boston, Mass. Gymnasium” 2-piece Navy Wool Suit with black cord trim and an associated similar vintage cotton blouse.

Lot 288: Art Deco era Royal Purple Velvet Jacket Dress with fur collar and cuffs and beehive buttons.

Lot 289: 1930’s Lady’s Fur Vest with pendant tail finish.

Lot 290: 1930’s Gent’s Racoon Fur Coat.

Lot 291: Lady’s Ecru Lace Parasol with chased Sterling Silver handle.

Lot 292: Two (2) 1920’s Lady’s Bead Mesh Evening Bags.:

Lot 293: Lady’s Black and Pink Net Lace Daytime Parasol with wooden handle.

Lot 294: Three (3) Vintage Lady’s Crocheted Cotton Handbags.

Lot 295: Raggedy Ann and Andy by American Toy and Novelty Mfg.Co.Inc. Oil cloth faces, rough cotton body, torso and blouse caps are attached. Andy’s pants removable. Clothes probably all original. No markings. Height: 15" (38cm) approx.

Lot 296: Raggedy Annie Doll. Early Georgene Noelties Co. Tag under left arm. Painted features, red nose outlined in black, lower eyelashes, black button eyes. Red auburn hair. Original outfit. Age: 1938-1950. Height: 18” (46cm) approx.

Lot 297: A Raggedy Ann and a Raggedy Andy Doll. Raggedy Ann has rare green checkered legs and brown shoes. Printed facial features. Unusual upper and lower eyelashes. Black pupils on white background painted shiny pupils. Straight lines from tiny red mouth. Orange hair. Possible original outfit; Raggedy Andy has plain black shoes, unusual upper and lower eyelashes, black pupils on white background painted shiny pupils. Straight lines from tiny redmouth. Orange hair. Possible original light blue pants, white shirt with blue bow time. Rare models – Mid-20th Century Height: 18” (46cm) approx.

Lot 298: Rare oil cloth 4-piece jointed doll with handpainted features. Circa 1940 Height: 9” (23cm) approx.

Lot 299: Awake and Asleep Raggedy Ann by Georgene Novelties, in original outfit. Shoe button eyes, red/orange like hair is found only at the head side seam. No heart.. Red/white striped legs. Height: 12" (31cm) approx.

Lot 299 - detail.

Lot 300: Raggedy Andy oil cloth doll. Rare red andwhite checkered legs, matching shirt. Painted unusual facial features, side glancing eyes, one-line mouth. Red auburn hair. No markings. Circa 1940 Height: 14” (36cm) approx.

Lot 301: 2 German Doll House Dolls: An all bisque doll by Kestner. Stationary neck, jointed at shoulders and hips, painted facial features, original blonde mohair wig. Original costume. Circa 1910. Height: 3.5” (9cm) approx; an all bisque doll. Stationary neck, pegged jointed, reddish brown wig, painted facial features. White knee socks with blue band, wearing brown checkered dress. Circa 1910. Height: 4” (10cm) approx.

Lot 302: Group of ten (10) Artisan South Western style doll house accessories: miniature leather canteen (3/4” tall approx.), 3 Leather Bags (2” to 3” with strap approx.), Leather Apron (3” x 2” approx.), Leather Doctor’s Bag (2” x 1” approx.), Pistol with leather pistol holder (1” approx.), 2 handpainted (possibly), horse paintings, signed verso.

Lot 303: Two (2) German Doll House Dolls: A Parlor Maid or housewife. Bisque shoulder head, bisque arms and legs, muslin body. Painted and molded hair, painted facial features. Factory original costume. Height: 5 3/4" (12.5cm) approx.; Maid or housewife, bisque shoulder head, bisque arms and legs. Molded and painted hair, painted facial features. Muslin body. Factory original costume. Height: 4" (10cm) approx. Circa 1910.

Lot 304: Two (2) German Doll House Dolls: gentleman in white suite. Bisque shoulder head, bisque lower arms and legs. Muslin body. Molded and painted hair and mustache, painted facial features. Factory original costume. Height: 6" (15cm) approx.; Older lady with grey hair. Bisque shoulder head doll, painted facial features. Bisque lower arms and legs. Muslin body. Possible factory original dress. Height: 6" (15cm) approx. Circa 1910.

Lot 305: Three (3) German Doll House Dolls: Three (3) German Doll House Dolls: Bisque shoulder head doll, bisque lower arms and lower legs. Sculpted and painted hair, painted facial features. Muslin body. Factory original costume. Height: 5” (12.5cm) approx.; all bisque doll, 5-piece jointed, light-brown mohair wig. Brown glass set eyes. Possibly original costume. Yellow legs with black Mary Jane shoes. Height: 4” (10cm) approx.; Gentleman in black suit. Shoulder bisque head with molded and painted hair and moustache. Painted facial features. Bisque lower arms and legs. Muslin body. Factory original costume. Height: 5” (12.5cm) approx. Circa 1910

Lot 306: Two (2) Doll House Dolls: Artist doctors doll with stethoscope and glasses. Bisque head and bisque lower arms and lower legs, wire armature. Brown curly wig, moustache. Painted facial features. Wearing a white coat. Height: 6” (15cm) approx.; Gentleman, bisque head doll with painted features, bisque hands, wire armature. Original costume – grey woollen suit. Height: 5” (12.5cm) approx. 20th Century.

Lot 307: South Western Doll House play wood Bedroom Set, decorated with Pine Trees and Elks. Set consists of Bed, Dresser with inset Mirror and Stool, covered in brown suede, with fringe trim and three matching pillows on the bed. Approximate Dimensions: Bed: 7” x 5” x 4.5” (17.5cm x 12.5cm x 11cm); Dresser: 5” x 4 ¾” x 2” (12.5cm x 11.5cm x 5cm); Stool: 2.5” x ½” x 1 1/2” (7cm x 1 1/2cm x 4cm).

Lot 308: Doll House handmade furniture set. Custom made, hand hammered pewter top furniture. Set consists of a rectangular side table, a round table with matching smaller round table, and a round table with two matching smaller round tables. Total of 6 pieces. Approximate Dimensions: Rectangular Table: 4” x 1 ½” x 2 ½” (10cm x 4cm x 6cm), Round Table: 3 ½” x 2 ½” (9cm x 6cm); Round Table: 3 ¼” x 1 ½” (8.5cm x 4cm); 3 Round Tables/Stools: 1 ½” x 1 ½” (4cm x 4 cm).

Lot 309: South Western style doll house furniture or miniature set. Handcrafted and signed “Cattle King by Jeffrey Dwelley”. Stunning set suggesting cow horn frames and leather suede seats. Dimensions: Couch: 5” x 3” x 2” (12.5cm x 7.5cm x 5cm) approx., Table: 2” x 2” (7.5cm x 6 cm) approx.

Lot 310: South Western or Native American custom made Doll House Drum furniture set, consisting of nine (9) pieces. Solid wood with cowhide covers, Drum Sticks on the side. Approximate Dimensions: Couch: 5” x 3” x 1 1/2“ (13cm x 7.5cm x 4cm); 3 Chairs: 3 ½” x 2 “ (9cm x 5 cm) ; 4 Drum Stools (assorted sizes): 2” x 1 ½” to ¼” x 1 ¼” . (5cm x 3.5 cm to 3cm x 1cm); Table: ½” x 3“ (1 1/2 cm x 7.5 cm)

Lot 311: Doll house miniature furniture set, consisting of seven (7) rustic handcrafted twig furniture pieces including Couch, Chair, Coffee Table, Heart Table, Magazine Rack, Coat Rack, Corner Shelf. Approximate Size: Couch 5.5” x 5” x 21/4” (14cm x 12.5cm x 6cm) plus pillow; Chair 4” x 3” x 1 3/4" (10cm x 7.5cm x 4.5cm); Coffee Table 3.5” x 2.5” x 1 3/4“ (9cm x 6.5cm x 4.5cm); Heart Table 2.5” x 3” (6.5cm x 7.5 cm); Magazine Rack: 2 ¼” x 2” x 1 1/2“ (6cm x 5cm x 3.5cm); Coat Rack: 4” x 2 ½” x 1“ (10cm x 6cm x 2.25cm); Corner Shelf 2 ½” x 1 ½” (6.5cm x 4cm).

Lot 312: (3) Hermann vintage mohair jointed teddy bears. Two beige/cream mohair plush bears, the largest working with growler. One dark brown mohair bear. All in good condition. Circa 1940-1980 Height: 22”, 10” and 14”. (56, 26 & 36cm) approx.

Lot 313: Burnished Golden Brown mohair bear with swivel head , black horizontal stitched nose and inverted Y mouth. Unusual rectangle gathered stitched ears. Original Amber glass eyes . Excelsior filled body, small hump, jointed arms and legs, shaped limbs Woven fabric pads possibly replacements. Four stitched toes on all paws. Functioning growler. Condition: Overall wear and loss of mohair, more so on lower legs. Left ankle has a repair. There is a small / hole or separation of fabric close to the disk at the back of his head. Unique and rare in this large size. Possibly American. Circa 1910. Height: 38 inches (97 cm) approx.

Lot 314: German rare novelty teddy doll with celluloid head. Jointed golden mohair teddy bear body, off-white felt pads. Painted and molded facial features. In good condition. Height: 9 inches (23 cm) approx. Circa 1910.

Lot 315: (3) Dolls: Large handmade fabric folk art doll with black sock like cap, embroidered facial features, soft stuffed body. Height: 22 inches (56 cm) approx.; American Mills style doll, printed facial features and hair, antique dress. Height: 12 inches (31 cm) approx.; Wooden doll with painted features and black painted hair, no legs. Height: 7 inches (18 cm) approx. circa 1910 – 1940.

Lot 316: Chinese cloisonné figure, study of a Geisha dressed in a flowing Cloisonné robe, decorated with peonies, flowers and mon. Figure has an ivory face with hand panted features, ivory arms and hands. Wearing an elaborate bejeweled headdress. Height: 20" approx.

Lot 316-detail.

Lot 316 - detail.

Lot 317: A group of 3 Chinese porcelain items: i) blue and white glazed dish, 3 scholars beneath a pine tree, 5 1/2" diameter approx.; ii) small dish with 4 green dragons and orange pearl reserves, 6" diameter approx.; iii) a famille rose bowl with figures, calligraphy and auspicious symbols, 6 1/2" diameter, 2 3/4" tall approx.

Lot 318: Lot 318: Chinese porcelain famille rose baluster vase with crackle glaze and applied Kirin and ring handles. Height: 18” approx.

Lot 319: Louis XVI style gilt and glazed case demi-lune Vitrine with pierced metal parcel gallery, acanthine scroll and bellflower metal embellishments.

Lot 320: American circular gilt framed convex mirror with Eagle and Acanthine cresting.

Lot 321: Lionel Postware "O" Gauge Train Set with Accessories, includes 2020 Locomotive and Tender, 2560 Crane, 2419 Wrecking, 2465 Tank, and 3451 Operating Log Cars, also 308 Sign Set, Type "S" and 4060 Transformers, Track, Original Boxes and 1946 Instruction Manual..

Lot 322: Native American Indian. Hopi Kachina doll. Wood carved figure wrapped in blanket. Minor age paint wear. Pre/Circa 1940. Height: 8” (20cm) approx.

Lot 323: Native American Indian. Possibly Zuni.Carved and black painted wooden cat. Painted white eyes, claws. Painted mark under foot stating possible: TAB . Circa 1940. Height: 6 ¾” approx.

Lot 324: Native American Indian. Hopi Kachina doll. Wooden carved figure. Painted white face, black eyes and ochre accents. Paper stick on tag on foot, stating: Alo Mano. Pre/Circa 1940. Height: 6.5“ (17cm) approx.

Lot 325: Native American Indian. Hopi Kachina doll. Wood carved figure. Yellow painted circled eyes. Circa 1940. Height: 8” (20 cm) approx.

Lot 326: Native American Indian. Unusual Hopi Kachina type doll. Wood carved Native American Indian. Red painted face with smiling mouth. On wooden stand. Black long hair. Pre or circa 1940. Height: 7.5 “ (19 cm) approx.

Lot 327: Native American Indian . Hopi Mudhead Kachina doll. Carved figure. Red painted body. Black painted circled outlined eyes. Black Necktie scarf. Pre 1920. Height: 7.5” ( 20cm)

Lot 328: American, Mary Francis Woods. Native American Indian Female with baby on back. Painted facial features. Stick pin eyes, Glass bead necklace and wrap around blanket. Painted wooden shoes.Circa 1920. Height: 11” (30cm) approx.

Lot 328-detail.

Lot 329: Two (2) American, Circa 1910, Lithographed black dolls: one in Native American costume possibly designed by Albert Bruckner for Babyland, Horseman. Cloth doll, straw filled mitten hands. Felt dress and boots. Yarn hair on both sides, missing in back .The lithographed face is hand sewn in back and visible because of missing hair Some moth holes in boots. Impression of face still very clear. Height: 15” (38cm) approx; and one black doll , possibly designed by Albert Bruckner for Babyland, Horseman. Cloth doll, straw filled mitten hands. Cotton dress and pants, printed head cover. Height: 15” (38cm) approx.

Lot 330: Composition head Eskimo doll, possibly Alaskan. Painted facial features, Animal skin outfit, Felt body Felt and leather boots. 20th Century. Height: 12” (30cm) approx.

Lot 331: Native American Folk Art Doll Carved and painted wooden female. Jointed arms. Painted facial features, painted blue dress. Possibly Early 20th Century Height: 8.5” ( 21.5cm ) approx.

Lot 332: American Folk Art carved wooden doll. Carved facial features, carved hands and feet. Jointed head ,shoulders, hips and knees. Black painted shoes .Wearing a striped shirt and denim like pants. Clothes have faded some. Circa 1910. Height: 12 3/4” ( 32.5cm) approx.

Lot 333: American Folk Art carved wooden whirligig type doll. Head and body one piece. Hips, knees, shoulder dowel jointed. Black painted high top and feet. 19th Century (?). Height: 19” ( 48cm) approx. In the back there is a square opening for possible stick(?).

Lot 334: American Folk Art (possibly), Primitive carved figure with nail jointed head, shoulders and elbows Carved and red painted facial features. Big smiling mouth. 19th Century. Height: 8” approx.

Lot 335: Early 20th Century American Folk art Toy. Wooden horse with rider. Crudely carved and black accent painted ith jointed horse legs and jointed arms for rider. Move the stick and the horse runs. 12” x 8.5”( 30.5cm x 21.5 cm) approx.

Lot 336: American Schoenhut female acrobat bisque head doll with jointed wooden body in original outfit. Some wear on paint, outfit faded and some deterioration. Bisque head in good condition. Height: 8 inches (20 cm) Circa 1920

Lot 337: German bisque head mourning doll, painted facial features, bisque arms, lower body of layers of crepe paper. All original, in good condition. Height: 7 inches (18 cm) approx. Circa 1920.

Lot 338: Possible French Male bisque shoulder head doll, possibly French. Molded and painted hair and painted facial features, No markings visible. Kid body and bisque lower arms. Wearing a black jacket with lace ruffled front, no pants. Circa 1900. Height: 12” (29 cm) approx.

Lot 339: Large German papier mache shoulder head doll. Painted facial features, inset glass brown eyes, open closed mouth. Sparse brown mohair wig. Cloth body with composition arms and lower legs. Antique dress with matching bonnet. Circa 1880. Height: 24" (60cm) approx.

Lot 340: American Satin Applique Quilt, Pieced & Appliqued 12 Shield Breasted Eagles, With Ribbons In Beaks And Holding Batons. Patriotic Red, White And Blue, Eagles Having Yellow Shield, Beaks And Tails Stripes, Each Eagle Row Framed In Alternating Red And Blue Appliqued Stars. Full Quilt Surrounded With Red, White And Blue Border. Each Square Containing Eagle. Approximately 16 1/2 X 16 1/2 Inches. Overall Size: 91 1/2 X 71 1/2 Inches Approx. Circa 1900

Lot 341: Red, White and Blue House Quilt consisting of 20 house blocks 12” x 10 1/2” approx. Overall size: 64” x 79” approx.

Lot 342: Red, White and Blue Diamond Bow Tie Quilt consisting of 72 red and white Diamond Bow Tie squares 6” x 6” approx., with alternating blue printed squares 6” x 6” approx. Overall size: 79” x 72” approx.

Lot 343: A.B.L.M. Ericsson K.T.A.S. Magneto Table Telephone, patented Oct.20, 1895, AC 300 type.

Lot 344: Ericsson Desk Telephone Model AC110 Eifel Tower style. Patent date: Oct.29, 1895.

Lot 345: French children's "Jeu de la Peche" magnetic fishing game in original lithographed box.

Lot 346: American wood carved polychrome painted Horse and Jockey, carnival game figure, on wooden block stand. Original paint. Height: 16 inches (41 cm) approx. Circa 1875-1900.

Lot 347: Leaf Spring Hobby Horse. Circa 1930.

Lot 348: 19th Century Rocking Horse pull toy, possibly German. Hide covered, attached to metal wheeled platform base on wooden red painted bow rockers. carved nose, glass eyes, leather ears, real horse hair mane and tail. Imperfections, some wear to fur. Hair loss under saddle. Mane a little sparse. Small part of hide under legs is loose at the seam. 34 x 25 x 11 inches approx. (87 x 64 x 28 cm)

Lot 349: Pair of Gent’s Beaver Fur and Leather Gauntlets.

Lot 350: Two pairs of Lady’s Leather Driving Gloves.