Absentee Bidder Application

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Absentee Bidder Application

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By filling out this form you are agreeing to DGW Auctioneers Terms and Conditions.


    1. DGW Auctioneers is hereby authorized to bid on the following lots up to the price stated. DGW Auctioneers will obtain the article(s) as reasonably as possible, (as though I were present, bidding for myself).

    2. All items are sold AS-IS. No guarantee is given or implied.

    3. All Buyers will be charged Buyer's Premium and Sales Tax (if applicable) on all purchases.

    4. Auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid or, at his discretion, put any disputed lot up again for auction.

    5. Buyers are responsible for their purchase after the auctioneer accepts the bid.

    6. DGW Auctioneers assumes no responsibility for failure to execute these bids for any reason.

    7. All phone bids will open with a $60.00 bid, charged to phone bidder, barring lots with greater estimates.

    8. By Clicking the "Next Increment" check box below, you are giving DGW Auctioneers authorization to bid once more on your behalf, in case of a competing bid. For example, if your bid amount is $600 and you check the Next Highest Increment box, if there's a competing bid at $650, DGW Auctioneers will bid $700 on your behalf.

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