Fine Estates and Antiques Auction
Sunday December 11, 2011 1:00pm
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Friday December 9, 2011: Noon - 6:00pm
Saturday December 10, 2011: Noon - 4:00pm
Sunday December 11, 2011: 10:00am - 1:00pm
To Include:
Quality Estate Furniture · Antique Furniture · Glass, Porcelain, Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Books · Collectibles · Guns · Toys & Dolls · Coins & Stamps · Fine Linens & Textiles · Fine & Costume Jewelry

Lot 1: English silver Coffee Pot with a single ebony side handle, hinged lid with gadrooned rim, raised on a stepped foot. Stamped: Birmingham; Date: 1900; Makers Mark: TH – Thomas Hayes; Height: 7 inches Total Weight: 7.07 OZT (including handle) Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 2: French silver Pitcher, chased meandering wreath design, two reserves centered with the bust of a lady and gentleman, each having ribbon crests, raised on four tapering legs, issuing from rams head masks, terminating in hoof feet, applied rectangular handle and wide spout. Makers Mark: JSL Height: 6 inches Weight: 7.49 OZT. Estimate: $250-$500

Lot 3: Pair of French silver footed Sauce Boats with in-scroll handle and scalloped rim, raised on three hoof feet issuing from applied shell form decoration, each having an engraved coat of arms below the pourer. Stamped: Minerva Size: 7 x 4 x 3 inches Total Weight: 14.9 OZT. Estimate: $500-$800

Lot 4: 19th Century English silver Sugar & Creamer set in a silk and velvet lined leather presentation box from “Mappin Brothers Silversmiths 35 St.Pauls Churchyard & Regents Street”. Sugar & Creamer having repousse decoration, foliate scrolls in ovoid reserves and vermeil interior. Makers Mark: C.E. Date: London 1886 and 1888 Height: 2 ¼ inches Weight: 3.82 OZT. Estimate: $300-$600

Lot 5: French silver beaker, inverted bell-shape, engraved with foliate scrolls, floral baskets and reserves, raised on an ovolo foot having a repousse egg and dart design. Makers Mark: LJB - Louis-Jacques Berger, Paris Date: 1798-1809 Height: 4 ½ inches Weight: 3.44 OZT. Estimate: $700-$1,000

Lot 6: Early 19th Century English Silver Serving Tray with gardrooned decoration having a chased coat of arms and standing eagle. Dedication verso reads: “The Bequest of my late Gardner Tho.s Lucas 1808”. Stamped: London Maker: HNRH - Henry Nutting and Robert Hennell Date: 1808 Size: 20 x 15 inches Weight: 100.0 OZT approx. Estimate: $2,500-$3,500

Lot 7: Austrian Majolica centerpiece by William Schiller & Son, oval bowl with dragon handles, Peacocks and Herons in reserves, raised on a pedestal with quatrefoil foot. Late 19th/Early 20th Century, Maker: W.S. & S Made in Austria Size: 15 x 6 ½ x 11 inches. Estimate: $300-$500

Lot 8: Meiji period cloisonné lidded box of cushion form. The exterior decorated with Koi fish, Phoenix and Songbird filled reserves and brocade work. Turquoise interior and hinged, and fitted embossed metal feet. Size: 5 x 9 x 7 ½ inches. Estimate: $600-$1,000

Lot 9: A pair of Lalique blue crystal perfume bottles, decorated with etched blue flowers, each having a gold screw-top, push button cap and spray nozzle with screw cover and safety chain. Stamped: R. Lalique Made in France Height: 4 inches, Diameter: 1 ¼ inches. Estimate: $600-$1,000

Lot 10: An Art Nouveau style art glass gold irridescent perfume bottle, flame form with gilt metal hinged stopper. Length: 4 ½ inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 11: Hand-painted miniature portrait on ivory titled “Josefine” (handwritten verso), wearing a jeweled crown and veil, signed lower left, set in an ivory and tortoiseshell mosaic frame. Sight: 2 3/8 x 1 7/8 inches Overall: 4 ¼ x 3 ¾ inches. Estimate: $250-$400

Lot 12: Lalique green crystal perfume bottle, decorated with etched flowers, gold screw-top, gold screw-top, push button cap and spray nozzle with screw cover and safety chain. Stamped: R. Lalique Made in France, Height: 3 ¼ inches, Diameter: 1 inch. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 13: German Blue and White Porcelain Tea Caddy, Blue Onion pattern, square caddy with tapered shoulders, collar neck and stopper. Maker: Meissen, C. Teichert Porcelain Factory, 1882-1940 Size: 3 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 5 inches. Estimate: $150-$250

Lot 14: (6) Folk Art Ice Fishing Lures, hand-painted, tin fins, wire accents, including a Lobster, a Dragonfly and 4 Fish. Estimate: $250-$400

Lot 15: German Steiff - 3 Bunnies: 2 Mohair bunnies male and female with glass eyes and basket backpacks named Bib and Bibbie. Both with button in ears and original tags. Circa 1954-1964. Some age dust and mild wear to boy’s basket. Sitting bunny, painted tip of ears with bell around neck and glass eyes, no button or tags, in good condition. Estimate: $100-$300





Lot 16: (2) Candy containers - 2 Bunnies:. Paper mache covered with white felt and some fur, bisque hands and glass eyes. Opens up in the middle, wearing black shoes marked Germany. Brown bunny, paper mache covered with brown fabric, Celluloid face ,holding a carrot. Some age dust and wear overall in good conditionfor age. Circa 1920. Estimate: $150- $300.

Lot 17: (8) Folk Art Ice Fishing Lures, hand-painted, tin fins,wire accents, including a Lobster, Dragonfly, Snail and Fish. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 18: 3 Santa’s and a metal reindeer: Santa doll on wooden platform covered with tinsel , brown sack on back with white cotton peeping out. Composition face with blue eyes and painted facial features, robe as belt. Fur like beard and brows. Holding a lantern and keys in right hand. Height: 6 inches; German paper mache Santa on wooden platform , painted facial features real fur beard brownish red suit covered with snow, woven basket on back filled with straw . holding Christmas tree in hand. Height: 7 1/2 inches; German celluloid head Santa walking doll, fur beard with wind up mechanism. Wheels under carton / paper mache lower body. Key is missing and he has not been tested. They all have some minor age wear dust and discoloration. Height: 8 inches; Metal lead painted reindeer with antlers, green felt on bottom, some paint wear. Size: 4 inches. Early and mid 20th century. Estimate: $250-600.

Lot 19: 2 Carved wood Santos Figures: 1) Polychrome and parcel gilt. Priest in flowing robes, with glass eyes. 19th Century Height: 13 inches 2) Polychrome, angel in robes holding a lid-form object Height: 13 inches. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 20: Clockwork Ferris Wheel, polychrome and wood, 4-seats with figures, key-wind mechanism Circa 1900 Size: 11 x 18 x 14 inches Estimate: $400-$800

Lot 21: 19th Century Pull Toy, 2 Oxen on wooden platform with metal wheels. Cow hide over papier mache. Circa 1890 Size: 9 x 8 x 6 inches. Estimate: $100-$400

Lot 22: Grodnertal all-wooden doll with painted black hair, painted facial features, chip-carved nose, crudely-defined body with dowel jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Antique custom-made matching bonnet and under-garments. Height: 11 inches Circa 1890. Estimate: $75-$150

Lot 23: American cloth doll, remnants of cloth tag “Betty Lou”. Painted facial features, undefined hands and feet. Wearing a blue cotton dress with slip. Height: 17 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 24: Grodnertal all-wooden doll with painted black hair and painted facial features, chip-carved nose, crudely-defined body with dowel jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Very nice original antique custom. Doll has not been undressed. Does have a round opening on top of head made at time of manufacture. Height: 9 inches. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 25: Laughing Gebruders Heubach mechanical key wind-up doll #7604. Square mark on neck, bisque socket head has intaglio blue eyes, open/closed mouth with two molded teeth, molded and painted hair, composition arms, antique pink dress. Papier mache body attached to wheels at base. When wound the doll spins and bobs. Working condition, needs a little push, key present. Early 20th Century Height: 9 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 26: Folk Art Topsy Turvy reversible dolls, embroidered facial features, dresses trimmed with lace. All original clothes Early 20th Century Height: 14 inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 27: Topsy Turvy reversible dolls, black and white. Possibly early Babyland dolls by Horsman. Muslin bodies, hand painted facial features. All original clothes. Circa 1910. Height: 14 inches. Estimate: $150-$400


Lot 28: 19th Century American wooden doll by Joel Ellis Springfield. Carved facial features and hair, remnants of gesso on head and lower extremities. All dowel jointed wooden body, pewter hands and feet. Left pewter hand appears polished or extensive loss of paint. Structurally sound. Wearing antique dress and cape. Rare larger model. Circa 1875 Height: 18”. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 29: Black composition shoulder head doll, jointed wooden arms and legs, painted facial features. Antique dress. Circa 1910 Height: 11 inches. Estimate: $100-$200


Lot 30: Biedermeier style doll, bisque domed shoulder head, painted facial features, pierced ears. Human hair wig, bisque arms and legs, original cloth body. Wearing a straw hat, antique under-slip, bloomers, yellow boots, and blue-band white socks. Circa 1900 Height: 13 inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 31: German bisque shoulder head doll by Kestner, marked on back of head #148. Brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth, four teeth. Carton pate, brown mohair wig. Kid body, bisque lower arms. Antique style dress, antique apron and under-garments. Height: 14 inches Circa 1900. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 32: Wax shoulder head doll. possibly English. Wax lower arms and legs with detailed fingers and toes, newer cloth body. Sleep blue glass eyes, closed mouth, human hair wig, pierced ears with earrings. Satin antique style dress, antique under garments. Height: 13 inches Circa 1900. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 33: German black porcelain shoulder head, black molded and painted hair, painted facial features. Antique cloth body , porcelain arms and legs. Antique dress and under garments. China boots. Outfit has been sewn on therefore has not been removed. Circa 1880. Height: 13 1/2 inches. Estimate: $100-$200


Lot 34: German bisque head walker doll, key- wind, by Heubach Koppelsdorf #300. Open mouth two teeth, blue sleep eyes, carton pate, no wig. Celluloid-like lower arms, composition or papier mache legs. Key attached to back. Wobbles like a toddler. Does not work consistently, sometimes needs a little push to start again. Height: 12 inches Circa 1920. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 35: German Belton-type child doll, domed shoulder head, brown glass set eyes, multi stroke eye brows, pierced ears, closed mouth. Brown wig, possibly human hair. Mark: # 7 on back plate. Kid body, jointed knees and hips, leather lower arms. Old dress and under-garments. Height: 16 inches Circa 1900. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 36: German porcelain doll, shoulder head, flat top. Molded and painted black curly hair, painted facial features, old cloth body, porcelain arms, cloth legs. Wearing side button leather shoes, antique under-garments, bloomers and slip. Height: 29 inches Circa 1870. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 37: German Grodnertal all-wooden doll. One-piece head and torso, painted creamy complexion, black painted hair with curls around the face, blue eyes, black upper eyeliner and brows, carved nose, tiny painted lips and light cheek blush. Dowel jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, white painted arms and legs, black painted shoes. Wearing an antique skirt. Fine original painting on this style doll, larger size. Height: 16 inches Circa 1880. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 38: American black cloth folk art male doll. Cloth head with embroidered facial features, Astrakhan type wig, black pupils on white back ground, oval shaped red mouth.(surprised expression ). Cloth body and limbs, body and head one piece, arms appear very long. All black fabric. Blue white striped costume. Height: 22 inches Circa 1910. Estimate: $250-$550

Lot 39: American composition doll. Composition flange head and hands, molded and painted hair, painted facial features. Cloth body, firmly straw stuffed. Antique garments, socks and shoes. Height: 13 inches Circa 1910. Estimate: $50-$150

Lot 40: German bisque shoulder head, “Belton” doll. Bisque domed shoulder head, one hole, brown glass set eyes, one stroke eye brows painted upper and lower lashes, closed mouth, pierced ears. Antique blonde mohair wig. Cloth firmly stuffed body, bisque lower arms. Dressed in original traditional regional outfit and under-garments . Height: 10 inches Circa 1900. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 41: German Bisque shoulder head doll, molded and painted wavy hair with bangs and black hair band, painted facial features. Kid body, bisque lower arms and cloth lower legs. Antique dress and under- garments. Beautiful blue eyes and facial paint. Height: 17 inches Circa 1880. Estimate: $150-$500

Lot 42: American wooden doll by Joel Ellis, Springfield. Carved facial features and hair, blue eyes, painted head and shoulder, plate-like front and back, painted lower arms and lower legs. All dowel jointed wooden body, pewter hands and feet, Height: 15 inches Circa 1875. Estimate: $300-$600

Lot 43: Afro-American Folk Art, handmade cloth female doll. Stockinet fabric on face, arms and legs, over white muslin. Head and body one piece, needle sculpted nose with two small beads as nostrils, beads or fancy buttons as black pupils, embroidered outlines of eyes and eyebrows, needle sculpted and embroidered mouth. Wool curly hair. Dressed in an antique dress and under-garments. Leather-type booties. Height: 18 inches Circa 1910. Estimate: $250-$650

Lot 44: German Kathe Kruse doll. Possibly Doll X, molded swivel head, painted facial features and painted hair. Original clothes, socks and shoes. In good condition with some dust and dirt more so on arms and legs, overall good for age. Marked on left foot in purple Kathe Kruse #1 2166. Height: 14 inches Made from 1935 -1952. Estimate: $600-$1,000

Lot 45: German bisque head doll by Kestner with ball jointed composition body. Mark on back of head: K 1 1/2 Made in Germany 14 1/2 146. Blue glass sleep eyes, feathered eyebrows and painted lashes. Open mouth, four teeth. Original plaster pate with beautiful antique blond mohair wig. Dressed in a black velvet coat with silk-like lining, vintage dress and shoes, antique under-garments. Height: 24 inches Circa 1910. Estimate: $250-$500

Lot 46: Afro-American folk art cloth doll. Jersey-like material, head is filled with straw, brown shoe button eyes. Head, legs and arms are sewn onto straw filled torso. Hands and feet are not defined and are somewhat primitive. Dressed in a wonderful antique outfit, white blouse, black cotton circle skirt, bonnet. Antique side button shoes and antique under-garments. Doll is dressed for church and funeral alike, made with love and imagination. Height: 32 inches Possible Circa 1900. Estimate: $300-$700

Lot 47: French bisque Poupee doll, possibly by Gaultier. Bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate. Blue set glass paper weight eyes, dark eye lining, painted lashes and feathered brows, accented nostrils. Closed mouth with accented lips, pierced ears, Mark: 4 on back of shoulder plate. Antique cork pate with possibly original dark blonde hair wig. French kid body with leather arms. Nicely costumed, possibly original to this doll, antique under-garments and replaced newer black side button shoes and a wonderful bonnet. Height: 18 inches Circa 1880 Condition: Head and plate are in good condition for age. Leather body has a replaced newer right leather arm and some wire protruding out of the left arm. Her right knee has a repair with a glue stain. Her costume has some light fading. Estimate: 500-$1,500

Lot 48: German parian bisque shoulder head doll. Blonde curly hair, set blue glass eyes, closed mouth, slightly turned head. Old cloth body, leather lower arms. Antique under garments and shoes, newer dress. . Height: 27 inches Circa 1890. Estimate: $200-$600

Lot 49: German porcelain shoulder head doll. Molded black hair, flat top, curls in the back. Desirable and more rare brown eyes, space between lips, rosy cheeks. Unmarked, possibly Kestner. Old cloth body., Wearing antique under-garments and side button boots. Height: 34 inches Circa 1880. Estimate: $200-$600


Lot 50: 19th Century Cave Liqueur, bronze and tortoiseshell Boulle work table top drinks box fitted with four blown glass stoppered decanters and twelve liqueur stems. Estimate: $500-$800

Lot 50: Detail

Lot 51: 19th Century mahogany travelling writing slope, interior lined with green tooled leather with gilt decoration, itted with pen tray and four cubbies, two having covers with finials. Hinged closure and key. Size (closed); 21 x 11 x 8 inches. Estimate: $300-$400

Lot 52: Clock Garniture, Napoleon III gilt bronze and Sevres style porcelain mounted three-piece clock garniture, comprising a mantel clock and an associated pair of associated candelabra. 19th Century
The sarcophagus-form mantel clock case surmounted and flanked by Bacchanalian putti, and cast garland and acanthine decoration, With a circular white enamel time and strike dial. Mounted overall with Sevres style porcelain plaques. 20 x 17 ½ x 6 ¼ inches
Each candelabrum base modeled in bronze as the Three Graces on a column pedestal inset with porcelain plaque cartouches and surmounted by a conforming jardinière issuing a five-light gilt bronze rose bouquet. Height: 25 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000


Lot 53: Continental Rococo Writing Bureau, Fruitwood with satinwood inlay and burl veneer bureau with shaped superstructure, the slant-front opening to six-drawer fitted interior. The bombe case fitted with three serpentine front drawers and raised on cabriole legs. 18th Century 40 x 29 x 16 inches. Estimate:

Lot 53: Detail

Lot 54: OIL ON CANVAS Continental School, 18th Century
Mother and Children
32 ½ x 25 ½ inches
Housed within a period gilt wood and gesso frame 43 x 3 inches. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 55: Oil on Panel by Luis Ricardo Falero (Spain 1851-1896) Moonlit Beauties Signed lower left: Falero Sight: 13 x 7 inches Overall: 19 x 13 inches Framed and glazed. Estimate: $3,000-$5,000

Lot 56: Chinese Silver and Enameled Tea Caddy having an exterior of filigree and mesh silver with applied enameled iris and bamboo and inset coral, jade and turquoise cabochons decoration, four lobed form with silver filigree finial. Mark: SILVER Height: 6 ½ inches. Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 57: Chinese Silver and Enameled Tea Caddy with jade and enamel accents, the cylindrical body composed of six horizontal bands, the second and fifth band formed by jadeite bangles, above three silver filigree rings with inlay of rose quartz and green hardstone, alternating with silver cash emblems framed by bright enamel floral sprigs, the fitted top fashioned with inlaid hardstone accents. Stamp: SILVER Height: 4 inches. Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 58: Oil on Board, Grace Carpenter Hudson (American 1865-1937), Portrait of a child in a field. Signed: © by G. Hudson ‘05 Sight: 6 ½ x 5 inches Overall: 12 ½ x 10 ½ inches Framed, glazed and backed. Estimate: $8,000-$12,000


Lot 59: Remington “New Model Army” Black Powder Revolver CAL: .44; Serial #74987 (6-shot, 8 inch octagonal barrel, blue finish, 2-piece walnut grips) Barrel marked: “Patented Sept.14, 1858, Remington & Sons Ilion, New York, U.S.A., New Model”. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 60: Smith & Wesson “Model 3 First Model Russian” Revolver CAL: .44 S & W RUSSIAN; Serial #: 27160 (8 inch barrel, blue finish, ivory style grips) Pat. Dates: July 10 '60; Jan 17, Feb 17, July 11 '65, Aug 24 '69. Estimate: $2,500-$4,000

Lot 61: Delft Polychrome Charger, hand-painted multi-floral design, blue, green, red, violet and yellow. Date: 18th Century Diameter: 13 ¼ inches. Estimate: $1,500-$3,000

Lot 62: Delft Polychrome Charger, hand-painted double floral wreath, blue reserves with centered floral sprigs. Maker’s mark verso: AS (hand-painted blue) Date: 18th Century Diameter: 13 ½ inches. Estimate: $1,500-$3,000

Lot 63: Chinese Silver and Enameled Tea Caddy with jade and enamel accents, the cylindrical body composed of six horizontal bands, the second and fifth band formed by jadeite bangles, above three silver filigree rings with inlay of rose quartz and green hardstone, alternating with silver cash emblems framed by bright enamel floral sprigs, the fitted top fashioned with inlaid hardstone accents. Stamp: SILVER Height: 4 inches. Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 64: Chinese Silver and Enameled Tea Caddy having an exterior of filigree and mesh silver with applied enameled cherry blossoms and floral design, pairs of birds including magpie, and inset coral and turquoise cabochons decoration, hexagonal lobed form with silver filigree finial. Mark: SILVER Height: 7 inches. Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 65: Murano, Italy, hand-blown yellow and green artglass bowl, oval form having two scroll handles, raised on a circular pedestal foot. Size: 15 x 9 x 5 ¾ inches. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 66: 6) Murano, Italy, handblown paper-fine artglass tumblers, clear glass with green rim decoration. Height: Tumblers – 5 ½ inches glass; Old Fashioned – 3 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 67: Continental porcelain Coffee Service on a matching serving tray by Union Porcelain Czechslovakia. Blue and gold overall floral design, cups have gold interior, set consists of: 5 Cups & Saucers, Coffee Pot, Covered Sugar, Creamer and Tray (1 extra saucer). Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 68: Delft Polychrome Charger, hand-painted blue, yellow and green, depicting a leaping Deer against a hilly landscape. Date: 18th Century Diameter: 13 ½ inches. Estimate: $1,500-$3,000

Lot 69: 1 Bottle of 1981 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac (top shoulder – bottom neck). Estimate: $400-$800

Lot 70: 1 Bottle of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac “Celebration of Baron Philippe’s 60th Harvest at Mouton (top shoulder – bottom neck). Estimate: $600-$1,000

Lot 71: 6 bottles of 1970 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac (low to mid shoulder). Estimate: $400-$600

Lot 72: 5 bottles of 1974 Robert Mondavi Winery Cabernet Savignon (top shoulder – bottom neck). Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 73: 12 bottles of 1970 Chateau Montrose Saint-Estephe, “L. Charmolue” (Cased). Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 74: 10 bottles of Santa Rita “120” Cabernet Sauvignon Chilean Wine (bottom to mid-neck. Estimat: $200-$300

Lot 75: 1 Bottle of “Port of the 1890 Vintage” Antonio Jose de Silva, Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal. 1 PT. 9 FL.OZ. Estimate: $110-$150

Lot 76: Early 19th Century Table Lamp, bronze square stepped base, single pedestal, square pink and green slag glass tapered shade with reticulated bronze foliate design overlay, and artichoke finial. Original paper label inside shade reads“ Patented Murano Aug.3, 1905” Height: 16 inches. Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 77: Gorham “Chantilly” Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 73 pieces. Set consists of: 15 Knives (13 Modern, 2 French), 12 Forks, 12 Salad Forks, 12 Butter Knives, 12 Teaspoons, 4 Tablespoons, 3 Demitasse Spoons, 1 Fish Knife, 1 Fish Fork, 1 Pie Slice. No Monogram. Mark: Gorham Sterling Weight: 70.69 OZT approx. (NOT including 15 Knives and Pie Slice). Estimate: $1,800-$3,000

Lot 78: Louis XVI style gilt bronze and champlevé Clock Garniture. The mantel clock case cast with palmetto finials, bowknots, laurel medallions and drapery, raised on hoof feet. The champlevé dial set with roman numerals on white enamel indicators. Time and Strike. Peacock and foliate champlevé front panel and conforming dome. Circa 1900 Size 14 x 7 ½ x 4 ½ inches With a pair of matching 2-light Candelabra Size: 13 x 8 inches. Estimate: $1,500-$2,000

Lot 79: Delft Polychrome Charger, handpainted, depicting aHunter with Stag over his shoulder, striding through the countryside, blue and yellow on white ground. Diameter: 12 inches. Estimate: $1,500-$3,000

Lot 80: Finland, partial Silver Flatware Service, 40 pieces. Set consists of: 6 Dinner Knives, 6 Forks, 6 Luncheon Knives, 6 Salad Knives, 6 Salad Forks, 5 Spoons, 5 small Cocktail Forks Stamp: Crown, 813H Date: Y6 (1952) Weight: 21.99 OZT approx. (NOT including 18 Knives). Estimate: $750-$1,500

Lot 81: Delft Polychrome Charger, handpainted, depicting a 5-Sail Galleon sailing through choppy seas, blue and yellow on white ground. Diameter: 12 inches. Estimate: $1,500-$3,000

Lot 82: Finland, Silver Spoons, partial flatware service, 13 pieces. Set consists of 6 Tablespoons and 7 Teaspoons, with Monogram. Stamp: Crown 813H KO Date: U5 1925 Weight: 13.79 OZT approx. Estimate: $250-$500

Lot 83: Lithograph titled “The Race” by Thomas Hart Benton (American 1889-1975) Signed, inscribed: Benton Year of work: 1942 Edition: 250 Sight: 9 ¾ x 13 ¼ inches. Estimate: $6,000-$8,000

Lot 84: Oil on Canvas by Leland Curtis (American 1897-1939) Signed, inscribed lower right: Leland Curtis, U.S. Antarctic Exp, 1939-40 Label verso: Adelaide Island @ Marguerite Bay, by Leland Curtis Low range of snow covered mountains below a coral sky, shadowed ice flow in foreground. Sight: 18 x 24 inches. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 85: Oak 3-tier stacking bookcase, label inside reads “MACEY 98 Finish 2” Circa 1920. Estimate: $300-$500

Lot 86: Oak revolving bookcase with 3-shelves, top has gadroon carved border. Circa 1920. Size: Ht: 45 1/2 x 21 x 21 inches. Estimate: $400-$700

Lot 87: WWII German Kriegsmarine 10 x 80, 80 degree Flakfernrohr Beobachtunfsfernrohr 'EUG' 'M' Warsaw, Poland Anti-Aircraft binoculars in original field case with key. Estimate: $3,000-$5,000

Lot 87: Detail

Lot 88: Watercolor on wove paper, titled “Lech Arlebert” by Alfred Krenz (South African 1899-1980) Signed: A Krenz 1966 Winter landscape: Snowed-in chalet, vista across a snowy valley Sight: 17 ½ x 25 inches Frame overall: 20 x 27 ½ inches. Estimate: $1,800-$2,200

Lot 89: Oil on Canvas by J. A. Hekking (Joseph Antonio) (American 1830-1903), wooded forest and river landscape. Sight: 26 x 38 inches Housed within a molded limed wood and gesso frame. Overall: 33 x 45 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 90: Color Woodcut by Engelbert Lap (Austrian, 1886-1970), Continental Alpine Scene Sight: 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches. Estimate: $300-$500


Lot 91: Color Woodcut by Engelbert Lap (Austrian, 1886-1970), Snowy Alpine Scene Sight: 8 x 10 1/2 inches. Estimate: $300-$500

Lot 92: Oil on Canvas Still Life, titled “Fleurs dans un Vase Bleu” by Demetre de Berea (French 1908-1975) Signed and inscribed “Paris ‘62” Sight: 31 x 25 inches Housed within a giltwood and gesso frame Overall: 43 x 37 inches. Estimate: $2,500-$5,000

Lot 93: Oil on Canvas, “The Grand Canal” by Alfred Pollentine (British 1836-1890) 19th Century Signed and dated 1878 Sight: 29 ½ x 49 ½ inches Housed within a giltwood and gesso frame Overall: 41 x 62 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 94: Oil on Panel titled “Spinning Away” by Bernard de Hoog (Dutch 1867-1943), Signed. Sight: 29 x 23 inches Housed in a painted wood and gesso frame Overall: 40 x 34 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 95: American Renaissance Revival Mahogany Bureau. Galleried top, fall front writing desk with lion hermes carved in high relief, flank the slanted fall-front, which opens to a 3-drawer and slotted interior with flanking column fronted secret drawers. The case fitted with 3-curved front drawers, centered by fluted column stiles which terminate in ball and claw feet on casters. Arabesque medallion and bead carved decoration. Birdseye maple secondary woods. Dimensions: 44 x 33 x 19 inches. Estimate: $450-$850

Lot 95: Detail

Lot 96: Triple-fold British Tea and Games Table, mahogany and walnut veneer, with triple fold-over leaves, opening first to a shaped top tea table and finally to a felt-line games table, with canted corners and dished coin wells. The frieze fitted with a single drawer. Raised on four Queen Anne legs, terminating in pad feet, one of which is a swing support leg. Circa 1750. Dimensions Closed: 29 x 31 ½ x 15 ¾ inches Dimensions Open: 27 ½ x 31 ½ x 31 ½ inches. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 96: Detail

Lot 96: Detail

Lot 97: Fine Walnut Tall Case Clock Maker: David Martins St.Ives England 18th Century Height: 96 inches, Width: 19 inches. Estimate: $3,500-$5,500


Lot 97: Detail

Lot 97: Detail

Lot 98: American Renaissance Revival Secretary Bookcase. Rosewood. Acanthine and scroll carved crest on arched molded frieze over double glazed doors, opening to 4-wooden shelves. The lower case having a cylinder front, opening to 2-rows of maple drawers and centered slots, and a slide-out felt-lined writing surface, over a 2-door panel front cabinet, on a conforming molded base. Carved wood acanthine appliqué decoration. Circa 1880 Dimensions: 104 x 47 x 24 inches. Estimate: $2,250-$3,750

Lot 98: Detail

Lot 99: Italian white marble nude figure of a lady, purchased at the Arno River, Firenze, Italy in 1980, mounted on a double pedestal base. Height: 96 inches approx. including base. Estimate: $5,000-$10,000

Lot 99: Detail

Lot 100: Oil on Canvas by Warren Winfred Dahler (1885-1961), Muralist etc. Sailing Ships in a walled harbor. Sight: 35 x 26 inches Housed in a wide bordered giltwood frame Overall: 50 x 41 inches. $1,500-$2,200

Lot 101: American painted Bedroom Set, consisting of bed with rails, nightstand and two chests. Circa 1920. Estimate: $750-$1,000

Lot 101: Detail

Lot 102: Ornate giltwood and gesso framed beveled mirror with rocaille and acanthine molding Circa 1900. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 103: Floor Screen, 2-panel, mounted with 18th Century Verdue Tapestry. Ht: 83 1/2 x L: 64 x D:1 1/4 inches. Estimate: $1,800-$2,500


Lot 104: Watercolor on wove paper, titled “Campioni” by Alfred Krenz (South African 1899-1980) Signed: A Krenz 1937 Beached skiffs on lake shore Sight: 18 ½ x 25 ½ inches Overall: 22 ½ x 29 ½ inches. Estimate: $1,800-$2,200

Lot 105: Pair of Italian Neoclassical benches. Late 18th Century. Estimate: $1,500-$2,500


Lot 106: Two (2) Native American Indian dolls: (9“) Leather buckskin over cloth , handmade doll. Beadwork facial features. (16”) Buck skin over cloth doll with traditional buckskin dress and moccasins. Horse hair type wig. Bead work facial features. Possible Plains Native American Indian. Early to mid 20th Century Height: 9 inches and 16 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 107: Yellow mohair bear. Fully jointed, thin body. Brown, possibly glass eyes, vertically stitched black nose, inverted V shaped mouth. Brown oval velveteen feet pads, no claws, brown velvet hand pads, no claws. Slightly curved thighs. Mid to Early 20th Century Height: 14 inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 108: Beige mohair bear, fully jointed, possibly Steiff. Brown glass eyes, black pupils, brown vertically stitched nose, inverted V shaped mouth. Ears sewn over, facial seams, beige felt pads with three stitched claws. Mid to late 20th century Height: 11 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 109: German long blond mohair bear, possibly Steiff. Fully jointed. .Vertical stitched gray twill nose, inverted Y mouth, center seam on head, black glass eyes. Long arms , slightly bent hands and feet with beige felt pads and four claws. Distinctive back hump. Excelsior stuffed. Second half 20th Century Height: 14 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 110: American black cloth Folk Art male doll. Brown button eyes with painted black pupils, painted mouth with teeth and nostrils. All black fabric, Stuffed body, arms and legs. Black wool yarn hair. He is wearing his original detailed pastel blue striped suit and matching shirt. Very well made he looks looks absolutely dandy. Circa 1910 Height: 28 inches. Estimate: $250-$600

Lot 111: American black cloth Folk Art female doll. Stockinet head, black button eyes as pupils, on white background. Needle sculpted nose. Wool yarn hair or astrakhan with red ribbons. Cotton muslin body and limbs. Wearing a red and purple pink checkered dress. Little fading to dress. Overall in good condition for age. Charming doll. Circa 1930. Height: 22 inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 112: French Bisque bebe by Jules Steiner. Solid domed head with flat- cut neck socket , blue paperweight, set eyes, (one fallen in), rose eye shadow, brushed stroked feathered eye brows, accented nostrils and eye corners. Open mouth, upper and lower pointed teeth, shaded and outlined lips, pierced ears. Carton torso with clockwork mechanism, hinged hips, composition arm ( one missing)~ and composition lower legs. Kid pants like lower body and upper legs. When wound, the doll turns head and cries “mama” waves arm and gently moves legs. Condition, one eye in side of head, one arm missing and missing toes on right foot and crude repair on left, some age wear to body. Rare larger size. As in found condition. Circa 1880 Height: 21 inches. Estimate: $700-$1,500

Lot 113: German bisque head doll by Armand Marseille, head size 16. Socket head with sleep brown glass eyes, multi stroke eye brows. open mouth 3 teeth, one missing. Old mohair wig. Ball jointed composition body. Antique white dress, slip socks and one shoe. Circa 1910. Estimate: $200-$600

Lot 114: German bisque shoulder head doll by Kestner . Marked #154, 11 Dep. on back plate, Sleep glass eyes, multi stroke eyebrows, real eye lashes on one eye (some falling out), open mouth, 4 teeth. C3 original plaster pate. Kid body lower bisque arms. She is wearing an antique dress and under garment, old socks and newer shoes Height: 23 inches Circa 1910. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 115: American cloth Folk Art doll. Painted, or some printed, eyes and hair. Mouth and nose not visible any more. Firm cotton stuffed body and leather arms with fingers. Muslin fabric. Antique dress, bonnet and undergarments. Height: 30 inches. Estimate: $400-$1,000

Lot 116: Alt, Beck & Gottschalck . German bisque china shoulder head doll. Blonde curly hair with bangs. painted facial features. Marked in back 1000 XX . Cloth body, bisque lower arms . Antique under garments and antique style dress. Circa 1880 Height: 25 inches. Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 117: Oil on Canvas, country landscape with barn, by Ben Abril (American 1923-1995). Handwritten verso "Owl Tree II". Sight: 20 x 35 ½ inches Overall: 30 x 46. Estimate: $1,000-$2,000

Lot 118: Watercolor on laid paper titled “Torri al Lago di Jnor (?)” by Alfred Krenz (South African 1899-1980) Signed: A Krenz 1937 Sailboats quayside in village Sight: 18 ½ x 24 inches Overall: 22 x 28 inches. Estimate: $1,800-$2,200


Lot 119: Oil on Canvas, Yosemite Valley encampment landscape by William Jacob Hays the Elder (American, 1830-1875. Handwritten verso on stretcher "Oakland Iowa and Tommy & Moore". Sight: 29 ½ x 47 inches Overall: 34 x 52. $7,000-$12,000


Lot 120: Oil on Canvas by Leland Curtis (American 1897-1939), snow-capped Teton mountain peaks Sight: 40 x 48 inches. Paper label verso reads "Teton Glacier, Moose Wyo." Overall: 48 x 55 inches. Estimate: $5,000-$10,000

Lot 121: Oil on Canvas, Seascape, by Frank Virgil Dudley (American 1868-1959) Sight: 19 ½ x 21 ¼ inches Overall: 25 ½ x 24 inches. Estimate: $5,0000-$10,000

Lot 122: Steinway & Sons New York, Model B 'Music Room' Grand Piano with Bench, Ebony, 82 inches, C.1884, Serial No. 52450, 1/4.84 702 1, Casting reads “Repetition Action” “Duplex Scale Pat” “Capo D’Astro Bar” “Tubular Metallic Action” “2 Pat 1878” “Overstrung Scale” Rebuilt Oct. 1977

Lot 122: Detail

Lot 123: Gien, France blue porcelain Coffee Pot decorated with mythological figures including phoenix, pan, mermaid, dragons, cherub. Height: 10 inches. Estimate: $150-$250

Lot 124: Continental majolica pitcher, hand-painted decoration depicting cherry blossoms and phoenix against a turquoise ground and yellow basket-weave design, brown bamboo-style decorative rings and handle. Height: 14 inches. Estimate: $150-$250

Lot 125: Charles F.Lummis (American 1859-1928), Portrait of John Muir, Albumen Print, signed and dated 1905 “John Muir at El Alisal”, with handwritten dedication verso (see detail photos). Sight: 9 x 7 inches. Housed in a “Douglas Spruce” frame Overall: 10 x 12 inches. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 125: Detail

Lot 125: Detail

Lot 126: Sterling Silver Trumpet Vase, “Old Newbury” Height: 16 inches. Estimate: $450-$750

Lot 127: Oil on canvas, titled “Les Montreurs D’Ours”, by Camille van Camp (Belgian 1834-1891), depicting a gypsy circus Paris street scene. 19th Century Sight: 32 x 46 inches Housed in wood and gilt gesso frame Overall: 39 x 53 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 128: Napoleon III ebonized Console Cabinet. Of demi-cartouche form, the case outset at front with a prominent central flat-faced cabinet, the door applied with bronze dore ribbon and bowknot medallion, framing a perched bird in fruited vines of carved hardstone. Flanked by stop-fluted column pilasters and curved bow fronted cabinets at each end. Each door mounted with dore musical trophy appliqués. Heavily embellished overall with conforming bronze dore decoration. Mid 19th Century Dimensions: 46 x 64 x 18 ½ inches

Lot 129: Oil on Canvas titled "A Reclining Nude on a Sofa" by Marguerite-Mary Darbour (French 20th Century) Signed and Dated 1926 Sight: 37 x 64 inches Overall: 44 x 71 inches. Estimate: $3,000-$5,000

Lot 130: Oil on Canvas titled “Funeral of Friar”, signed lower right Malard. Painting mounted in a very fine period gilt and gesso wood frame. Sight: 45 ½ x 58 inches Overall: 67 x 83 inches. Estimate: $10,000-$20,000

Lot 131: Gentleman’s diamond ring with natural formed gold nuggets in a free-form mounting. Stamped 14K P.F.S. 1.25 CTW approx. Estimate: $1,500-$2,000

Lot 132: Lady’s Longines Wristwatch, yellow gold case and bracelet, marked 14K, accent diamonds frame the face. Quartz movement. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 133: 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet. 0.464 OZT. Estimate: $400-$600

Lot 134: Lady’s Fancy Radiant Cut Diamond Ring with triangular side diamonds. Fancy diamond 1.50 CTW approx. Side triangular diamonds 1CTW each approx. White gold setting stamped 18K. Estimate: $3,500-$6,000

Lot 135: 1927 Gold Walking Liberty $20 Coin, PCGS MS64. Estimate: $1,500-$2,200

Lot 136: Lady’s Smokey Quartz 10K Yellow Gold custom made Cocktail Ring. Round facetted 70.80ct Smokey Quartz, stone mounted in a large half-bezel with bright polish finish. Estimate: $1,000-$1,500

Lot 137: Platinum and 120 diamond 6.0 CTW Link Necklace. Estimate: $5,500-$8,500

Lot 138: Lady’s 14K yellow gold ring with 29.4 cts Smokey Quartz Egyptian figure cameo, and seed pearls. Estimate: $350-$550

Lot 139: Rose gold openwork flexible link ring with opal cabochon and diamond accents. Estimate: $400-$600

Lot 140: Lady’s 14K rose gold miniature Portrait Brooch with 35 small rose-cut diamonds. Estimate: $900-$1,200

Lot 141: Georgian Sterling Silver Wine Funnel with removable pierced strainer.
Hallmarked:  London 1799
Maker: William Allen III
Height: 6 ¼ inches
Weight:  4.63 OZT
Estimate: $600-$800

Lot 142: 18K Yellow Gold and Tourmaline choker necklace. (Gold tested 18K, no fineness mark) Estimate: $1,250-$2,250


Lot 143: Two (2) Pasha de Cartier Pens including a Fountain Pen, 1988 Serial #9962, gold-plated, gold nib with interlocking C's marked 18K 750. A blue cabochon decorates the tip of the pen cap.; and Rollerball Pen, 1989 Serial #9999, black onyx with gold-plated cap, decorated with a black cabochon. Estimate: $1,500-$2,000

Lot 144: White Peking Glass Bowl with applied green foliate decoration. Height: 3", Diameter: 6.5".

Lot 145: Chinese Carved Jade Buddha fiture on stand. Height: 16 inches (incl.stand). Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 146: Chinese carved Celadon Jade Lidded Vase. Height: 8 inches. Estimate: $500-$700

Lot 147: Chinese carved Spinach Jade lidded Vase decorated with grapevines and squirrels. Height: 9 inches. Estimate: $800-$1.200

Lot 148: Chinese Jade Fish Bowl mounted by two fish. Size: 6 x 2 inches. Estimate: $200-$400


Lot 149: Handcrafted model of “La Couronne” a 17th Century French royal ship. This model built by Oregon artist Stanley Flohr, was completed in 1982. Built on a scale of 1 to 55, it is constructed in minute detail of natural woods and complete with full rigging, masts and sails. Model dimensions: Length: 58 inches, Height: 49 inches Encased within an oak and plexiglass display case: 64 x 60 x 28 inches. Estimate: $3,500-$6,500

Lot 150: 19th Century 3-Panel Floor Screen, floral fabric panels and mirror top panels each centered by reserves depicting romantic scenes, framed by laurel leaves and garland decoration. Estimate: $1,000-$2,000

Lot 151: German, Steiff white mohair type standing cat, pewter underscored button. Black shoe button eyes and nose. Circa 1930; Steiff Golden mohair Squirrel, glass eyes, velvet nut, no button. Circa 1970; Blue flannel / felt bear, arms and legs metal disk jointed. Red ribbon. Black button eyes. Mid 20th Century. Estimate: $300-$700

Lot 152: Afro American Cloth Advertising doll. Wade Davis by Arnold print works. Cut out stuffed doll. Some staining and age discoloration. Circa 1905, Height: 10 1/2 inches; Printed Cloth doll possible by Art Fabric Mills. Wearing a white hat. Possible early to mid 20th Century. Height: 8 1/2 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 153: Frozen Charlotte, china doll one piece, black painted hair painted facial features, Wearing antique garment. Height 4 1/2 inches. Estimate: $50-$150

Lot 154: Santa Claus musical doll plays: “Jingle Bells”. has attached wind up key in back. Mask like face with painted facial features, mohair like beard. Straw like filled body, composition black boots, felt mitten hands. Height: 9 inches. Estimate: $50-$150

Lot 155: Pair of shoulder head composition dolls with set glass eyes. Elongated heads repainted and possible repaired. Cloth bodies filled with straw. Composition and wooden limbs.. One dressed in slip only one dressed in antique print dress. 19th Century. Height: 10 inches and 12 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 156: Bisque shoulder head doll, dark brown mohair wig, broiwn glass sleep eyes, heavy painted brows and lashes, sculputred teeth. Bisque hands on kid body, front chest plate signed "Peterson" (in pencil). Height: 18 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 157: Googly eyed Bisque doll. Back of the head impressed "JDK 221, Jackie 74 REP". (Height: approx. 9 1/4"). Estimate: $60-$100

Lot 158: German , china shoulder head . Black short molded and painted hair with paint strokes around face, unusual hairstyle , painted facial features. Rare brown eyes! China lower arms and lower legs. Old cloth body. Circa 1880. Height: 16 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 159: German Porcelain shoulder head doll house doll, black complexion. Painted facial features . Old cloth body porcelain arms and legs, painted boots. Antique style dress and under garments. Circa 1900 Height: 5 inches. Estimate: $50-$200

Lot 160: Male china shoulder head doll with painted and molded black short hair, painted facial features, kid body. Dressed in antique clothes and possible original antique shoes. 
Circa 1880. Height: 10 ½ inches. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 161: Folk art, Black Americana 11” Wooden painted puppet like doll, jointed at shoulders elbows, hips and knees. Does have a spring in back could have been on stick; 8 “ Black carved and painted wooden doll, carved facial features hands and feet. jointed to shoulders and hips. Wearing old handmade clothes. Early 20th Century. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 162: Sonneberg or Greiner type doll. Papier - mache shoulder head. Blonde sculpted hair, center part, wavy around face, stiff vertical rows of curls in the back. Painted blue eyes, white outlined pupils. Single stroke eye brows, closed mouth. Replaced but still some what older cloth body, leather hands. Wearing an antique dress and antique or antique style under garments. No markings. Circa 1870. Height: 34 inches. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 163: German bisque shoulder head doll. Mohair wig and brows, brown glass sleep eyes, single stroke bottom lashes, open mouth, upper teeth and tongue. Bisque jointed arms on kid body. Back head impressed 11 DEP 195. Height: 23 inches. $100-$300

Lot 164: Afro American Cloth Folk art doll . Black cloth covered over white antique art fabric Mills New York 1900 printed cloth doll. Stamp visible under foot when taken off antique brown leather side button shoes. Embroidered facial features. Wearing antique dress and under garments. Body is very old and has staining and some wear to feet. First quarter 20th Century. Height: 25 inches. Estimate: $300-$800

Lot 165: German Biedermeier Porcelain shoulder head with black painted pate on domed head. Antique human hair wig. Painted facial features with smiling mouth, older cloth body , leather arms. Antique under garments and black skirt. Does have a hairline from back of neck to middle of tie hole . Circa 1870. Height 32 inches. Estimate: $300-$700

Lot 166: Martha chase Hospital Baby Doll, possibly “Sanitary Baby”. Stockinette doll with oil painted features. Jointed at shoulder . elbows, hips and knees. Stitched fingers and toes. Martha Chase stamp under arm. Paint is vibrant some mild rubs on cheeks and mild wear on top of head. Circa 1910. Height: 23". Estimate: $150-$400

Lot 167: Folk Art doll . Cloth doll, hand painted facial features. Head and body one piece. Mitten hands and feet are primitively defined,no toes. Wearing an old blue checkered dress. Circa 1900. Height: 26 inches. Estimate: $150-$500

Lot 168: Dressel Simon Halbig Bisque socket head doll with strawberry blonde ringlet wig, dark brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth, upper teeth, on jointed composition body. Height: Approx. 18". Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 169: Bisque shoulder head doll, paper pate, heavy stroked brows, blue glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth. Back of the shoulder impressed "2015 w 3". Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 170: K & R "pouty" doll. Bisque socket head doll with brown glass eyes on jointed composition body. Marked: "Rene McKenny 1972 Simon Halbig" Height: 22". Estimate: $80-$150

Lot 171: China shoulder head doll, molded blonde hair, handpainted facial features, back impressed #5. China arms and legs with detailed green bow and bornw shoes on cloth body. Period costume. Height: 19 inches. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 172: Heuback Kopplesdorf Bisque socket head boy doll, brown wig, feather stroked brows and lashes, blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth and tongue, composition body. Back of body impressed "342. 5". Height: 23". Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 173: Bisque socket head doll, brown ringlet wig, brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth and tongue, composition jointed body. Back of neck impressed "24 R 5 A Germany". Height: 23.5". Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 174: Armand Marseilles Bisque swivel head doll. Blonde mohair wig, brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth and tongue, composition body. Back of head impressed "Armand Marseilles Germany 390n A 6 1/2 M". Height: 25". Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 175: French Fashion doll, all original. Back of head impressed "Unis France 301 RT". Height: 19". Estimate: $150-$250

Lot 176: Armand Marseilles Bisque socket head doll. Dark brown ringlet inserted brows (missing hair), blue glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, kid body. Back of head impressed "370 A.M.7 DEP Armand Marseilles". Height: 26". Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 177: Beige mohair bear. Possible Steiff. Fully jointed. Brown glass eyes. Vertically stitched brown nose, inverted V shaped mouth. Ears sewn over facial seams. Beige felt pads with three stitched claws . Mid to later 20th century. Height: 17 inches. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 178: 3-Strand Cultured Pearl Bracelet with yellow gold clasp and spacers. Length: 7 inches; Pearls: 6mm Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 179: Lady’s 14K Yellow Gold freeform Diamond Ring, with 4 round brilliant cut diamonds, approximate total weight: 0.57ct. Estimate: $1,500-$2,300

Lot 180: Victorian era Yellow Gold Brooch with hand-painted portrait medallions, turquoise and seed pearl accents. Estimate: $400-$800

Lot 181: Lady’s Marquise Diamond Ring in iridium platinum setting. The center marquise diamond 5.82ct. with M-N color, VS 1 clarity, is flanked by two (2) baguette diamonds each approximate .25ct. With a later custom made 14K yellow gold ring guard set with four diamonds, total estimated carat weight .25. Guard: 8.5 grams. Estimate: $25,000-$35,000

Lot 181-detail

Lot 182: Lady’s Yellow Gold wire-form Ring mounted with Malachite and Lapis Lazuli tiles and seven diamonds. Estimate: $400-$800

Lot 183: 18K Yellow Gold large Custom Amethyst Pendant. Hollow pendant contains six (6) heart-shape Amethysts bezel-set around the center of the pendant and four (4) round Amethysts at top and bottom. Twist wire and ball design overall. Total Weight: 25.2 grams. With a 10K Yellow Gold 26 inch Rope Chain, 35.2 grams Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 184: Lady’s 5-Diamond Pendant set in yellow 14K gold, mounting with yellow gold box chain. Estimated total carat weight of 1.61ct; Length: 15 inches; Weight: 4.8 grams Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 185: Lady’s Cocktail Ring, synthetic change of color sapphire, pear-shape, set in yellow gold. Estimate: $500-$750

Lot 186: Lady’s 14K Yellow Gold and Citrine custom-made Cocktail Ring, Large round facetted quartz measuring 34.9ct. in cast and assembled ribbon and openwork geometric design, bright polish finish mounting. Total weight: 19.8 grams Estimate: $800-$1,200

Lot 187: Lady’s 18K White Gold South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring with single white South Sea drop-shape pearl (12.89mm) and fifty (50) round single cut diamonds approximate 0.75ct. TW, bead-set in a leaf and ribbon design. Total weight: 11.9 grams Estimate: $2,000-$3,000

Lot 188: Lady’s Jade Cabochon Ring in a branch-form setting with five (5) diamond accents. Estimate: $1,500-$2,500

Lot 189: Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings set in 14K White Gold with three prong cocktail mountings and friction backs. Round brilliant cuts, one @ .80ct., VS 2, F-G color; the other .82ct., SI 1, F-G color. Estimate: $3,500-$5,000

Lot 190: Lady’s 14K Yellow Gold Swirl Ring, centered with round brilliant cut diamond, 1.34ct., SI 1 clarity, E-F color. Weight: 10.1 grams Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 191: 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet with eleven (11) applied charms and bead spacers. Estimate: $600-$1,000

Lot 191-detail

Lot 192: Lady’s Double-Strand Pearl (average 8.5mm) Necklace with 18K clasp set with pear cut cabochon gemstones. Drop Length: 16.5 inches Estimate: $1,600-$2,500

Lot 193: Italian bronze figure of Mercury with his Caduceus issuing from a Zephyr mask, on a marble column plinth. Inscribed: CHINRAZZI NAPOLI Height: Overall 41 inches Estimate: $500-$700

Lot 194: Italian micromosaic picture of a beautiful scene of Venice titled "Veduta Di Venezia" Printed paper label with Vatican crest "Studio Del Mosaico No. 5994 Rev. Fabbrica Di S. Pietro In Vaticano" in a giltwood frame. Overall: 31 x 21 inches Sight: 23 3/4 x 14 inches. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

Lot 195: English Silver 4-piece Tea and Coffee Set, Neoclassical style, consisting of Teapot, Coffee Pot, Sugar and Creamer. Each piece raised on four flared feet and having matching chased decorative floral and foliate scrolling reserves. Teapot & Coffee Pot have ivory finials and insulators. Sugar & Creamer with vermeil wash interiors. Height: Coffee Pot: 9 inches; Teapot: 6 inches.Mark: Birmingham 1955. Maker: Charles S. Green & Co. Weight: 86.93 OZT. Estimate: $2,200-$3,800






Lot 196: An abstract study in bronze of a female nude titled "The Gymnast", and numbered 4/12 on square black marble plinth, signed Julia Lord. Height overall: 24 inches. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 197: Continental specimen marble top side table, the circular top with radiating wheel of marble specimens, raised on a black marble column pedestal with sculpted decoration and tri-partite base on wood casters. Early 20th Century. Height: 30 inches Diameter: 26 ½ inches Estimate: $2,000-$4,000

Lot 197-detail.

Lot 198: C. 1951 Lowther Hegeman Reproducer Speaker with original PM4 ‘Greenback’ driver unit and Plaster of Paris front horn. ID plate reads: Permanent Magnet Unit, Type PM4, Serial No. 4108.115, The Lowther Manufacturing Co, Lowther House, St. Marks Road Bromley Kent England The cabinet is in very good condition with original metal mesh grilles over the sound openings, includes original back panels. Height: 50 inches (including legs) Length: 45 inches Depth: 21 inches Weight: 260 pounds (approximately) Estimate: $6,000-$12,000

Lot 198-detail.

Lot 199: Color Woodcut by Paul Jacoulet (French 1902-1960), “Chagrins D’Amour, Kusaie Est. Carolines”, 1940, Lady with Parrot Estimate: $500-$800

Lot 200: Color Woodcut by Paul Jacoulet (French 1902-1960), “La Soupe Aux Huitre, Chinois”, 1948, Two Chinese eating soup Estimate: $300-$500

Lot 201: Group of 3 Gerardus Mercator album maps. Engraved on laid paper and handcolored. Latin text verso. Comprising Burgundy Ducatus; Berry Ducatus; and Artesia Comitatus. 16th Century 16 x 20 inches. Estimate:

Lot 202: Art Glass Bust Stand, contemporary glass sculpture with sharded pedestal and conforming square top and base. Artist signed: Bill Meek 1996 Height: 49 ½ inches, Top: 15 x 15 inches. Estimate:

Lot 202-detail

Lot 203: (1) Bottle of 1982 Grand Vin De Chateau Latour Premier Grand Cru Classe Pauillac. (top shoulder / bottom neck). Estimate: $1,200-$1,600

Lot 204: (1) Bottle of 1979 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (bottom neck). Estimate: 600-$1,000

Lot 205: (1) Bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (bottom neck / top shoulder). Estimate: $3,000-$4,000

Lot 206: (1) Bottle of 1980 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (bottom neck). Estimate: $600-$800

Lot 207: (1) 360ml. Bottle of 1970 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (mid to top shoulder). Estimate: $400-$500

Lot 208: (1) 360ml. Bottle of 1975 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (mid to top shoulder). Estimate: $400-$500

Lot 209: (1) Bottle of 1974 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. (top shoulder). Estimate: $400-$600

Lot 210: (2) Bottles of 1976 Chateau Haut-Bailly Grand Cru Classe Graves. (bottom neck). Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 211: (3) Bottles of 1983 Chateau Cos D'Estournel Saint-Estephe (mid shoulder to mid neck). Estimate: 400-$600

Lot 212: (2) Bottles of 1982 & 1983 Chateau Mouton Baron Philippe Pauillac. (top shoulder to bottom neck). Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 213: (1) Bottle of 1961 Grand Vin Chateau Calon Montagne – St. Emilion. (bottom neck). Estimate: $200-$300

Lot 214: (1) Bottle of Grand Vin 1982 Chateau Beychevelle St. Julien. (top shoulder). Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 215: (1) 375ml. Bottle of 1985 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac. (top shoulder). Estimate: $200-$300

Lot 216: (2) Bottles of 1978 Maitre D'Estournel Bordeaux. (mid shoulder). Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 217: (2) Bottles of 1975 Chateau LaGrange Grand Cru Classe St. Julien. (bottom neck). Estimate: $140-$200

Lot 218: (3) Bottles of 1975 Chateau Pontet-Canet Pauillac. (bottom neck). Estimate: $200-$300

Lot 219: (3) Bottles of French wine; 1978 Chateau Pontet-Canet Pauilac, 1981 Chateau Talbot Saint Julien & 1982 Chateau La Cardonne Medoc. Estimate: $140-$200

Lot 220: (4) Bottles of 1997 Franciscan (Oakville Estate) red wine. (3 cabernet, 1 merlot; bottom to mid neck). Estimate: $140-$200

Lot 221: (2) Bottles of Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (1976 Georges De Latour Private Reserve and 1974 Cabernet). (bottom neck). Estimate: $160-$200

Lot 222: (2) Bottles of 1974 Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. (bottom neck). Estimate: $150-$200

Lot 223: (2) Bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon; 1979 Sterling Reserve (mid neck) & 1980 Heitz Cellar, #8759 / 33192, bottled in 1984 (mid neck). Estimate: $120-$200

Lot 224: Reed & Barton “Marlborough Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 81 pieces. Service consists of 12 Knives (2 styles – 4pcs and 8 pcs), 8 Fish Knives, 4 Butter Knives, 12 Forks, 12 Salad Forks, 6 Cocktail Forks, 4 Bouillon Spoons, 23 Teaspoons, with monograms. Weight: 72.82 OZT (NOT including 12 Knives, having sterling handles, stainless blades). Estimate: $1,800-$2,400

Lot 225: 1861 $20 Type 1 Liberty Head Gold Coin, graded "VF" by Investment Rarities Corporation. Estimate: $2,000-$2,500

Lot 225: back.

Lot 226: Iran 1 Pahlevi Gold Coin. Estimate: $400-$500

Lot 226: back.

Lot 227: 1927 $20 Walking Liberty Gold Coin, graded "MS64" by PCGS. Estimate: $1,800-$2,300

Lot 227: back

Lot 228: Iran 1 Pahlevi Gold Coin. Estimate: 400-$500

Lot 228: back.

Lot 229: 1899 $20 Liberty Head Gold Coin, graded MS60 by Nicholas J. Bruyer AMS. Estimate $1,700-$2,000

Lot 229: back.

Lot 230: 1924 $20 Walking Liberty Gold Coin, graded "MS64" by PCGS. Estimate: $1,800-$2,300

Lot 230: back

Lot 231: 1906 Gold $20 Coin, graded "MS61" by NGC Estimate: $1,700-$2,000

Lot 231: back

Lot 232: 2004 Gold American Eagle 4-Coin Set, Uncirculated, $50, $25, $10, $5 coins. Estimate: $2,800-$3,800

Lot 232: back

Lot 233: 2005 Gold Eagle $10 Coin, graded “MS70” by NGC Estimate: $800-$1,000

Lot 233: back

Lot 234: 2005 Gold Eagle $5 Coin, graded “MS70” by NGC Estimate: $400-$500

Lot 234: back

Lot 235: 3 Silver American Eagle $1 Coins, 1999, 2000, 2003 Estimate: $80-$120

Lot 235: back

Lot 236: 2003 Giant Silver Buffalo Proof, 4 Troy Ounces Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 236: back

Lot 237: 2003 Giant Silver Buffalo Proof, 4 Troy Ounces Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 237: back

Lot 238: English sterling silver 6-piece Coffee and Tea service. Hallmarked London 1933, Made for James Robinson…Fifth Avenue New York. And SG maker’s mark.  Of classical style comprising kettle on stand with burner (each piece hallmarked); coffee and tea pots; 2-handled lidded sugar bowl; open cream jug; and waste bowl. Wood handles and finials.  153.45 OZT total weight. Estimate: $ 5,000 – $7,500

Lot 239: Continental Neoclassical alabaster mantle clock. Of architectural form with gilt metal urns, columns, bow-knot and garlands, and cherub frieze decoration. White enamel dial. Time and strike movement. Circa 1900. 15 ½ x 9 ½ inches Estimate: $500- $800

Lot 240: Masons England “Chartreuse” porcelain partial dinner service, consisting of 4 rectangular serving dishes, 6 square bowls and a lidded Caddy. Total: 11 pieces. Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 241: Waterford “Lismore” Cut Crystal Water and Wine Goblets. Set consists of 8 Water and 10 Wine Goblets. Estimate: $225-$350

Lot 242: Louis Icart Etching 1925, Paris, “Coup de Vent”, female figure with two greyhounds, Les Graveurs Modernes. Estimate: $400-$800

Lot 243: WWII and Post WWII collection of: Pictures (most signed), Post Cards, Letters and drawings Compiled through the 70’s and 80’s from famous German Notorieties. The collection had been collected while doing research on a book pertaining to WWII German Pilots. Estimate: $1,800-$2,500

Lot 243: WWII and Post WWII German Collection List.

Lot 243 contd:.

Lot 243 contd:. "Erich Hartmann"

Lot 243 contd: "Neumann"

Lot 244: Albert Speer Book ‘Architektur’ – Signed with Notation to a Friend. German Publication in 1978 – ISBN 3 550 074824 Estimate: $550-$750

Lot 244: contd.

Lot 244 contd:

Lot 244 contd:

Lot 245: Neoclassical overmantle mirror. Shaped wood frame with foliate and C-scroll cresting and mirror tile border. 20th Century 48 x 55 inches Est. $300 – 500

Lot 246: American Federal style highboy. Flame mahogany veneer, swan neck pediment. The nine-drawer case raised on acanthine clad bracket feet. 20th Century 81 x 38 x 20 inches Est. $800 – 1,200

Lot 247: John Richard Italian Renaissance style coffee table with shaped lozenge top raised on scroll, finial and plinth base. Satinwood medallion and crossband decoration. Applied metal plaque European Crossroads by John Richard. 20th Century 22 x 45 x 24 inches Est. $400 - 600

Lot 248:

Cristo figure, polychrome-painted gesso over wood. Purchased in Chi Chi Castenango, Guatemala. Purportedly from an Antiguan Catholic church, the cross retained by Protestant successors. Height: 34 inches. Width: 30 ½ inches Est. $700 – 1,000

Lot 249: Lot 249 Set of 4 tall Italian Murano Glass candlesticks, having frosted fluted columns with gilt glass rimmed sockets and bases. 1 pair: 24 ½ inches 1 pair: 21 ¼ inches Est. $800 – 1,200

Lot 250: Artisan hand carved wooden whittler’s stool with molded saddle seat on 4 legs with multiple spear stretchers. Signed on underside of seat. Height: 16 inches x 19 x 14 inches Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 251: Pair of Chippendale style dining side chairs having serpentine crest rails with carved C-scroll and pierced vasiform splats, ivory upholstered seats and raised on cabriole scroll footed legs. Circa 1920
Estimate: $250-$500

Lot 252: Pair of Asian baluster vases, mounted as table lamps.Estimate: $500-$700

Lot 253: American Folk Art carved figure, handpainted hair and facial features, pronounced pierced ears, individual fingers. 19th Century Height: 22 ½ inches Estimate: $100-$400

Lot 254: Folk Art figure, standing at attention, carved from a single piece of wood. Carved hat with center embellishment, pronounced ears, nose and chin, with lightly carved eyes, mouth and fingers. Block feet. 19th Century Height: 24 ½ inches Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 255: Folk Art carved Bird of Prey, stylized feather texture on head, neck, chest and under wings, glass amber eyes, smooth beak, enhanced talons. Height: 12 inches Estimate: $300-$600

Lot 256: Chinese National List Photo, 1948 Size: 56 x 11 inches. Estimate $50-$150

Lot 257: Chinese Army Photograph 1959: Chairman Mao receiving Army Generals, includes Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai, General Zhu De. Size: 76 x 11 inches Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 257: contd.

Lot 258: Spode England “Indian Tree” porcelain set consisting of 8 Dinner Plates and a 2-Handle square serving plate. Estimate: $100-$300

Lot 259: American mahogany Pembroke table fitted single frieze drawer at one end. The drop leaves rest on winged supports. Raised on round turned legs. Late 19th Century 28 x 45 x 32 inches extended Est. $300 - $600

Lot 260: Summer Quilt, yellow and natural cotton with Star & Floral center pattern, scalloped Tulip border. Approximately 7 to 8 stitches per square inch. Circa 1930 Size: 77 x 77 inches approximately. Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 261 Red, white and blue diamond block with red tree centers, each tree square 10 x 10 ½ inches with 2 ¾ inch blue borders. 7 to 8 stitches per 1”. Size: 95 x 75 inches approximately. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 262: Lot 262 Gilt framed Trumeau Mirror with looking glass beneath an oil on canvas upper panel. Continental school depicting harbor scene with sailing ships. 18th Century. Overall size: 43” x 33” approx. Estimate:

Lot 262: detail

Lot 263: 50 State Embroidered Block Quilt with embroidered year State became a State, State Bird, Flowers and shape of State. Total of 56 blocks, each block 9 x 9 ½ inches with lime green 2 ¼ inch borders. Size: 91 x 81 ½ inches approximately. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 264: French open cutter Sleigh fitted with two bent seats, solid runners black painted wood with burgundy upholstery and chased silver metal rails.
Circa 1838
Height: 46 inches; Length: 72 inches; Width: 44 inches
Estimate: $800-$1,500

Lot 265: Georgian style inlaid mahogany double pedestal dining table. Two tops tilting over a baluster turned support issuing three splay legs with metal paw caps and casters, and with one leaf. 19th century 72 x 48 inches extended With a set of 6 Chippendale style dining chairs raised on Marlboro legs, and having ivory upholstered seats. Comprising 5 side chairs and 1 armchair. Est. $1,500 - $2,500

Lot 266: Chippendale style mahogany swing-leg drop leaf dining table. Rectangular top raised on cabriole legs ending in castered claw and ball feet, joined by shaped apron. 19th Century. 29 ½ x 52 x 54 inches open.
EstImate. $200 - $400.

Lot 267 Chinese snuff bottle, multi-color overlay glass bottle carved with lotus flowers and foliage over a bubble suffused ground Est. $200 – 400

Lot 268: 3 Chinese glass snuff bottles, cut to clear with reverse painted flora and fauna decoration Est. $300 – 500

Lot 269: Chinese gilt silver and champleve snuff bottle decorated with filigree, turquoise and coral beadwork Est. $200 – 400

Lot 270: 2 Chinese enameled metal snuff bottles, bottle form decorated with bird in foliage. Est. $300 – 400

Lot 271: Chinese carved ivory snuff bottle, carved as head of Buddha, signed. Est. $300 – 500

Lot 272: Chinese carved jade snuff bottle, modeled as a rat on a flowering gourd with gemstone gourd stem stopper. Est. $400 – 600

Lot 273: Chinese snuff bottle, blue double gourd form with champleve embellishment and enameled leaf top Est: $250 – 350

Lot 274: Chinese agate snuff bottle, flattened vasiform, mottled green, browns and white veined stone. Est. $250 – 350

Lot 275: Chinese snuff bottle, intricately carved with figures in pavilion landscapes Est. $ 200 – 300

Lot 276: 2 Chinese enameled metal snuff bottles, with jadeite cabochon stopper tops Est. $ 300 – 400

Lot 277: 2 Chinese lacquer hand-held face screens with gilt and mother of pearl inlay Circa 1900
Est. $250 - 450

Lot 278: Tiffany & Co. sterling silver oil can form applicator Height: 4 inches 1.21 ozt Est. $100 – 200

Lot 279: Gilt metal jeweled dresser casket, finely chased overall with arabesque, Bacchanalian masks, script and openwork decoration. The hinged lid bejeweled with ass orted faceted and cabochon gemstones. Raised on bun feet. Marked verso: Handmade Germany and encircled maker’s mark. 2 ½ x 8 ¼ x 5 ½ inches Est. $300 – 500

Lot 280: Continental silver and vermeil magnifying glass cast with lion’s head handle. The lion with glass eyes and open mouth. Worn presentation sentiment ….West Wickham Kent…From H.S…… Fitted with long O-link chain. Circa 1900. Length 10 inches Estimate: $200 – 400

Lot 281: English sterling silver dome form Desk Bell with openwork, scroll chasing and deep gadroon skirting on circular ebonized wood base. The conforming corona finial twists to chime the bell. Hallmarked Birmingham Maker: George R. Unite, Birmingham “Patent 4001” Date: 1931 Height: 4 ½ inches Height: 4 1/2 inches. Estimate: $200-$400

Lot 282: Pair of Mintons, England, neoclassical style miniature porcelain Vases, Pate Sur Pate decoration, brown ground with gilt detail. Circa 1900 Height: 3 ½ inches, Diameter: 4 inches. Estimate: $150-$300

Lot 283: Lot 283 19th Century Chinese Gourd Cricket Cage, molded gourd body surmounted by a reticulated cover. Height: 6 inches Estimate: $150-$350

Lot 284: Regency style mahogany Dining Set, includes a signature double pedestal table, set of 12 carved mahogany upholstered chairs, 10 side chairs and 2 armchairs and a matching sideboard. Manufactured by E.J. Victor, North Carolina. Estimate: $7,000-$10,000

Lot 284: Sideboard (with Dining Set)

Lot 285: Contemporary glass top table with six grand gold Swan supports on a hexagonal black enamel plinth, conforming hexagonal glass top, ¾” thick and etched Iris and ribbon decoration. Includes 12 upholstered chairs and a marble-lacquer Lazy-Susan. Diameter: 108 inches; Lazy Susan: 60 inches $5000-$7000

Lot 286: Kimball Baby Grand Piano Estimate: $500-$1,000

Lot 287: Elissa Glassgold “Realistic” Child Doll, red wig, blue glass eyes, finely sculptured features, open mouth, upper teeth. Height: 28 inches Estimate: $300-$600

Lot 288: Handcrafted Ophelia Doll signed by creater Shipman 1996/9/20. Height: 13 inches Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 289 Circa 1930’s Boudoir Doll in white satin dress and bonnet. Estimate: $100-$200

Lot 290: Armand Marseilles bisque head doll. Blonde wig, fine feather stroked brows andlashes, dark brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, dimple chin, on fully jointed composition body. Back of head impressed: “390 A.15.N GERMANY” Estimate: $300-$600

Lot 291: German Bisque shoulder head doll. marked 154 / 15. Kestner. Sleep brown glass eyes, open mouth 4-teeth old possible human hair wig. Original plaster pate. Kid body with bisque lower arms, jointed hips and knees. Body has discolorations and wear around joints some rust on metal pins, one screw missing slight tearing and slight saw dust leakage. Wearing blue dress slip and socks. Face is very nice without blemishes or rubs. Circa 1910 Height: 29 inches. Estimate $100-$300

Lot 292 German bisque head doll by Bergman marked 1916 / 14 on back of head. Socket head on ball jointed composition body. Open mouth no teeth, carton pate. She does come with blue glass sleep eyes, they are not attached to head. They need to be placed back into the head. Composition body, has wear around joints and neck, appears to be original finish, stringing is a tad tight. Right foot has crazing on big toe. Left foot has paint chipping and heel has collapsed . She is wearing an antique sailers uniform, absolutely darling and a blue hat what matches well but does not belong to the dress. She has matching blue under pants, with repairs. Antique black shoes. and long socks. As found condition. Circa 1910 Height: 31 inches Estimate: $150 – 400

Lot 293: Kestner bisque socket head Doll with light brown human hair wig, heavy stroked brows and lashes, blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth/upper teeth. Back of head impressed: Made in Germany L½, 15 ½ 171. On composition jointed body. Height: 30 inches Estimate : $300-$500