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Saturday September 30, 2023 10:00am

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Friday, September 29, 2023, 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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Quality Estate Furniture · Antique Furniture · Contemporary Furniture · Glass, Porcelain, Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Books & Children's Books · Collectibles · Guns · Toys & Dolls · Coins & Stamps · Tools & Machinery · Fine Linens & Textiles · Fine & Costume Jewelry

Lot 1: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bowl.
Lot 2: Sterling Silver Creamer, Sugar & Irish Silver Waste Bowl.
Lot 3: Old Newbury Crafters Sterling Silver Flatware, 60 Pieces.
Lot 4: Tiffany & Co. Italy Sterling Silver Dresser Box.

Lot 5: Group of (16) Danish Silver Spoons.
Lot 6: Edward Lees 1807 English Silver Berry Spoon.
Lot 7: (5) Early 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Plates.
Lot 8: (2) Early 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Covered Sauce Bowls.

Lot 9: Worcester Royal Lily Large Oval Platter.
Lot 10: (3) 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Dishes.
Lot 11: (2) 19th C. Mason's Covered Sauce Bowls with Plates.
Lot 12: Saint-Louis Crystal "Cactus" Art Glass Paperweight.

Lot 13: Reuge Swiss 3.144 Music Box, The Dauphin.
Lot 14: Reuge Swiss 3.72 Grand Piano Music Box.
Lot 15: Pair of 18K Gold Cuff Links and Single 14K Cuff Link.
Lot 16: Longines Master Moonphase Automatic Watch.

Lot 17: 1979 Canada $100 Dollars Gold Coin.
Lot 18: Yellow Gold Rectangular Pin (Tests 14K).
Lot 19: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Mauve, Red & Purple.
Lot 20: Leroy Nieman Limited Edition Serigraph, Cafe Rive Gauche.

Lot 21: Eyvind Earle Presentation Proof Serigraph, Beauty Breaks at Dawn.
Lot 22: Isaac Maimon Acrylic on Canvas, Women at Cafe.
Lot 23: Jim Buckels Limited Edition Serigraph, Seventh Torii.
Lot 24: Eyvind Earle Limited Edition Serigraph, Mystic Mountain.

Lot 25: (4) Bottles of 2007 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 26: (2) Bottles of 2004 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 27: (4) Bottles of 2008 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 28: (6) Bottles Assorted 2013 Ridge Zinfandel.

Lot 29: (6) Bottles Assorted 2009 Ridge Zinfandel.
Lot 30: (2) Bottles of 2009 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 31: (4) Bottles of 2012 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 32: Ellamarie Woolley Enameled Copper Wall Hanging #496.

Lot 33: 1987 Jaguar XJ6 4-Door Sedan.
Lot 34: 19th C. Indian Bhuj Axe.
Lot 35: 19th C. Indian Ram-Dao Sacrificial Sword.
Lot 36: 19th C. Indo-Persian Tabar Axe.

Lot 37: 18th C. Indian Pata Gauntlet Sword.
Lot 38: 19th C. Indian Katar Push Dagger.
Lot 39: 18th C. Indo-Persian Hooded Katar Dagger.
Lot 40: 18th C. Indo-Persian Gada Mace.

Lot 41: 19th C. Afghan Pulwar Sword and Scabbard.
Lot 42: 19th C. Mughal Matchlock Musket.
Lot 43: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 44: 19th C. Mughal Bow and Arrows.

Lot 45: 18th C. Partisan Spear Head.
Lot 46: 19th C. Indo-Persian Gurz Spiked Mace.
Lot 47: 19th C. Indio-Persian Dahl Shield.
Lot 48: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Beyond Paradise.

Lot 49: Ting Shao Kuang Serigraph, Echoes.
Lot 50: Mark Keller Giclee, Dolores Park.
Lot 51: 14K Italy 2-Tone Gold Choker.
Lot 52: Pair of 18K Yellow Gold Pierced Clip Back Earrings.

Lot 53: 18K Italy Yellow Gold Leaf Brooch.
Lot 54: 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet.
Lot 55: Pair of Tiffany & Co. 18K, Onyx & Mother-of-Pearl Earrings.
Lot 56: 14K Case Back Ladies' Vintage Locket Watch.

Lot 57: Pair of Yellow Gold, Pearl and Diamond Earrings.
Lot 58: French Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze "Elephant" Mantel Clock.
Lot 59: Large Hummel Figure, Merry Wanderer, with box.
Lot 60: Gaston Leroux Bronze, Seated Man Reading a Book.

Lot 61: (18) Justice League and (2) Sub-Mariner Comic Books.
Lot 62: (2) Comics; The New Gods Issue 1 & Kamandi Issue 1.
Lot 63: (6) Moon Knight and (3) Marvel Premeire Iron Fist Comics.
Lot 64: (45) Classic Comic Books inc. Radioactive Man.

Lot 65: (4) Classic Comic Books.
Lot 66: (9) Comic Books .
Lot 67: (2) Comic Page Posters, Numbered and Signed "Whiterby".
Lot 68: Antique Bohemian Gilt and Enameled Decanter.

Lot 69: Turkish Silver Metal and Brass Pen Box (Divit).
Lot 70: Continental Amethyst Glass Gilt Painted Decanter.
Lot 71: Signed Paul McCartney Photograph.
Lot 72: Fossilized Mastodon Jaw, Mongolia.

Lot 73: Circa 1800 Carved Wood & Gesso Santos Figure.
Lot 74: Eric Isenburger Oil on Canvas, Still Life, Vase with Flowers.
Lot 75: Eric Isenburger Oil on Canvas, Interior with Flowers, 1964.
Lot 76: Pair of 19th C. Indo-Persian Bazuband Armor.

Lot 77: 19th C. Indo-Persian Tabar Axe with Dagger.
Lot 78: 19th C. Moro Kampilan Sword.
Lot 79: 19th C. Moro Kalis Sword.
Lot 80: 19th C. Ottoman Yatagan Sword.

Lot 81: 19th C. Persian Khanjar Dagger.
Lot 82: 19th C. Indian Single Blade Mace.
Lot 83: 19th C. Indian Khanda Sword.
Lot 84: 18th C. Indian Sang / Spear Head.

Lot 85: 19th C. Ottoman Miquelet Flintlock Castle Rifle.
Lot 86: 19th C. Indo-Persian Flintlock Rifle.
Lot 87: 19th C. Indo-Persian handled Spear.
Lot 88: 19th C. Indio-Persian Dhal Shield.

Lot 89: 19th C. Tibetan Horse Saddle and Breast Collar.
Lot 90: Russian Imperial Silver Belt, 84 Fineness Mark.
Lot 91: Indo Persian Silver Belt.
Lot 92: Semi-Antique Kazak Runner.

Lot 93: Antique Kazak Rug.
Lot 94: Antique Caucasian Rug.
Lot 95: Chinese Quartz Lidded Vessel.
Lot 96: Chinese Carved Jade Miniature Vessel.

Lot 97: Chinese Carved Rock Crystal Duck Figure.
Lot 98: Chinese Carved Spinach Jade Lidded Vessel.
Lot 99: Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold & Amethyst Ring.
Lot 100: Yellow Gold Filigree and Opal Necklace.

Lot 101: Ladies' Gold, Diamond and Opal Cocktail Ring.
Lot 102: Victorian Diamond & Onyx Mourning Pendant Necklace.
Lot 103: (2) Bottles of 2006 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 104: (3) Bottles of 2010 Ridge Montebello.

Lot 105: (2) Bottles of 2015 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 106: (4) Bottles of 2013 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 107: 1981 Chateau Montelena Cabernet & 1987 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 108: (3) Bottles of Santa Cruz Mountains Cuvee of 2004.

Lot 109: 3 Liter Bottle, 2001 Ridge California Geyserville. Signed Label.
Lot 110: (2) Bottles of 2011 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 111: 17th c. German Poleaxe.
Lot 112: 18th c. Indo-Persian Plate & Chainmail Armor.

Lot 113: Pair of 18th c. Plate Armor Greaves.
Lot 114: 17th c. Lucerne Hammer Polearm.
Lot 115: Medieval Foot Soldier’s Helmet.
Lot 116: 19th c. Indo-Persian Leather Dhal Shield.

Lot 117: 19th c. Imperial Russian Calvary Sword.
Lot 118: U.S. Navy Officers Dress Sword and Scabbard.
Lot 119: British Martini-Henry P.1876 Rifle Bayonet.
Lot 120: Inoue Katsukiyo Japanese Tachi Sword.

Lot 121: Andre Soualle 19th C. French Music Box.
Lot 122: (2) Swiss Music Boxes, Reuge & Thorens.
Lot 123: Cast Metal Zeus Head Wall Hanging.
Lot 124: Cast Bronze Allah's Prayer Plaque.

Lot 125: M. Nardini Remington Design Bronze Plaque.
Lot 126: Tiafeng Jiang Limited Edition on Canvas, A Spring Rhyme.
Lot 127: Tiafeng Jiang Limited Edition on Canvas, Dragon Bride.
Lot 128: Rene Gruau Lithograph Poster, Marcelle Griffon.

Lot 129: Rene Gruau Lithograph Poster, Bemberg, La Fodera.
Lot 130: Patrick Nagel Signed Poster, Mother Earth's Paris.
Lot 131: Patrick Nagel Special Proof Signed Poster, Just Looking.
Lot 132: Ting Shao Kuang Serigraph, Running Sand River.

Lot 133: Ting Shao Kuang Serigraph, Best Wishes.
Lot 134: (12) Classic Comic Books.
Lot 135: (28) Classic Captain America Comics.
Lot 136: (28) Classic Comic Books.

Lot 137: (33) X-Men Vol. 1 Comic Books.
Lot 138: (20) Classic Flash Comic Books.
Lot 139: (21) Deadpool Comic Books.
Lot 140: Mark Keller Oil on Canvas, Cello by a Window.

Lot 141: Jim Buckels Canvas Print, Nocturne.
Lot 142: Mark Keller Giclee, A Glass of Red.
Lot 143: 1982 Gibson Les Paul Artisan 6-String Guitar.
Lot 144: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special 6-String Guitar.

Lot 145: LGB 2017 Steam Locomotive & Tender in Box.
Lot 146: (5) LGB Model Train Cars in Boxes.
Lot 147: LGB 22401 Goods Train Set with Box.
Lot 148: (4) LGB Model Train Cars in Boxes.

Lot 149: LGB 22801 DR Steam Locomotive in Box.
Lot 150: (4) LGB Model Train Cars in Boxes.
Lot 151: LGB Freight Starter Set, Track & Accessories.
Lot 152: Set of (22) 19th C. Spanish Ceramic Tarot Tiles.

Lot 153: "The Standard Bearer" Contemporary Belgium Tapestry.
Lot 154: Chinese Rosewood Bar Cabinet.
Lot 155: Chinese Carved Wood Camphor Chest.
Lot 156: Chinese Carved Rosewood and Jade Wall Plaque.

Lot 157: Chinese Carved Rosewood Desk.
Lot 158: Chinese Carved 2-door Tall Wardrobe Cabinet.
Lot 159: Oriental Rosewood Dining Table with 6 Chairs.
Lot 160: (2) Late 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Toggles.

Lot 161: Late 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Ring & Holder.
Lot 162: (3) Chinese Jade Fine Carvings, 20th C.
Lot 163: Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Figure of a Beauty.
Lot 164: (2) 19th C. Chinese Carved Pale Yellow Jade Pendants.

Lot 165: (3) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Toggles.
Lot 166: 17th / 18th C. European Goosewing Axe.
Lot 167: 17th / 18th C. European Glaive / Polearm Blade.
Lot 168: 17th / 18th C. European Pike.

Lot 169: Near Eastern Bronze Short Sword.
Lot 170: Near Eastern Bronze Age Axe.
Lot 171: Near Eastern Bronze Age Spearhead.
Lot 172: (3) 18th / 19th C. Indo-Persian Daggers.

Lot 173: 18th / 19th C. Persian Shamshir.
Lot 174: 19th C. Ottoman Yatagan Sword.
Lot 175: 19th C. Indo-Persian Shield, Brace and Spearhead.
Lot 176: 17th C. Ottoman / Turkish Kalkan Shield.

Lot 177: Franciscan Desert Rose Dinner Service and Stemware.
Lot 178: (19) Baccarat Montaigne Water and Wine Stems.
Lot 179: (12) Waterford Crystal Tumblers & (10) Cocktail Stems.
Lot 180: (2) Delft Porcelain Chargers, Seven Provinces & Windmill.

Lot 181: Rosenthal Classic "Sais" Porcelain Dinner Service, 67 Pieces.
Lot 182: Jacquard Loom Style Coverlet.
Lot 183: 19th C. Mahogany 6-Drawer Writing Chest.
Lot 184: 19th C. Mahogany Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 185: Mahogany Single Door Linen Cabinet.
Lot 186: Hancock & Moore Leather Armchair & Ottoman.
Lot 187: Gilt Framed Beveled Mirror.
Lot 188: Set of (8) Oak Rush Seated Ladder Back Chairs.

Lot 189: 19th C. Pine 2-Door, 2-Drawer Cupboard.
Lot 190: Staffordshire Liberty Blue Porcelain Dinner Service, 62 Pieces.
Lot 191: Vintage Size 4/4 Cello, Probably German Origin.
Lot 192: Lefin Cello Bowl.

Lot 193: Vintage Size 7/8 Cello, Probably German Origin.
Lot 194: Vintage "Sanitary" Postage Stamp Dispenser.
Lot 195: Toledo Scale Co. Model 78 Vintage Scale.
Lot 196: National Cash Register Model 211 Cash Register.

Lot 197: Lane Brothers "The Swift Mill" Coffee Grinder.
Lot 198: Bonanza Vintage Apple Peeler.
Lot 199: Wallace "Rose Point" Sterling Silver Flatware, 65 Pieces.
Lot 200: GR Sterling Silver 5-PC Coffee & Tea Set.

Lot 201: Century "Orleans" Sterling Silver Flatware Service, 47 Pieces.
Lot 202: Hermes Birkin Bag, Birkin 40.
Lot 203: (3) Bottles French Bordeaux Wine.
Lot 204: 1982 Heitz Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lot 205: (3) Bottles French Chateauneuf-Du-Pape Wine.
Lot 206: (5) Bottles Bordeaux Style Red Wine Blends.
Lot 207: 1986 Chateau Climens Sauternes-Barsac.
Lot 208: Spotswoode And Clos Du Val Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lot 209: 1997 Silver Oak Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.
Lot 210: Thomas Fogarty Single Vineyard Selection Pinot Noir.
Lot 211: (4) Bottles Assorted Duckhorn Merlot.
Lot 212: Mid Century Modern Walnut 4-Door Credenza.

Lot 213: Modernist Rectangular Coffee Table.
Lot 214: Modernist Purple Swan Chair.
Lot 215: Swedish Teak Dining Table and 7 Modernist Chairs.
Lot 216: Mid Century Teak Minerva Style Side Table.

Lot 217: Mid Century Modern Walnut 4-Door Sideboard.
Lot 218: FBJ Danish Modern Nightstand & A Stool
Lot 219: McGuire Furniture 2 Chairs and Ottoman Set.
Lot 220: McGuire Furniture Side Chair and a Round Table.

Lot 221: Patrick Nagel Signed Artist Proof, Heidi.
Lot 222: Patrick Nagel Limited Edition Serigraph, Great Dane.
Lot 223: Patrick Nagel Signed Artist Proof, Woman with a Phone Cord.
Lot 224: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Fire Magic.

Lot 225: The Complete Christmas Card Art of Eyvind Earle.
Lot 226: Collection of Vintage Marbles.
Lot 227: Group of Vintage Marbles.
Lot 228: (2) Stuart Devlin London Silver Goblets.

Lot 229: Vintage Book Form Decanter and Glass Set.
Lot 230: (7) Volumes, The Oriental Annual, 1834 - 1840.
Lot 231: Tibetan Thangka on Silk.
Lot 232: (3) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Animals.

Lot 233: 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Qilin.
Lot 234: (2) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Pendants.
Lot 235: (4) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Animals.
Lot 236: Chinese Carved Green Jade Tablet.

Lot 237: Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Long Ladle.
Lot 238: (3) Chinese Porcelain Figures.
Lot 239: Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Ginger Jar.
Lot 240: (8) Chinese Lidded Boxes and a Lid.

Lot 241: Pair of Chinese Ancestral Portraits.
Lot 242: Chinese Embroidered Silk Textile of a Wise Man.
Lot 243: (2) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Figures.
Lot 244: (3) 19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Animals.

Lot 245: 19th C. Chinese Cloisonne Double Handled Censer.
Lot 246: Chinese Carved White Nephrite Jade Bracelet.
Lot 247: (8) Sybil Connolly for Tiffany & Co. Porcelain Dessert Plates.
Lot 248: (12) Minton's Cobalt Blue & Gilt Dinner Plates.

Lot 249: Howard Miller 610-814 Grandfather Clock.
Lot 250: Pair of Elle Salotti Export Black Leather Chairs.
Lot 251: Continental Oak & Mixed Woods Bedroom Set.
Lot 252: Contemporary Oriental Style Single Drawer Side Table.

Lot 253: Japanese 2-section Mizuya Tansu Kitchen Cabinet.
Lot 254: Oriental Rosewood Low Table.
Lot 255: Chinese Suzhou Silk Panel, Lion in Mountain Landscape.
Lot 256: Chinese Gilt Decorated Wood Long Panel.

Lot 257: Georgian Style Secretary Bookcase.
Lot 258: Empire Furn. Italian Style Sideboard.
Lot 259: Set of (8) Chippendale Style Mahogany Dining Chairs.
Lot 260: 19th C. English Mahogany Secretary.

Lot 261: Chrome & Drop Crystal 18-Light Chandelier.
Lot 262: Carved Black Forest Boar's Head Wall Hanging.
Lot 263: Chinese Carved Wood Figure of a Warrior.
Lot 264: (3) Murano Art Glass Paperweights.

Lot 265: (4) Caithness Art Glass Paperweights.
Lot 266: (3) Art Glass Paperweights.
Lot 267: Royal Copenhagen "Quaking Grass" Porcelain Dinner Service, 116 Pcs.
Lot 268: Contemporary Upholstered Sofa and Armchair.

Lot 269: Hickory Business Furniture Oval Side Table.
Lot 270: MCM Style Teak Square Glass Top Table.
Lot 271: Vaclav Niedermertl, Model of Steamer Ship Eureka.
Lot 272: Billy Merkosak "Spiritual Faces" Sculpture.

Lot 273: Sligh Furniture Double Pedestal Desk.
Lot 274: Provincial Style Oak Dining Set.
Lot 275: (32) The Avengers Comic Books
Lot 276: (44) Classic Marvel Comic Books.

Lot 277: (48) DC Comic Books
Lot 278: (32) Marvel Comic Books.
Lot 279: (1) Wonder Woman Comic signed. (33) Comic Books
Lot 280: (34) Comic Books

Lot 281: (31) Comic Books inc. Batman, Spawn, Spider-Man.
Lot 282: (75) Modern Age Spider-Man Comics.
Lot 283: (45) X-Force Comic Books.
Lot 284: Contemporary Fruitwood Dining Table & 8 Chairs.

Lot 285: 19th C. Mahogany Secretary Bookcase.
Lot 286: Walnut 2-Drawer, Marble Top Washstand.
Lot 287: Louis XV Style Transitional Trumeau Mirror.
Lot 288: Assembled Georgian Style Low Boy Desk.

Lot 289: English Mahogany Bedside Tray-Top Cupboard.
Lot 290: Regency Style Mahogany Revolving Top Drum Table.
Lot 291: Gadi Fraiman Marble Sculpture, "Bull".
Lot 292: Saverio Pastor Carved Wood Forcola Sculpture.

Lot 293: 1920s Mahogany 3-Drawer Chest.
Lot 294: Georgian Style Oak Chest of Drawers.
Lot 295: Videl Aguela Santo Domingo Pot.
Lot 296: Makah Nation Pictorial Woven Basket.

Lot 297: (2) Acoma Pottery Fine-line Decorated Jars.
Lot 298: Jicarilla Apache Large Olla.
Lot 299: Wedgwood Ferrara Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 300: Mahogany Chippendale Style Dining Table and 4 Chairs.

General Estate Highlights
are listed below:

Lot 301: (2) Dresden Lace Porcelain Figural Groups.
Lot 302: Ebba Von Wachenfeldt Swedish Art Glass Vase. 11.5" Tall.
Lot 303: Set Of (5) Limoges Consomme Bowls And Saucers & A Bowl.
Lot 304: (3) Sterling Rimmed Flintridge Porcelain Cabinet Plates. Wild Life Motif. 12.5" Dia.

Lot 305: Set Of (7) Thomas Bavaria Porcelain Consomme Bowls And Plates.
Lot 306: (2) Crystal Decanters Incl. Baccarat.
Lot 307: Pair Of Waterford Crystal Sea Horse Candlesticks.
Lot 308: Royal Crown Derby Imari Style Footed Center Bowl. 6.5" H, 12" Dia.

Lot 309: Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Bicentennial Center Bowl, 1775 - 1975. 6" H, 13" Dia.
Lot 310: Sterling Silver Reticulated Footed Dish. 8.5" Dia.
Lot 311: Schlatz "Royal Mariner" Brass Wall Clock.
Lot 312: 6-Pc Vanity Set Incl. 2 Sterling Rimmed Combs.

Lot 313: Pair Of Weighted Sterling Candlesticks, Coaster And A Cigarette Holder.
Lot 314: S. Chidoti Marble / Hard Stone Sculpture, Deer And Fawn. Signed S. Chidoti. 29.5" X 11".
Lot 315: Chinese Famille Rose Centerpiece Bowl. 6" X 14 3/4" Marked Made In China (Red).
Lot 316: Art Deco 3-Drawer Sideboard With 2 Glass Doors.

Lot 317: (2) Oriental Style Cylindrical Porcelain Table Lamps.
Lot 318: Stanley Furniture Mid Century China Cabinet With 5 Drawers And 2 Lower Doors.
Lot 319: Pair Of Mixed Woods Stepped Octagonal Pedestal Stands With Spindle Center. 34.5" Tall.
Lot 320: Oriental Style Green Lacquer Lidded Box On Stand.

Lot 321: Oriental Style Desk Top Storage Chest.
Lot 322: Bill Jones Whalebone And Baleen Sculpture, Dancer And Inua Spirit. 15" X 24" X 8".
Lot 323: Bausch & Lomb Microscope With Case And Accessories.
Lot 324: Copper Ewer And A Copper Cauldron.

Lot 325: Chinese Abacus Table Lamp And Rattan Wedding Basket.
Lot 326: Group Of (8) Ikebana And Other Artisan Baskets.
Lot 327: Framed Print, Animals Embarking The Arc. Overall: 32" X 36".
Lot 328: Dark Brown / Red Glazed Porcelain Table Lamp.

Lot 329: Pair Of Continental Porcelain And Lace Lady Figural Table Lamps. 33" Tall Overall.
Lot 330: 1940s Maple 3-Drawer Mirrored Dresser On Casters.
Lot 331: Circa 1840s Federal Style Mahogany Mirror With Eagle Crest.
Lot 332: Framed Asian Print On Silk, Mountain River Landscape, Signed.

Lot 333: Metal Dual Candleholder Of Elephant Under Palm Trees And Metal Centerpiece Basket.
Lot 334: Travertine Bust Plinth. 12" X 12" X 39".
Lot 335: Oak 4-Door Breakfront Bookcase With Barley Twist Stretchers.
Lot 336: Walnut Butler's Tray Table.

Lot 337: Mahogany Metamorphic Library Step.
Lot 338: Mid Century Modern Rosewood Magazine Table With Leather Holders.
Lot 339: Remo Weather King Banjo.
Lot 340: Antique Tansu Door With Metal Hardware. 12 1/2" X 13".

Lot 341: Tiffany Style Leaded Glass Lamp Shade. 20" Dia.
Lot 342: Bev Doolittle Limited Edition Framed Print, Horses In Winter 24.5" X 51" O/A.
Lot 343: Japanese Imari Style Porcelain Partial Dinner Service.
Lot 344: Circa 1920s Oak Mirror Back Sideboard With Serpentine Top, 3 Drawers And 2 Doors.

Lot 345: Vintage Brass Torchere Floor Lamp.
Lot 346: Continental Style Triple Glass Door 3-Drawer Display Cabinet.
Lot 347: Oriental Altar Top Tansu Small Chest.
Lot 348: Rogers Bros. "Precious Rose" Silver Plate Flatware Service In Casket.

Lot 349: Tiffany Style Leaded Glass Lamp Shade, Dragonfly Motif. 24" Dia.
Lot 350: Modernist Raku Pottery Dragon Egg Form Vase, Signed Gustavson. 18" X 24" X 21".
Lot 351: Baker Furniture Burl Walnut 3-Drawer Chest.
Lot 352: Set Of (4) Hermes Airedale Terrier Plates.

Lot 353: Set Of (4) Waterford Marquis All Purpose Goblets, Brookside Pattern.
Lot 354: Pair Of Oviform Glass Paperweights. 7" Tall.
Lot 355: (4) Waterford Crystal Items; 2 Bowls, Sleigh & Decanter Stopper.
Lot 356: Set Of (5) Thomas Bavaria Porcelain Cabinet Plates.

Lot 357: (2) Shelves Of Books.
Lot 358: Oriental Hand Knotted Silk Rug With Black Ground. 5'2" X 2'6"
Lot 359: Gilt Framed Beveled Mirror. 50" X 38".
Lot 360: Set Of (8) Demitasse Cups And Saucers. From The Private Collection Of Georges Briard.

Lot 361: Oriental Porcelain Table Lamp With Midnight Blue Glaze, Flowers And Bird Of Paradise.
Lot 362: Mahogany Panel Front 2-Door Sideboard.
Lot 363: Drexel Continental Style Parquet Side Table.
Lot 364: Leaded And Slag Glass Hanging Light Fixture.

Lot 365: Baluster Form Vase With Grey Crackle Glaze. 24" Tall.
Lot 366: Henredon Single Drawer End Table.
Lot 367: Drexel Contemporary Oak Drop Front Secretaire.
Lot 368: Ethan Allen Mahogany 11-Drawer Philadelphia Chest.

Lot 369: Vintage Hand Painted Wag-On- Wall Weight Driven Wall Clock.
Lot 370: Shelf Of Coffee Table And Art Books.
Lot 371: Pair Of Henredon 2-Section 4-Shelf Bookcase Cabinets.
Lot 372: Chinoiserie Yellow And White Table And Mirror Set.

Lot 373: Mahogany Dining Table With 6 Leaves And 12 Associated Chairs.
Lot 374: Noritake "Goldkin" Porcelain Dinner Service, 64 Pcs.
Lot 375: Michael Parkes Giclee, Circus Memories. 27 1/2" X 22". Framed.
Lot 376: Jon Rattenbury Limited Edition Giclee On Paper, "Sea Of Dreams". 34" X 46".

Lot 377: (11) Hand Painted Porcelain Luncheon Plates.
Lot 378: Framed Joanna Zjawinska Serigraph, Night Games, #230/275. Signed. 36" X 48" O/A.
Lot 379: (2) Royal Doulton Balloon People Figures And (3) Lladro Bells In Boxes.
Lot 380: Chinese Glaze Porcelain Table Lamp With Floral Decoration.

Lot 381: Late 20th C. 3-Pc Bedroom Set. Dresser, Chest And Nightstand.
Lot 382: Circa 1900 Walnut 2-Tier Dumbwaiter Table With Marble And Galleried Top.
Lot 383: Framed Heinie Hartwig Print, Lakeside Encampment, Initialed Hh, #589/800. 31" X 18" O/A.
Lot 384: Mahogany Vanity Mirror.

Lot 385: Ethan Allen Mahogany 4-Drawer Drop Front Chest.
Lot 386: Group Of Silver Metal And Other Costume Jewelry.
Lot 387: Group Of (3) Gold And Gemstone Rings. 10 Grams Total.
Lot 388: 14k Yellow Gold, Sapphire, Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring. 4.3 Grams Total.

Lot 389: Group Of Vintage Gold And Gemstone Jewelry Plus 2 Loose Gemstones. 13.4 Grams Total.
Lot 390: (2) 14k Old Rings. (Opal Cabochon With Ruby; Cultured Pearls). 8.5 Grams Total.
Lot 391: Group Of Vintage Membership Pins.
Lot 392: 14k Yellow Gold Box Link Necklace. 5.4 Grams, 11.5" Drop.

Lot 393: (2) Michael Kors Ladies' Wristwatches.
Lot 394: Cultured Gray Seed Pearl Choker Necklace With 14k Yellow Gold Clasp.
Lot 395: Group Of Sterling And Silver Metal Rings.
Lot 396: Group Of Costume Jewelry And A Sony Walkman.

Lot 397: Group Of Men's Wristwatches Incl. Charles Raymond, Kenneth Cole.
Lot 398: Group Of Vintage Lighters And Pocket Knives.
Lot 399: 10-Strand Cultured Pearl Necklace With 14k Clasp. Drop Length: 12 Inches.
Lot 400: Sterling Silver Bolo Tie With Green Hard Stone Face (2" X 1.5").

Lot 401: Silver Metal And Turquoise Snake Dancer Bolo Tie. Dancer: 3 3/4" Long.
Lot 402: (2) Ladies' Wristwatches. Stuhrling & Adrienne Vittadini
Lot 403: Group Of Wristwatches, Belt Buckles And Pocket Watches.
Lot 404: (2) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry Incl. Cuff Links, Necklaces, Watch.

Lot 405: Group Of Gold Jewelry Bits And Scrap.
Lot 406: (2) Boxes Of Costume Jewelry.
Lot 407: (48) Post 1964 Silver Half Dollars.
Lot 408: Oriental Rosewood And Floral Inlay Jewelry Box.

Lot 409: (3) Bolo Ties With Silver Bolos.
Lot 410: Contemporary Translucent Glass Top Coffee Table With Pass Through Drawers.
Lot 411: Ethan Allen Queen Anne Style Mahogany Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 6 Chairs.
Lot 412: Limoges Porcelain 8-Pc Pots De Creme Set With Tray.

Lot 413: (2) Nat King Cole Color Prints Incl. Maxfield Parrish.
Lot 414: Framed Hazel Soan Limited Edition Print, "Waterfront Ii" #342/350. Signed.
Lot 415: Capodimonte Style Porcelain Gladiator Chariot With 2 Horses. (Broken Piece Needs To Be Affixed).
Lot 416: Late 20th C. Cherry 4-Pc Bedroom Set. 9-Drawer Dresser, 5-Drawer Chest, Nightstand And Mirror.

Lot 417: Oriental Style 2-Tier End Table With 2 Drawers. 30.5" X 18.5" X 25".
Lot 418: Oriental Style Sofa Table.
Lot 419: Polychrome Ceramic Elephant Stool.
Lot 420: Group Of Tweety & Sylvester And Cinderella Shadow Box Cels And (4) Disney Character Drawings.

Lot 421: (2) Sansone Enameled Metal Bowls. 18" & 9" Dia.
Lot 422: Nourot Art Glass Ruffle Rim Centerpiece Bowl. Nourot 06. 9" X 15".
Lot 423: Silvie Lampe Von Bennigsen Bronze Sculpture Of A Standing Woman. With A Silvie Lampe Book.
Lot 424: Continental Provincial Walnut Circular Side Table. Leather Inlay Top, Carved Apron And Legs.

Lot 425: Gilt Framed Beveled Wall Mirror.
Lot 426: African Carved Wood Granary Door With Carved Wood Figural Lock. Door Carved With Spear, Snakes And Crocodiles. 58" X 29".
Lot 427: Striped Upholstered Button Seat Settee. Century Furniture
Lot 428: Continental Style Oak Armchair With Barley Twist And Turned Supports.

Lot 429: Japanese Porcelain Coffee Set.
Lot 430: Eastlake Single Drawer Table With Red Leather Inset.
Lot 431: Group Of (5) Framed Prints Incl. Robert Bateman And Group Of Unframed Prints.
Lot 432: (2) George Hurrels Hollywood Photographic Stills Of Hedy Lamar And Jane Russell. #24/110.

Lot 433: Contemporary Moorish Style 6-Light Chandelier.
Lot 434: Mahogany Tilt Top Occasional Table On Tripod Legs And Casters. 35.5" X 27".
Lot 435: Contemporary Baroque Style Painted Partial Gilt Large Display Cabinet. (2) Mirror And (2) Glass Upper Doors And 4 Lower Doors.
Lot 436: Blue Danube "Japan" Extensive Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 437: Lineage Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Drexel Heritage Chairs With Fabric Upholstered Seats.
Lot 438: Sterling Collection Large 2-Door, 2-Drawer Sideboard.
Lot 439: Pair Of Glass Luster Boudoir Lamps With Crystal Pendants.
Lot 440: Mahogany Framed High Back Sofa With Pink Cloth Upholstery.

Lot 441: Japanese Hard Wood Dining Set. Oval Extending Table And 6 Brocade And Velvet Chairs.
Lot 442: Contemporary Oak Framed Lighted Triple Display Cabinet With Leaded Glass Doors.
Lot 443: H & Co. Bavaria Gilt Rimmed Porcelain Dinner Service, 109 Pieces.
Lot 444: Victorian Style Cheval Mirror In Rocaille Carved Frame With Single Lower Drawer. Shaped Beveled Swing Mirror.

Lot 445: Walt Disney's Mulan Poster. Noel 1998. Gaumont Buena Vista International. Image: 60" X 45". Framed.
Lot 446: Contemporary Mahogany 5 Ft. Sofa Table With Open Shelves.
Lot 447: Rene Gruau Lithograph Poster, Fodere Bemberg Occhio Alla Fodera. Plate Signed. Image: 55 1/2" X 38". Framed.
Lot 448: Mahogany Federal Style 2-Shelf Open Bookcase.

Lot 449: Mahogany 2-Door Cabinet With Open Shelf.
Lot 450: Contemporary Mosaic Top Sofa Table On Metal Base.
Lot 451: Vinyl Upholstered 6 Ft. Bench.
Lot 452: Capodimonte Porcelain Figural Lamp. Seated Gent With 2 Ladies' Playing Music. With Silk Shades And Tassels.

Lot 453: Contemporary Console Table With Travertine Top And A Mirror.
Lot 454: (2) Oak Arts & Crafts Style Side Tables.
Lot 455: (4) 19th C. Engravings And A Map Incl. German Cities, Gents On Horses.
Lot 456: (2) Boxes Of Comics.

Lot 457: Brass 6-Light Chandelier.
Lot 458: (3) Shelves Of Asstd. Teacups And Saucers.
Lot 459: (3) Native American Pottery Bowls.
Lot 460: (4) Hand Blown Glass Floats. Red And 3 "Silvered".

Lot 461: Group Of Cut And Pressed Glass Tableware.
Lot 462: (8) Royal Bayreuth Bavarian Porcelain Consomme Bowls And Plates.
Lot 463: Noritake Hand Painted Porcelain Dessert Set.
Lot 464: Victorian Silver Plated Condiment Stand With Etched Glass Containers And A Pair Of Small Sterling Shakers.

Lot 465: Chippendale Style Partial Gilt And Wood Framed Wall Mirror.
Lot 466: Hand Knotted Oriental Wool Rug Pull Medallion On Terra Cotta Ground. 12'5" X 5'1".
Lot 467: Contemporary Knotted Pine Kitchen Hutch.
Lot 468: 19th C. Continental Pewter Wine Pitcher With Screw Top Lid.

Lot 469: Rococo Style Carved Wood Framed Wall Mirror.
Lot 470: Set Of (3) Gilt Metal Ceiling Lights With Crystal Drops And Mirror Back.
Lot 471: Chinese Celadon Style Crackle Glaze Fish Bowl On Stand.
Lot 472: (4) Framed Inuit Block Prints Titled "Owl", "Swimming Whale", "Ducks". Various Artists.

Lot 473: 1940s Walnut Framed Federal Style Mirror.
Lot 474: (2) Table Lamps. Cherub Base Bud Lamp With Etched Glass Shade And Hurricane Style Porcelain Lamp With Etched Glass Globe Shade.
Lot 475: Florence Hasenflug Oil On Canvas, Abstract, Bridge Over Water. Signed. 30" X 46".
Lot 476: Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rug. 4'4" X 3'2".

Lot 477: Tirschenreuth Bavarian Porcelain Consomme Bowls And Saucers (13 Bowls / 12 Saucers)
Lot 478: Mahogany 7-Drawer Highboy And A 6-Drawer Bedroom Chest.
Lot 479: Set Of (3) 19th C. Mahogany Side Chairs With Carved Crest Rail And Yellow Upholstered Seats.
Lot 480: Contemporary Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Chairs With Floral Upholstered Seats.

Lot 481: Limoges Gilt Rimmed Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 482: Rosenthal "Brocade" Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 483: Louis Xvi Style Framed Beveled Mirror With Harvest Pediment 56" X 30"
Lot 484: Pair Of Silver On Copper 3-Light Candelabra. Detaches To Single Light Candlestick. Overall: 19 1/2" X 18".

Lot 485: 1940s Mahogany Drop Front Writing Desk.
Lot 486: Small Group Of Vintage Photographic Post Cards.
Lot 487: (4) Leather Handbags. Nieman Marcus (Black), (2) Pelle (Red & Gray), Daniel Amada.
Lot 488: 4 Volumes, The History Of Art Of Writing. Manuscripts, Inscriptions And Muniments. Oriental, Classical, Medieval And Modern. Dr. Henry Smith Williams.

Lot 489: (2) Vintage Photograph Albums With Photos And Vintage Stereo Viewer Cards.
Lot 490: Group Of Optical Equipment Incl. Eyepieces And Lenses In Sealed Labeled Stock Envelopes.
Lot 491: (4) Stamp Albums With Asstd. U.S. And Foreign Stamp, Loose Stamps And An Empty Stamp Album.
Lot 492: Japanese "Princess House" Porcelain Dinner Service, Service For 8. 58 Pcs.

Lot 493: Mahogany Double Pedestal Extending Dining Table With Single Leaf And (4) Shield Back Dining Chairs
Lot 494: Sculpted Metal Palm Frond Table Lamp. 40" Tall.
Lot 495: Ethan Allen Burl Wood Side Table With Bottom Drawer.
Lot 496: Group Of Cloisonne & Porcelain Pill Boxes, Crystal Scent Bottle, Wedgwood Bell.

Lot 497: John Frame Mixed Media Abstract, "Clock" Portrait. Stamped J. Frame.
Lot 498: Group Of Asian Porcelain Small Tableware Incl. Cups, Plates, Feeders.
Lot 499: Group Of Decorative Eggs. Marble, Hard Stone And Glass.
Lot 500: Group Of Chinese Porcelain Items; Vase, 2 Lidded Pots, Blue And White Vessel And 2 Jars (No Lids).

Lot 501: Group Of Miniature Carved Animal Figures. Approx. 15.
Lot 502: Group Of (5) Jade Carvings Incl. Circular Disc, Rectangular Plaque, Toggle And 2 Figures.
Lot 503: (2) Polished Hard Stone Specimens.
Lot 504: Group Of Asian Ceramic Small Teapots And Carved Buddhist Figure.

Lot 505: Group Of (5) Cloisonne & Metal Items Incl. Large Vase (No Lid), 2 Bells, Plate.
Lot 506: Danbury Mint Sterling Silver Christmas Collector Plate.
Lot 507: Group Of (19) Clear Crystal Stemware And Tumblers Incl. 6 Villeroy & Boch.
Lot 508: (6) Art Glass Paperweights.

Lot 509: Group Of Glassware Incl. Tiffany Ice Bucket, Baccarat Decanter.
Lot 510: Staffordshire Figural Pottery Group, Bagpipe Player And Companion. 13.5" Tall.
Lot 511: Noritake Porcelain Dessert Set. Painted Landscape Decoration.
Lot 512: (6) Art Glass Paperweights.

Lot 513: Octavio Andrew Black Pottery Vessel. Squat Ovoid Form With Fine Etched Line Decoration. 2.5" X 6.5".
Lot 514: (2) Kachina Dolls, "Pahik Mana" Signed Logan Koopie; Jemez Pueblo Hidyasah Doll. 19" & 15 3/4" Tall.
Lot 515: Group Of Miniature Oriental Paintings, Paper Ephemera And Sailor's Ribbons.
Lot 516: Group Of Native American Beaded Items Incl. Hopi.

Lot 517: Sterling Silver Teapot And 2 Weighted Candlesticks. (Teapot: 20 Ozt).
Lot 518: Chinese Carved Hard Stone Horse And Egg Figures. 3" Tall
Lot 519: (6) Art Glass Paperweights.
Lot 520: Michael Negris Venice Angel Pendant With Case.

Lot 521: Group Of (8) Small Acoma And Other Pottery Vessels Incl. G. Sandia, C. Augustine.
Lot 522: African Vintage Woven Beer Pot, "Ukhumba". Berry And Root Design. 8" X 13 1/2".
Lot 523: Group Of (4) Acoma & Other Pottery Vessels Incl. Juanico.
Lot 524: Collection Of Presidential Dollars, State Quarters And 1898 Morgan Dollar Money Clip.

Lot 525: Group Of Costume Jewelry And A Jewelry Box Incl. Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets.
Lot 526: Apache Burden Basket With Hide And Tin Cone Additions. 11" Tall, 12" Wide.
Lot 527: Chinese Hard Wood And Gold Lacquer Corner Cabinet. Japanesque Style. 2 Upper And 2 Lower Doors With Courtyard And Figural Decoration. 79 Inches Tall.
Lot 528: Contemporary Country Style Drop Front Secretaire.

Lot 529: Pine Southwestern Style Armchair.
Lot 530: Oval Marble Top Coffee Table On Double Pedestal Base.
Lot 531: Provincial Style Wall Mount Display Cabinet With Wire Front.
Lot 532: Circular Wall Mirror With Carved Frame. 48" Dia.

Lot 533: (2) Groups Of French And Bavarian Hand Painted Porcelain Cabinet Plates.
Lot 534: Drexel Velero Mediterranean Style Sideboard.
Lot 535: Eastlake Marble Top Oval Side Table.
Lot 536: French Provincial Cane Back Chair And An Oak Rocker With Leather Upholstery.

Lot 537: Contemporary Chrome And Glass 4-Light Chandelier And Brass And Ceramic 3-Light Fixture.
Lot 538: (2) Framed Japanese Woodblock Prints.
Lot 539: Delft Table Lamp And 3 Blue And White Porcelain Items.
Lot 540: American Victorian 5-Drawer Chest With A Single Side Door.

Lot 541: Contemporary Metal Desk Lamp.
Lot 542: Contemporary Solid Brass Console Table With Beveled Glass Top. 7 Ft. Long.
Lot 543: (2) Mahogany Matching Stools.
Lot 544: Group Of Unframed Art Incl. Early C.W. Allers Drawings, 19th C. Prints, (2) W.C. Chia Gouaches.

Lot 545: Group Of (4) Asian Scrolls Incl. 2 Floral, 2 Landscapes With Young Ladies.
Lot 546: Walnut 2-Door Buffet With A Flatware Drawer And Storage.
Lot 547: Pair Of Hitchcock Style Cane Seat Side Chairs With Painted Floral Decoration.
Lot 548: (3) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 549: (2) Ethan Allen Mahogany Side Tables.
Lot 550: Chinese Blue And White Porcelain Long Neck Vase And Italian Ceramic Planter. 14.5" & 7" Tall.
Lot 551: Group Of Asian Carved Wood Decorative Items Incl. 4 Gilt Plaques, Lidded Box, Small Display.
Lot 552: Group Of (5) Holiday Dolls In Original Packaging.

Lot 553: (3) Porcelain Figures Of 19th C. Guards And Group Of Die Cast Military Figures.
Lot 554: (11) Stamp Albums Of U.S. First Day Covers.
Lot 555: (2) Victorian Balloon Back Chairs.
Lot 556: 19th C. Color Engraving "Coaching Incidents", Framed. Marked Printed By W. F. Shayer, Engraved By E. G. Hester. 14" X 21".

Lot 557: Contemporary Mahogany Oval Mirror.
Lot 558: (2) Bronze Vase Form Table Lamps.
Lot 559: Ethnic Black Fiber And Leather Hat And Footed Basket With Cowry Shells.
Lot 560: Brass Jar Form Table Lamp.

Lot 561: Ethan Allen Maple 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 10-Drawer Dresser With Mirror, 10-Drawer Chest And A Nightstand.
Lot 562: Drexel Velero Oak Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 6 Chairs.
Lot 563: Se Yei Japanese Fine Porcelain Dinner Service, Peony Pattern.
Lot 564: English Art Nouveau Oak Sideboard, Circa 1900.

Lot 565: Group Of Asstd. Gilt Rimmed Glass Stemware.
Lot 566: Octagonal Occasional Table With Open Work Apron And Galleried Lower Shelf.
Lot 567: Mid 20th C. Mahogany Fold Over Table.
Lot 568: Porcelain Table Lamp.

Lot 569: Chinese Red Lacquer Pig Skin Lidded Box On Stand. Overall: 16" X 23" X 27" H.
Lot 570: Asian Hard Wood Petit Drop Front Writing Desk.
Lot 571: White Ceramic Angel Figure.
Lot 572: Mid 20th C. 2-Shelf Stacking Bookcase.

Lot 573: Lineage Oak 4-Door China Cabinet With Mirror Back And 4 Glass Front Lattice Doors.
Lot 574: English Carved Oak Framed Beveled Mirror. 47" X 28".
Lot 575: Chinese Circular Etched Brass Dish On Fitted Rosewood Stand.
Lot 576: Thomas Pradzynski, Diptych Serigraph Set. Fabrique De Faience, Villa Rimbaud. Signed, #58/150.

Lot 577: Louis Xvi Style Gilt Framed Pier Mirror With Urn And Saber Pediment.
Lot 578: Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase. Landscape With Peacock And Tree Decoration. Pink Floral Neck, Green And Yellow Bands On Shoulder. Inscribed On The Body. 23 3/4" Tall.
Lot 579: Oriental Black Lacquered 2-Door, Single Drawer Cabinet.
Lot 580: Chinese 4-Panel Coromandel Screen. Hand Painted With Mountain And Stream Landscape With Figures And Boats. Upper And Lower Section With Flowering Branches. Floral Decoration On Reverse. 20th C. Panels: 72.5" X 16". (Several Losses Around The Hinges, Original Pins Replaced).

Lot 581: Framed Print Of An 18th C. Hot Air Balloon.
Lot 582: Kutani Porcelain Ovoid Vase With Blue, White And Gold Glaze. 4 Character Mark On The Bottom. 15 3/4" Tall.
Lot 583: Contemporary Mahogany 2-Door Glass Front Bookcase Cabinet With Single Drawer. Shenandoah Valley Furniture.
Lot 584: (3) Shelves Of Asstd. Books.

Lot 585: (2) Shelves Of Art And Artist Coffee Table Books.
Lot 586: (2) Shelves Of 1990s Cooking Magazines.
Lot 587: Ethan Allen Mahogany Wall Table And Mirror.
Lot 588: Contemporary Circular Glass Top Table With Brass Ram's Head And Hoof Decoration.

Lot 589: (2) Blue And A Clear Glass Vases.
Lot 590: Michael Nisperos Oil On Canvas Depicting Surf Waves. Signed Lower Right, Nisperos 1992. 52" X 39.75".
Lot 591: Decorative Framed Oil On Canvas, Lake Scene With Fisherman, Cow And Calf. 16" X 24". 19th C.
Lot 592: Garner Tullis Work On Paper, Abstract Portrait. Embossed / Molded Black Paper. Signed, Dated 1975. In Shadow Box Frame. 15" X 15".

Lot 593: Eastlake Mahogany 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 4-Drawer Dresser With Beveled Mirror, Marble Top Chest With Gallery And Full Size Bed.
Lot 594: Circular Beveled Glass Top Table On Metal Base. 34" Dia.
Lot 595: Mahogany Tilt Top Pedestal Table With Pie Crust Rim.
Lot 596: Inlaid Mahogany 4-Drawer Drop Front Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 597: Patrick Nagel Silk Screen, From The Commemorative Series, Woman With Head Band. 36" X 24".
Lot 598: Patrick Nagel Silk Screen, From The Commemorative Series, Woman With Hibiscus In Hair. 28" X 28".
Lot 599: Set Of (14) Sarreguemines French Fairy Tale Decorated Plates.
Lot 600: 19th C. Walnut Sideboard With 2 Doors, Mirror Back Open Middle And Upper Shelf.

Lot 601: Framed Oriental Silk Embroidered Textile. Trailing Foliage On Red Silk. 22" X 28".
Lot 602: Ornate Gilt Framed Beveled Mirror.
Lot 603: Group Of Modern Design Art Pottery Incl. Vases, Bowls, Cups, Saucers. Incl. Dansk, Copenhagen, Rorstrand, Itsuko.
Lot 604: Thomasville Impressions Mahogany Bedroom Set. 9-Drawer Dresser, 7-Drawer Lingerie Chest, 3-Drawer Chest, Nightstand, Headboard And Mirror.

Lot 605: Group Of Original And Decorative Artwork And Oval Mirror. (8).
Lot 606: 19th C. Oak Mirror Back Hall Stand / Bench With Mirror Top.
Lot 607: Ladies' Fur And Leather Jacket
Lot 608: Lane Mediterranean Style Cedar Lined Chest With Full Length Drawer.

Lot 609: Oriental Hand Knotted Rug Meandering Floral Motif In Beige, Green, Dusty Rose. 20th C. 12'6" X 9'.
Lot 610: Chinese Embossed Wool Pile Rug Meandering Flowers On A Beige Ground. Approx. 9' X 5'.
Lot 611: Carved Wood Asian Panel.
Lot 612: Antique French Wall Clock. Enamel Dial With Roman Numerals Marked Fric Celestin A St. Cere. Brass Adornment, Pendulum And 2 Weights.

Lot 613: Antique Domed Trunk With Wood Strapwork And Gilt Metal Embellishment.
Lot 614: Gilt And Slate Mantel Clock.
Lot 615: Antique French Cupboard / Hutch. Lower Section With 2 Doors And 2 Drawers. Upper Section With 3 Plate Racks.
Lot 616: Set Of (8) Vintage Stemmed Goblets. Purple Hued Bowls With Gilt Sphere Stems.

Lot 617: Rene Gruau Lithograph Poster, Calze Ortalion. Initialed In Plate. Image: 54 1/2" X 38". Framed.
Lot 618: Antique Wood Trunk With Wood And Leather Strap Work.
Lot 619: Asian Hard Wood And Brass 4-Shelf Etagere.
Lot 620: Pair Of Jennings Bros. Brass Bookends. Dante And Beatrice. Marked Jb 2395 & 2396. 5 1/4" H.

Lot 621: Spaeur Pompiers French Brass Helmet And An Indo-French Hat.
Lot 622: Oriental Hand Knotted Rug. Approx. 10' X 7'.
Lot 623: Pair Of Brass Table Lamps With Corinthian Column Bases.
Lot 624: Wood Model Sailing Ship.

Lot 625: Bausch & Lomb Microscope In Box.
Lot 626: Christian Becker New York Scientific Balance Scale In Glass Case.
Lot 627: Vintage Hand Stitched Patch Work Quilt.
Lot 628: Pair Of Bronze Busts Of Centurion And Bearded Man. 12" & 11" Tall.

Lot 629: Maple Chest Of Drawers.
Lot 630: (2) Ceramic Planters.
Lot 631: (4) Chinese Lacquer And Parcel Carved Wood Architectural Fragments.
Lot 632: (2) Tiffany Style Leaded Glass Hanging Light Fixtures.

Lot 633: Embossed Metal Thai Copper Wall Ornament, Carved Wood Guanyin Figure And Machine Loomed Tapestry. 36" X 29".
Lot 634: Antique Scottish Oak Cased Aneroid Barometer And A Tall Case Clock With Aquarian Dial Surround.
Lot 635: Group Of Asian And Middle Eastern Metalware Incl. Figures, Pails.
Lot 636: Wrought Iron Shopkeepers Segmented Hook And Vintage Extruder.

Lot 637: (3) Circa 1900 American Mantel Clocks.
Lot 638: Shelf Of Vintage Canons, Toy Revolver And Lead Weight.
Lot 639: Shelf Of Sea Shells And Starfish.
Lot 640: Group Of 3 Vases Incl. 2 Clay Vases.

Lot 641: (2) Pairs Of Binoculars, Label Maker And Organizer.
Lot 642: Shelf Of Vintage Collectibles Incl. Early At&T Phone, Coffee Mill, Small Strong Box.
Lot 643: (2) Terra Cotta Rabbit And Clay Figures.
Lot 644: Shelf Of Porcelain And Pottery Planters.

Lot 645: Shelf Of Collectibles Incl. Carved Wood Figures, Miniature Cups And Saucers, Ralph Lauren Safari Box.
Lot 646: Shelf Of Copper Tableware Pans And Molds.
Lot 647: (10) Bottles Of Turley 2007 Paso Robles Zinfandel.
Lot 648: Shelf Of 19th C. Pewter And Other Items.

Lot 649: Group Of (7) Royal Doulton Toby Character Jugs.
Lot 650: (13) Bottles Of California Red Wine.
Lot 651: Shelf Of Iron And Stoneware Incl. Mortar And Pestle.
Lot 652: Shelf Of Contemporary Pottery Vases, Many Signed.

Lot 653: Shelf Of Asstd. Copperware.
Lot 654: (3) Pairs Of Bookends And 3 Presentation Awards.
Lot 655: Shelf Of Asian Items Incl. Geisha Doll, Lacquer Box, Porcelain Vases.
Lot 656: Shelf Of Art Pottery And Native American Pottery Incl. Acoma, Fetishes.

Lot 657: Shelf Of Vintage Glass Lamp Shades.
Lot 658: Collection Of Nemadji Pottery Bowls And Jars. 8 Pieces.
Lot 659: Shelf Of Watch Boxes, Watch Cases And Charging Bases.
Lot 660: Group Of Model Train Related Items Incl. Cars, Track, Catalogs.

Lot 661: Contemporary Artist Signed Large Pottery Bowl And A Chinese Blue And White Porcelain Jardiniere With Prunus Blossom.
Lot 662: Shelf Of Chinese Porcelain Vases And Bowl Incl. Crackle Glaze.
Lot 663: Shelf Of Asian And Other Small Decorative Items Incl. Snuff Bottles, Miniatures.
Lot 664: Pair Of African Carved Wood Figures And Carved Wood Figural Drum.

Lot 665: Group Of (7) Royal Doulton Porcelain Character Jugs.
Lot 666: (4) Asstd. Stoneware Crocks.
Lot 667: Shelf Of Cookware Incl. Dansk, Calphalon, Ltd, Cast Iron.
Lot 668: (12) Bottles Of Red Wine.

Lot 669: Collection Of Native American Baskets Incl. Pauite Pitched Cup And Jug With Horse Hair Handles, (4) Bark Baskets, (2) Nests Of Tarahumara Miniature Basket And Other Small Lidded Baskets.
Lot 670: Shelf Of Vintage And Ethnic Collector Dolls, Doll Clothes, Paper Dolls And Ephemera.
Lot 671: (2) Decorative Metal Vases.
Lot 672: Group Of Folk Carved Wood Items Incl. Flutes, Wood Boxes Ducks.

Lot 673: Set Of Wirth's German Silver Plate Flatware (60 Pcs) And 2 Cased Serving Piece Sets.
Lot 674: (4) Contemporary Vases Incl. Evans Ceramic Polychrome Vase (30" Tall).
Lot 675: Shelf Of Hand Painted Pottery Dishware Pitchers, Cups And Bowls.
Lot 676: Group Of Pueblo And Acoma Pottery Vessels Incl. Ac Aragon Luther "Sky City" Pot With Horse Hair. 6 Pieces.

Lot 677: Group Of (5) Native American Buttock Baskets. Various Fibers And Materials.
Lot 678: (2) 1960s Light Fixtures Incl. Verner Panton "Moon" Lamp For Louis Poulsen.
Lot 679: Shelf Of Vintage Croquet Mallets And 4 Bocce Balls.
Lot 680: Set Of (7) Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Covered Rice Dishes And A Bowl.

Lot 681: Group Of Silver Plated Hollowware Incl. Trays, Bowls.
Lot 682: Shelf Of China And Glassware.
Lot 683: Shelf Of Porcelain Figures And Glassware.
Lot 684: Shelf Of Native American Art Incl. Carved Wood Figures, Mini Pottery Bowls, Ethnic Folk Figures.

Lot 685: Brass Door Knocker And Pair Of Continental Candlesticks.
Lot 686: Group Of Collectibles Incl. Jewelry Box, Musical Carousel Clock, Boomerang.
Lot 687: Shelf Of Native American Artifacts.
Lot 688: Large Shelf Of Glassware And China.

Lot 689: Modernist Articulating Wall Mount Desk Lamp.
Lot 690: (2) Carved Wood Inuit Masks. Jennifer Angaiak, L. Ahrakana.
Lot 691: Group Of (5) Vintage Dolls. (4 Porcelain Shoulder And A Bisque Head).
Lot 692: Group Of Ladies' Handbags.

Lot 693: (2) Hand Knotted Rugs.
Lot 694: Group Of (4) American Hand Stitched Quilts.
Lot 695: Maple 4-Drawer Chest.
Lot 696: Child's Painted Red Metal Pedal Car.

Lot 697: Early 20th C. Pine Blanket Chest.
Lot 698: Carved Alabaster Figure Of A Standing Lady (Broken At Neck)
Lot 699: Contemporary 5-Drawer Rolling Chest.
Lot 700: Vintage Blapunkt Shortwave Radio In Mahogany Case.

Lot 701: Pair Of Modernist Wood Table Lamps And Pleated Shade Ceiling Lamp.
Lot 702: Owl Carved Walking Stick And L.L. Bean Walking Stick.
Lot 703: Paint Decorated And Lacquered Country Style Lift Top Chest.
Lot 704: Group Of (8) Wrought Iron Prickets.

Lot 705: Contemporary 3-Drawer Silver Painted Chest.
Lot 706: 19th C. Cast Iron Painted Folding Day Bed.
Lot 707: French Wicker Gathering Basket And A Hamper.
Lot 708: (2) Metal Floral Wall Hangings.

Lot 709: Group Of (3) Wildlife Prints, Pencil Signed And Numbered.
Lot 710: (3) Pairs Of Boots, Coat Hangers And Windbreaker.
Lot 711: Group Of African Items Incl. Hand Loomed Textiles, 2 Baskets, Asstd. Beadworks, 2 Dolls, Wood Fish.
Lot 712: Shelf Of Ladies' Ferragamo And Other Shoes. Sizes 7 1/2 - 8.

Lot 713: Vintage Patchwork Quilt And (3) Unfinished Quilts.
Lot 714: (2) Handbags.
Lot 715: (3) Decorative Chargers Incl. Volcanic Ash From St. Helens, Page Thurbeck, Ceramic Buffalo.
Lot 716: (11) Pairs Of Shoes Incl. Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman. Sizes 7 1/2 - 8.

Lot 717: Group Of Train Accessories, Track And Books.
Lot 718: Group Of Mikasa And Other Glassware.
Lot 719: Group Of Table Linens.
Lot 720: (5) Walking Sticks And A Pool Cue.

Lot 721: (6) Colored Table Cloths.
Lot 722: (4) White Table Cloths.
Lot 723: (3) Ladies' Jackets. Black Merona (L), Black Gallery (Xl) And Cream Faux Fur.
Lot 724: Nordstrom Ladies' Black Coat With Detachable Fur Collar. Size 1x.

Lot 725: Group Of (5) Table Cloths.
Lot 726: (4) Shelves Of Model Train Related Toys And Accessories Plus Craft Supplies For Train Models.
Lot 727: (4) Shelves Of Table Linens Incl. Table Cloths, Napkins.
Lot 728: Group Of (8) Hollywood Pictures And Posters.

Lot 729: Wicker Barrel Stool With A Glass Top.
Lot 730: Group Of Decorative Artwork Incl. Chagall Print.
Lot 731: Birmingham Metal Balance Scale
Lot 732: Oriental Black Lacquer 2-Door Single Drawer Cabinet.

Lot 733: Collection Of Hard Bound Modern Chances Novels. (37).
Lot 734: Shelf Of Contemporary Chinese Paperbacks.
Lot 735: (6) Shelves Of Books.
Lot 736: (2) Decorative Stone Swans. 8.5" & 6.5" Tall.

Lot 737: Leaded Glass Front 2-Door Mahogany Cabinet.
Lot 738: Mikasa "Plum Rose" Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 739: Fanfare Maple 2-Pc Bedroom Set 9-Drawer Dresser And A 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 740: Federal Mahogany Framed Wall Mirror.

Lot 741: Framed Fox Hunting Print. 24" X 30".
Lot 742: Mikasa "Love Prose" China. 16 Pcs.
Lot 743: Ethan Allen Stepped 6-Drawer Bedroom Chest And A Pair Of Matching 3-Drawer Nightstands.
Lot 744: Pair Of Porcelain And Glass Hurricane Table Lamps.

Lot 745: (2) Maxfield Parrish Framed Prints Incl. Lamp Seller Of Baghdad.
Lot 746: Arzbberg & Heinrich Porcelain Dinner Services (Partial).
Lot 747: Bassett Furniture Co. 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 748: Continental Style Magazine Stand.

Lot 749: Mahogany 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet. National Mt. Airy Furn.
Lot 750: Ceramic Ginger Jar Form Table Lamp.
Lot 751: Russian Porcelain Polar Bear Figure. Made In Ussr.
Lot 752: Group Of Asstd. Glass Tableware Incl. Bowls, Vases, Egg Dishes.

Lot 753: Thomasville Oak 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 7-Drawer Dresser And A Pair Of Nightstands.
Lot 754: Drexel Heritage 3-Drawer Bookcase Chest.
Lot 755: (3) Shelves Of Books.
Lot 756: Australian Wood Carved Totem Figure.

Lot 757: Group Of (6) Itsuko Art Pottery Bowls, Signed.
Lot 758: Circa 1920s Mahogany Vanity Chest With Mirror.
Lot 759: Contemporary Malaysian Hard Wood Lighted China Cabinet.
Lot 760: White Furniture Contemporary China Cabinet. Glass Front 3-Shelf Top, 4-Door Bottom.

Lot 761: Group Of Kosta Boda And Other Art Glass Candlesticks And Vases.
Lot 762: Chinese Blue And White Porcelain Double Lobed Stick Stand.
Lot 763: Arabesque Gilt Metal Filigree Table Lamp.
Lot 764: (3) Floor Lamps.

Lot 765: Continental Walnut Buffet Deux Corps.
Lot 766: Violets-Pompadour Bone China Dessert Set. (8) 3-Pc Place Settings, Sugar And Creamer.
Lot 767: Oriental Rosewood 2-Section Stacking Cabinet With 4 Doors And 2 Drawers.
Lot 768: Royal Fiesta Iii Vintage Typewriter.

Lot 769: Colonial Grandmother Clock.
Lot 770: Shelf Of Collectibles Incl. Composition Sculpture Of A Lady, Cast Iron Bookends, Porcelain Oil Lamps.
Lot 771: Bouquet Of Art Glass Flower Stems.
Lot 772: Group Of (9) Framed Watercolor Landscapes And An Sf Map.

Lot 773: Shelf Of Vintage Glass Shades.
Lot 774: Group Of Asstd. Porcelain Incl Cups And Saucers.
Lot 775: (6) M. Nielsen Decorative Hollywood Prints.
Lot 776: Shelf Of Pottery And Stoneware Crocks, Jugs, Bowls & Kettle.

Lot 777: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Cherub Figural Group, Hand Painted Nippon Bowl.
Lot 778: Group Of Decorative Artwork. (5).
Lot 779: Shelf Of Porcelain Vases, Figurines And Oval Metal Center Dish.
Lot 780: Shelf Of Ceramic And Glass Figural Groups, Vases And Teapot.

Lot 781: Shelf Of Ceramic And Porcelain Tableware.
Lot 782: Group Of Framed Artwork (4).
Lot 783: (3) Pairs Of Figural Bookends.
Lot 784: Shelf Of Disneyland Framed Silhouettes And Gilt Framed Miniature Cameo Plaques.

Lot 785: Shelf Of Asian Porcelain Tableware Incl. Sake Pots, Covered Persimmon Pots, Blue And White Porcelain Pillow.
Lot 786: Group Of Framed Artwork. (6). Nautical And Seascapes.
Lot 787: (2) Shelves Of Ruby / Clear Glassware.
Lot 788: Arte Bello Hand Painted Pottery Dishware.

Lot 789: Group Of Decorative Artwork. (8).
Lot 790: Loma Arizona Pottery Pitcher With 5 Cups.
Lot 791: Shelf Of China, Teacups, Saucers And Cloisonne Vase.
Lot 792: Shelf Of China, Statues And Figurines.

Lot 793: Group Of Decorative Artwork. (4).
Lot 794: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Angelic Forms.
Lot 795: Shelf Of Boxed Glassware.
Lot 796: Royal Copenhagen Pot And (12) Chinese Porcelain Cups, Saucers And Leaf Dishes.

Lot 797: Group Of (3) Lithographs, Park Landscape Incl. Altman. Framed.
Lot 798: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Wooden Boxes.
Lot 799: Shelf Of Glass Light Shades.
Lot 800: Royal Gallery "Jessica" White Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 801: Group Of (7) Framed Pictures Incl. Oil Paintings, Prints, Poster.
Lot 802: Pair Of Twin Poster Beds.
Lot 803: Oriental Style Tekke Pattern Machine Loomed Rug. 11'1" X 8'4".
Lot 804: Walnut Provincial Full Size Bed Frame.

Lot 805: Oriental Wool Pile Rug. Rose Ground With Cream And Teal Borders With Medallion And Spandrels. 8'7" X 5'9".
Lot 806: Karastan Wool Runner. 12' X 2'6".
Lot 807: Oriental Style Machine Loomed Area Rug, Gul Motif.
Lot 808: 4-Poster Bed.

Lot 809: Floral Wool Rug. (Approx. 10' X 5').
Lot 810: (4) Oriental Panels.
Lot 811: Heinrich & Co. Bavarian Porcelain Dinner Service. Palace Pattern.
Lot 812: Mahogany Dining Table With 7 Chairs.

Lot 813: Circa 1930s Cherry Wood Framed Shield Form Mirror.
Lot 814: Group Of Glassware.
Lot 815: 1930s Oak 5-Drawer Chest.
Lot 816: Glass Top Coffee Table With Metal Frame.

Lot 817: Oriental 4-Panel Folding Half Screen. Birds In Flowering Branches.
Lot 818: Cane And Rattan Armchair.
Lot 819: Delft Blue And White Porcelain Vase.
Lot 820: Sprague & Carlton Walnut Single Drawer Drop Front Desk.

Lot 821: Teak Occasional Table.
Lot 822: Continental Walnut Marble Top Sideboard, Circa 1880.
Lot 823: Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, Rothschild Pattern.
Lot 824: American Oak Circular Pedestal Table And 4 Chairs.

Lot 825: (2) Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Figures On Stands. Man Holding A Rui, Wise Man Holding A Staff And Fruit. 20" & 16.5" Tall.
Lot 826: (6) Bowie Hunting And Other Knives In Boxes.
Lot 827: Group Of (14) "Duck" And "Night Stalker" Folding Knives In Boxes.
Lot 828: (7) Asstd. Hunting Knives.

Lot 829: Framed Sword And Sheath, Air Force Academy. Shadow Box Framed.
Lot 830: (2) Chinese Porcelain Happy Couple Figures And Doll In Case.
Lot 831: Group Of (14) Folding Knives Incl. Ridge Runner, Elk Ridge, Falcon. Unused, In Boxes.
Lot 832: (6) Large Fancy Dagger Knives In Boxes.

Lot 833: (6) Folding Knives. Hrt And Smith & Wesson.
Lot 834: Crossman Quest 1000x Air Rifle (C1k77x) With Center Point 4 X 32 Scope.
Lot 835: Decorative Machete With 5 Central American Country Emblems.
Lot 836: Limited Edition Authors Chess Set In Cased Chess Board With Box And Bag Plus An Additional Chess Set.

Lot 837: 19th C. Oak Panel Front 2-Door Coffer With 3 Drawers.
Lot 838: Group Of (5) Ceramic Base Table Lamps.
Lot 839: Walnut Regency Style 2-Door Buffet.
Lot 840: Model Sailboat.

Lot 841: Oak Cylinder Desk, First Half 20th C. 6-Drawer Double Pedestal Base With Single Door On The Back. Cylinder Top Opens To Leather Inset Writing Surface, 6 Small Drawers And 5 Cubby Holes. Gallery Top. 48" X 31" X 47".
Lot 842: 19th C. American Oak Square Table.
Lot 843: Cast Metal Coffee Mill. Savage East Cheap, London.
Lot 844: (3) Long Boxes Of Comic Books.

Lot 845: Coca-Cola Leaded Stained Glass Hanging Lamp Shade. 20" Dia., 18.5" Tall.
Lot 846: Royal Worcester "Lavinia" Porcelain Dinner Service For 8
Lot 847: White Painted 2-Door Cabinet With Blue Trim And Fluted Pilasters.
Lot 848: Wedgwood & Barlaston Embossed Queensware Dinner Service.

Lot 849: Mcm Style Walnut Dining Table With Internal Leaf With 6 Square Back Chairs.
Lot 850: Oak Coffee Table With Segmented Glass Top.
Lot 851: Tweed Upholstered Boudoir Chair And Needlepoint Upholstered Armchair.
Lot 852: Brown Leather Office Chair.

Lot 853: (3) Asstd. Table Lamps.
Lot 854: Drexel Parquet Top Sofa Table.
Lot 855: Pair Of Upholstered Ottomans On Casters.
Lot 856: Traditional Solid Brass 12-Light Chandelier.

Lot 857: Sango Porcelain Dinner Service "Eternal" Pattern.
Lot 858: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 8 Chairs.
Lot 859: Gilt Framed Rectangular Beveled Mirror. 42" X 30".
Lot 860: Oak Cased Wall Clock With Time And Strike Movement.

Lot 861: Pair Of Brass Hurricane Oil Lamps.
Lot 862: Oak 3-Pc Bedroom Set. 9-Drawer Dresser And Pair Of 2-Drawer Bedroom Chests.
Lot 863: Brass Floor Lamp.
Lot 864: Heritage Furniture Walnut Secretary Bookcase.

Lot 865: Mahogany Arts & Crafts Drop Side Table With 2 Storage Drawers.
Lot 866: (3) Shelves Of Coffee Table Books Incl. Art & Travel.
Lot 867: (3) Shelves Of Cookbooks.
Lot 868: (2) Shelves Of Books.

Lot 869: (3) Shelves Of Cookbooks Incl. Bbq, Cajun Cooking.
Lot 870: (4) Shelves Of Art & Coffee Table Books Incl. Art, Travel, Botany.
Lot 871: Contemporary Floor Lamp And A Desk Lamp With Nickel Finish
Lot 872: Res Leather Upholstered Ottoman.

Lot 873: Chrome Swing Arm Desk Lamp.
Lot 874: Contemporary Office Suite. Desk, Tall Storage / File & Small File Cabinet.
Lot 875: (3) Miller & Kreisel Speakers. (2) Ss-150 Thx & S-150 Thx.
Lot 876: Shelves Of Books.

Lot 877: Group Of A/V Components Incl. Bose Radio, Bose 6-Pc Speaker System, Onkyo Receiver, Sony Dvd Player.
Lot 878: Denon Receiver, Cd Player And Cassette Deck.
Lot 879: Philips Cd960 Cd Player With Remote And Spare Belts.
Lot 880: Bose Controlspace Engineered Sound Processor.

Lot 881: Marantz Sc-80 Preamplifier. With Manual And Remote.
Lot 882: Bose Wave Radio And Bose Wave Cd / Radio Players.
Lot 883: Group Of Stereo Components Incl. Kenwood Receiver, Dual Turntable.
Lot 884: Denon Cd Player (Dcd-620) And Receiver (Dra-425r).

Lot 885: Epson Small-In-One Printer And Xerox Shredder.
Lot 886: Bausch & Lomb Binocular Microscope With Case.
Lot 887: Mahogany 2-Drawer File Cabinet.
Lot 888: Noritake "Royal Mint" Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 889: U.S. Army Hand Crank Phonograph.
Lot 890: Universal Furniture Desk.
Lot 891: Slik U-900 Tripod.
Lot 892: World War Ii Era Aircraft Sextant. Bubble Type An-5851-1

Lot 893: Bose Wave Radio / Cd Player.
Lot 894: Group Of (4) Men's Hats And A Hat Box.
Lot 895: Group Of Digital And 35mm Cameras And Accessories.
Lot 896: Keuffel & Esser Slide Rule With Case.

Lot 897: Box Of Pocket Knives And Multi-Tools.
Lot 898: Wood & Bronze Tone Bone Cleaver And Meat Tenderizer.
Lot 899: Powerline Air Pistol, Model 1200.
Lot 900: Keuffer & Essel Slide Rule In Box, Drafting Set And Telegraph.

Lot 901: Pair Of Humvee 20 X 50 Binoculars.
Lot 902: Group Of Beatles Collector Cards.
Lot 903: Group Of (6) Hunting Knives.
Lot 904: Royal Bayreuth Bavarian Porcelain Dinner Service. 80 Pcs.

Lot 905: Glass Table Lamp With Gilt Decoration.
Lot 906: Modern Design Pedestal Dining Table With 2 Leaves And (12) Vincent Wolf Niedermaier Dining Chairs.
Lot 907: Partial Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, Mango Pattern. 30 Pieces.
Lot 908: White Crackle Glaze Pottery Vessel. Feathered Headdress Mark. 10 1/2" X 14".

Lot 909: Reverse Painted Glass Table Top Screen.
Lot 910: Mikasa Accent Gold (Cae08) Bone China Dinner Service. 39 Pieces.
Lot 911: Group Of Storybook And Other Collectible Dolls.
Lot 912: Group Of Decorative Pottery Items.

Lot 913: (2) German Beer Steins With Pewter Lids. 10" Tall.
Lot 914: Contemporary Beige 3-Seat Sofa.
Lot 915: Group Of Coffee Table Books Incl. Art And Travel.
Lot 916: Pottery Barn Children's Desk With Upper Shelves. (White).

Lot 917: Group Of 4 Table Lamps.
Lot 918: White Painted 4-Drawer Credenza On Cabriole Legs.
Lot 919: Hand Woven Tapestry Rug. Continental Style With Overall Floral Decoration, Center Medallion, Birds And Bunnies. Borders Alternating With Fruit And Facial Profiles. 11' X 7'10".
Lot 920: Edwardian Mahogany Mirrored Vanity Chest. Circa 1910.

Lot 921: Group Of Silver Plated Tableware.
Lot 922: Contemporary Oak 8-Drawer, 2-Door Sideboard.
Lot 923: Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service, "Janice".
Lot 924: Provincial Oak Draw Leaf Dining Table With 6 Chairs. Parquet Top With Carved Apron And Scrolled Legs.

Lot 925: Century Furniture Provincial Style Triple Glaze Door China Cabinet.
Lot 926: Mahogany Bow Front China Display Cabinet.
Lot 927: Shelf Of Books.
Lot 928: (2) Modern Design 8 Ft. Bookcases, One With 4 Drawers And Quarter Round Display Shelves.

Lot 929: Rogers Gilt Wash Flatware Service.
Lot 930: (2) Henredon Asian Style Bookcase Display Cabinets.
Lot 931: Group Of Glassware Incl. Centerpiece Bowl And Vases.
Lot 932: Oak 3-Drawer Sofa Table. Hickory Furniture Co.

Lot 933: Oneida Flatware Service In Casket.
Lot 934: Contemporary Swivel Tv Stand.
Lot 935: Contemporary Baroque Style 12-Light Chandelier.
Lot 936: Cathedral Form Mantel Clock And Junk Boat Model.

Lot 937: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Camera, Games.
Lot 938: Shelf Of Glassware Platters, Bowls And Colored Glass.
Lot 939: Group Of Vintage Kitchenware Incl. Milkshake Machine, Knives, Oven.
Lot 940: Kitchen Aid Mixer And Microwave.

Lot 941: Shelf Of Vintage Kitchenware Incl. Coffee Grinders, Rolling Pin, Beer Steins.
Lot 942: Shelf Of Artglass Vases, Plates And An Award Plate.
Lot 943: Shelf Of Oriental Pottery And Figurines.
Lot 944: Shelf Of Counter Top Kitchen Appliances And Soda Stream Machine.

Lot 945: Shelf Of Glassware Incl. Decanters.
Lot 946: Shelf Of Stemware.
Lot 947: Shelf Of "Cristal" And Other Stemware And Mugs.
Lot 948: Shelf Of Porcelain Cups, Saucers, Plates And Jugs.

Lot 949: Shelf Of Cameras And Related Items.
Lot 950: (6) Vintage Pewter Items Incl. Samovars.
Lot 951: Shelf Of Table Lamps Incl. Hand Painted Hurricane And Marble.
Lot 952: Shelf Of Fine China Dishware With Fruit Theme.

Lot 953: Shelf Of Glassware And Dishware.
Lot 954: Shelf Of Asstd. Stemmed Glassware.
Lot 955: Blue And White Churchill Dishware And Wild Wings Pine Cone China.
Lot 956: Shelf Of Stemware And Glasses.

Lot 957: Shelf Of Photographic Items Incl. Cameras, Viewers, Kodak Carousel Projector.
Lot 958: Shelf Of Glass Stemware.
Lot 959: Shelf Of Kitchenware Incl. Black & Decker Blender, Percolators.
Lot 960: Group Of (5) Masks.

Lot 961: Group Of (8) Geisha Dolls.
Lot 962: Shelf Of Metalware Incl. Tea And Coffee Pots, Sugar, Creamer.
Lot 963: Shelf Of Pewter Mugs And Teapots.
Lot 964: Shelf Of Knick Knacks Incl. Movie Tins, Figurines, Candlesticks.

Lot 965: Shelf Of Late 20th C. Dolls And Scale.
Lot 966: (2) Shelves Of Raggedy Ann And Andy Dolls.
Lot 967: Shelf Of Ceramic Jugs And Creamers.
Lot 968: Shelf Of Dishware Incl. Coffee & Teapot, Cups, Saucers, Figurines.

Lot 969: Shelf Of Metalware Incl. Candle Holders, Religious Figures.
Lot 970: Shelf Of Model Train Related Items Incl. Track, Trees. In Original Boxes.
Lot 971: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Brass Lantern, Bells, Oil Lamp.
Lot 972: Group Of Glassware Incl. Barware.

Lot 973: Shelf Of Glass, Silver Plate And Porcelain Tableware.
Lot 974: (4) Vintage Glass Oil Lamps.
Lot 975: (2) Shelves Of Halloween And Seasonal Decorations.
Lot 976: Large Shelf Of Seasonal Decorations.

Lot 977: Group Of Test Equipment. Potomac Audio Analyzer, Fuji Qt-10 Quartz Tester, Seiko Qt-99 Quartz Tester.
Lot 978: Shelf Of Asian Decorative Items Incl. Platters, Plates, Frog.
Lot 979: Shelf Of 1970s & 80s Playboy Magazines.
Lot 980: Philips Function Generator, Hp 400h Volt Meter & Hp Dc Power Supply.

Lot 981: Shelf Of Metalware Incl. Pewter Tea Set, Siamese Flatware.
Lot 982: Shelf Of 1970s & 80s Playboy Magazines.
Lot 983: Large Shelf Of Power Tools And Hardware.
Lot 984: (3) Artificial Plants.

Lot 985: Shelf Of Toys And Stuffed Animals Incl. Muffy Van Der Bear.
Lot 986: Shelf Of Exotic Wood Bowls And Serving Trays.
Lot 987: Shelf Of Decorative Items Incl. Lanterns, Candle Holders Figures.
Lot 988: Shelf Of Kitchen Small Appliances.

Lot 989: Shelf Of Copper Cookware.
Lot 990: Shelf Of China And Cutlery.
Lot 991: Shelf Of Hand Tools And Kennedy Tool Box With Contents
Lot 992: Portable Motorized Folding Wheelchair.

Lot 993: Buffalo Scale Co. Shipping Scale.
Lot 994: Quick Pulse 6 Motorized Wheelchair.
Lot 995: (2) Metal Open Work Houses.
Lot 996: Box Of Records.

Lot 997: Shelf Of Silver Plated Items.
Lot 998: Vintage Spinning Wheel And Tobacco Stand.
Lot 999: Large Shelf Of Seasonal Decoration.
Lot 1000: (2) Metal Cowboy Silhouette Coat Hooks.

Lot 1001: Shelf Of Asstd. Tools And Hand Saws.
Lot 1002: (3) Boxes Of Kitchenware Items
Lot 1003: (2) Dual Work Lights With Adjustable Stands.
Lot 1004: Backpack And 2 Valise.

Lot 1005: Box Of Oriental Stands.
Lot 1006: Framed Drawing, Irish Terrier Print, Linens And Mirror.
Lot 1007: Victrola Phonograph Style Vv-Iv. (Damaged).
Lot 1008: Shelf Of Halloween Decorations

Lot 1009: Large Silver Plated Serving Tray. (26" Long).
Lot 1010: Large Copper Cauldron. 26" X 23" X 14.5".
Lot 1011: Fit Laya Exercise Machine And A 6 Ft. Padded Mat.
Lot 1012: First Press Olive Press And Grinder.

Lot 1013: (2) Tool Boxes With Contents.
Lot 1014: Bissell Quick Steamer Carpet Cleaner.
Lot 1015: Beseler Photo Enlarger.
Lot 1016: (2) Boxes Of Records Incl. Lps And Single Sides.

Lot 1017: Group Of Vintage Decorative Items Incl. Smoking Stand, Brass Music Stand Insulators.
Lot 1018: Group Of Vintage Decorative Items Incl. 3 Stoneware Crocks, Butter Churn.
Lot 1019: Oak Cased Victrola Phonograph And Crate Of Vintage Records.
Lot 1020: Contemporary 4-Door Lighted Display Cabinet.

Lot 1021: Asian Style Glass Top Console Table.
Lot 1022: Tapered Wood & Metal Umbrella Stand With Contents.
Lot 1023: Vintage Vote-Berger Oak Wall Phone And Automatic-Electric Co. Rotary Phone (Newer Connection).
Lot 1024: Wire Work Garden Shelf.

Lot 1025: Group Of English Flow Blue English Dishware Incl. 19th C. (6 Pcs).
Lot 1026: Chippendale Style Mahogany Single Drawer Desk With Leather Inset Top.
Lot 1027: Lane Blanket Chest With Upholstered Seat.
Lot 1028: Marble Top Kitchen Side Table.

Lot 1029: Group Of Lidded Boxes And Textiles.
Lot 1030: Group Of (3) Table Lamps.
Lot 1031: Modern Design 2-Door, 3-Drawer Cabinet.
Lot 1032: (2) Asstd. Side Tables.

Lot 1033: Oak Executive Computer Desk.
Lot 1034: Leather Circular Ottoman With Casters.
Lot 1035: (3) Framed Asian Wall Hangings
Lot 1036: Pair Of Ethan Allen Nightstands.

Lot 1037: Noritake 5271 Porcelain Dinner Service. Mint Green With Leafy Bamboo.
Lot 1038: Contemporary Oak 7-Drawer Dresser With Center Cabinet And Double Mirrors.
Lot 1039: (4) Boxes Of Records.
Lot 1040: Pair Of Beige Ceramic And Metal Base Table Lamps.

Lot 1041: Ethan Allen Mahogany 7-Drawer Highboy.
Lot 1042: (2) Mahogany Side Tables. Circa 1940.
Lot 1043: Ceramic Wash Basin And Pitcher.
Lot 1044: Pair Of Oak 3-Drawer Nightstands. Davis Furniture.

Lot 1045: Polished Aluminum Table Lamp With Drop Bead Shade.
Lot 1046: Mahogany Leather Top Side Table With 8 Drawers, Concave Front And Open Shelf.
Lot 1047: Oriental Ceramic Table Lamp With Flowers And Butterflies.
Lot 1048: Contemporary 4-Drawer Bombe Chest.

Lot 1049: Group Of Silver Plated Items.
Lot 1050: Blue Painted Lift Top Storage Chest.
Lot 1051: Oak Extending Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 6 Ladder Back Rush Seated Chairs.
Lot 1052: Higgins And Seiter Limoges Gilt Decorated Dinner Service.

Lot 1053: Carleton Jubilee Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 1054: Rattan Dining Table And 4 Chairs Set.
Lot 1055: Kpm Porcelain Dinner Service And Other Associated Plates.
Lot 1056: Oak & Satinwood Games Table With 4 Cane Back Chairs.

Lot 1057: Contemporary Swing Arm Table Lamp And Pair Of Copper Tube Table Lamps.
Lot 1058: Oak Parquet Top Side Table And Oak Pedestal Table.
Lot 1059: (2) Twin Size Bobbin Head And Footboards.
Lot 1060: Continental Painted Side Table, Wine Table And A Corner Chair.

Lot 1061: Oak Side Table & Umbrella Stand.
Lot 1062: Contemporary Entertainment Cabinet With Glass Doors.
Lot 1063: Glass Top 2-Tier Metal Table.
Lot 1064: Mahogany Dining Table With 3 Leaves And 5 Chippendale Style Chairs. (4 Matching).

Lot 1065: Noritake Wheaton Porcelain Dinner Service.
Lot 1066: Faux Potted Plant And Asian Rock Sculpture.
Lot 1067: Asian Black Low Cabinet With 4 Doors.
Lot 1068: Pair Of Contemporary Armchairs Sterling Custom Upholstery In Oriental Theme.

Lot 1069: Mid 20th C. Burgundy Loveseat.
Lot 1070: Oval Glass Top Coffee Table And Scroll Wrought Metal Base.
Lot 1071: (2) Arthur Schott 19th C. Cabinet Plates.
Lot 1072: (3) Polished Pewter Southwestern Bowls, Platters And Shallow Pan.

Lot 1073: Parquet Top Rectangular Center Table.
Lot 1074: Group Of Art And Travel Books.
Lot 1075: Mid Century Burgundy Upholstered 3-Seat Sofa.
Lot 1076: Japanese Mizuko Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 1077: Oak Parquet Top Extending Dining Table On Double Pedestal Base With 8 Chairs.
Lot 1078: Contemporary Rolling Trolley With Removable Serving Trays.
Lot 1079: Mahogany Drop Side Occasional Table With Single Drawer And Leather Inset Top.
Lot 1080: Square Wood And Brass Framed Glass Top Coffee Table.

Lot 1081: Contemporary Beige Upholstered 7 Ft. Sofa.
Lot 1082: J. Swift & Son London Circa 1900 Compound Microscope With Eyepieces And Case.
Lot 1083: Contemporary Mahogany End Table Cabinet.
Lot 1084: Hickory & White Furn. Beige Upholstered Sofa.

Lot 1085: Oak Circular Pedestal Dining Table And 4 Chairs With Red Suede Upholstered Seats.
Lot 1086: Extensive Pfaltzgraff Pottery Dinner Service.
Lot 1087: (3) Boxes Of Sports Trading Cards.
Lot 1088: (3) Long Boxes Of Asstd. Comics.

Lot 1089: Group Of (8) Boxes Of Sports Trading Cards.
Lot 1090: Group Of "Fruit Box" Americana Art.
Lot 1091: (7) Boxes Of Baseball Trading Cards.
Lot 1092: (2) Boxes Of Records.

Lot 1093: Asian Brass Lidded Bowl With Pierced Base And Rooster Decoration.
Lot 1094: Eastlake Marble Top Oval Table. 23" X 29" X 29".
Lot 1095: Gilt Ceramic Vase Form Table Lamp.
Lot 1096: (3) Shuko Fukushima Paintings On Paper. Landscape, Birds On A Tree. Signed. Image: 15" X 5.5".

Lot 1097: Thomasville 2-Drawer, 4-Door Buffet.
Lot 1098: Contemporary Oak Framed Lighted Display Cabinet With Leaded Glass Doors.
Lot 1099: (2) Turned Wood Table Lamps.
Lot 1100: Circa 1930s Oak Gentlemen's Chest.

Lot 1101: Modern Design Bookshelf Unit With 4 Drawers.
Lot 1102: Set Of (3) Ethan Allen Swivel Counter Chairs.
Lot 1103: Pair Of Embossed Metal Candle Stick Table Lamps.
Lot 1104: Antique Hard Wood Rush Seated Child's Chair.

Lot 1105: Antique Mahogany Desk.
Lot 1106: Eastlake Rectangular Side Table. 28.5" Tall.
Lot 1107: Oak And 6-Glass Panel Top Coffee Table.
Lot 1108: Pair Of French Bouillotte Style 3-Light Desk Lamps.

Lot 1109: Silik Italy "Giove" Executive Desk. Orange Leather Inset Top In 3 Panels With 9 Drawers. With Matching Button Tuft Chair. Monogrammed. Desk: 80" X 36" X 32".
Lot 1110: Acrylic On Canvas, Floral Abstract, Signed E. Limon.
Lot 1111: Maple Drop Front Writing Desk. Cal. Furniture. Pilgrim Finish 20th C.
Lot 1112: Knotted Pine 4-Shelf Bookcase. (5 Ft. Tall).

Lot 1113: Knotted Pine 5-Drawer Bedroom Chest.
Lot 1114: Oak Fitted Clothes Cupboard With Linen Fold Paneled Cabinet Doors.
Lot 1115: Bentwood Cane Seat Side Chair.
Lot 1116: Button Tuft Vanity Bench On Queen Anne Legs.

Lot 1117: Square Brass And Glass Top Coffee Table.
Lot 1118: Mahogany Drop Side Coffee Table.
Lot 1119: Georgian Partner's Desk With Green Leather Inset Top. Locks Marked Hobbs & Co. London. 57" X 42" X 31".
Lot 1120: Pine 2-Door Wardrobe.

Lot 1121: Set Of (3) Modern Design Bookcases.
Lot 1122: Antique Pine 7-Ft. Specimen Cabinet With 2 Sliding Doors.
Lot 1123: Golden Burgundy Vinyl Upholstered Recliner.
Lot 1124: Thomasville Rattan 2-Door Wardrobe.

Lot 1125: Pair Of Blue And White Glaze Pottery Table Lamps.
Lot 1126: Group Of (3) Table Lamps.
Lot 1127: Mahogany 11-Drawer Dresser And A Pair Of 4-Drawer Nightstands.
Lot 1128: Mahogany Single Drawer Writing Desk.

Lot 1129: Early 20th C. 2-Door, 6-Drawer Gentleman's Wardrobe.
Lot 1130: 19th C. American Rosewood Secretary Bookcase. Double Glazed Door Bookcase With Eagle Pediment Over A Cylinder Roll Top And 4-Drawer Base. Circa 1880.
Lot 1131: Continental Mahogany Buffet Deux Corps. Carved Fluted Columns, Spindle Turned Gallery Shelves, Carved Mask And Garland Panel Door. Circa 1900.
Lot 1132: Knotted Pine 4-Shelf Bookcase. 6 Ft. Tall.

Lot 1133: Drexel Velero China Display Cabinet.
Lot 1134: Beacon Hall Parquet Top Coffee Table.
Lot 1135: Contemporary 9-Drawer Dresser And A Pair Of Nightstands.
Lot 1136: Country Pine Style 2-Door Wardrobe With 3 Drawers.

Lot 1137: Pair Of Rattan Folding Chairs.
Lot 1138: Bear And Swan Sculptures.
Lot 1139: Maple 7-Drawer Lingerie Chest And A 3-Drawer Nightstand.
Lot 1140: Teak 7 Ft. Bookcase.

Lot 1141: (3) Shelves Of Books.
Lot 1142: (4) Oriental Scrolls, Calligraphy.
Lot 1143: Group Of Small Framed Etchings Landscape, Architecture And Portrait. (6).
Lot 1144: (2) Vintage Metal Floor Lamps.

Lot 1145: (2) Vintage Floor Lamps And A Floor Standing Candle Holder.
Lot 1146: Mahogany "Georgian Court" Armoire (Panel Front Cabinet Over 2 Drawers).
Lot 1147: Group Of 5 Decorative Prints Incl. Ira Yeager Signed Print.
Lot 1148: Mahogany Pie Crust Tilt Top Table On Turned Pedestal And Ball And Claw Feet. 21" Dia.

Lot 1149: Metal Security Cabinet With Multiple Drawers And Locks.
Lot 1150: Cherry Wood Circular Side Table.
Lot 1151: Contemporary Teak 2-Drawer File Cabinet.
Lot 1152: Mid 20th C. Mahogany Drop Side Coffee Table.

Lot 1153: Provincial Style Armchair.
Lot 1154: Large Framed Mirror.
Lot 1155: Vase Form Table Lamp.
Lot 1156: Circa 1930s Walnut Display Cabinet With Paint Decorated Medallion Panel Cabinet Door.

Lot 1157: Contemporary Oak 4-Drawer Desk With Upper Bookcase.
Lot 1158: Contemporary 2-Door Linen Press / Armoire With 3 Shelves.
Lot 1159: Red Upholstered Button Tuft Armchair And Ottoman.
Lot 1160: Pair Of Oak, Cane And Glass Shelf Etageres.

Lot 1161: French Oak 2-Door Armoire With Beveled Mirror Doors.
Lot 1162: Mahogany Carved Framed Beveled Mirror.
Lot 1163: (3) Photographic Prints Of Asian Junks. Framed.
Lot 1164: 1930s Oak Dining Set; Draw Leaf Table With 6 Chairs, 4-Door, 3-Drawer Sideboard And A Court Cupboard.

Lot 1165: (2) Modern Design Area Rugs.
Lot 1166: (3) Porcelain Table Lamps With Hand Painted Foliate Decoration.
Lot 1167: Shadow Boxed Wall Mirror.
Lot 1168: Wicker Chair, Table And Stool.

Lot 1169: New Home Treadle Sewing Machine In Oak Cabinet.
Lot 1170: (2) Side Chairs.
Lot 1171: Contemporary Desk / Bookshelf Unit.
Lot 1172: Mahogany Pie Crust Tilt Top Table.

Lot 1173: Vintage White Wicker Rocking Chair.
Lot 1174: Oak 6-Door Lawyer's Bookcase. 88" Tall.
Lot 1175: Group Of (3) Table Lamps.
Lot 1176: English Art Nouveau Mirror Back Sideboard.

Lot 1177: (2) Modernist Chairs And A Stool.
Lot 1178: Oak 3-Door, 2-Section Wardrobe.
Lot 1179: Ethan Allen Wardrobe.
Lot 1180: Pair Of 7-Ft. Walnut Bookcases.

Lot 1181: Toro Greenmaster 1000 21-Inch Grass Mower W/Kawasaki Fe120 Engine.
Lot 1182: Vintage Garden Wheel Barrow.
Lot 1183: Invacare Manual Wheelchair.
Lot 1184: (2) Plastic Molded Side Chairs

Lot 1185: Group Of Furniture (4).
Lot 1186: Modern Design 6-Drawer Chest.
Lot 1187: Craftsman 12-Inch Band Saw / Sander.
Lot 1188: Fairbanks-Morse Shop Scale.

Lot 1189: (7+) Boxes Of Household Items, Glass And China.
Lot 1190: (2) Boxes Of Seasonal Decorations.
Lot 1191: Group Of Household Furnishings
Lot 1192: (5) Boxes Of Decorative Items.

Lot 1193: Lift Top Blanket Chest.
Lot 1194: Elmira Stove Works Cast Iron Kitchen Wood Stove. (Repro).
Lot 1195: 8 Ft. Long Metal 5-Shelf Baker's Rack.
Lot 1196: Steamer Trunk.

Lot 1197: (2) A-Frame Ladders. 4 Ft. & 6 Ft.
Lot 1198: Group Of Tools Incl. Skil Saw, Air Tank, Vice.
Lot 1199: Large Shelf Of Garden And Hand Tools.
Lot 1200: Group Of Wicker Baskets.

Lot 1201: Group Of Power Tools And Hardware.
Lot 1202: (2) Footlockers. (Black).
Lot 1203: Shelf Of Backpacks.
Lot 1204: Group Of Camping Chairs, Tent And Related Items.

Lot 1205: Japanese Pachinko Machine.
Lot 1206: Brass Clad Brazier.
Lot 1207: French Cast Iron Garden Gate (74" X 28") Plus One Other.
Lot 1208: Portable Infant Crib In Carrying Case.

Lot 1209: Green Marble Top Circular Table On Cast Iron Base.
Lot 1210: Brass Fireplace Tools And Fender.
Lot 1211: Knaack Storage Chest With Ropes And Power Cables On Dolly.
Lot 1212: (2) Footlockers.

Lot 1213: Knaack Storage Box On Dolly And Yellow Appliance Dolly.
Lot 1214: (3) Metal Patio Chairs And Folding Table.
Lot 1215: (2) Folding Chairs.
Lot 1216: (2) Patio Loungers And 4 Chairs.

Lot 1217: Group Of Patio Furniture Incl. 2 Webbed Loungers, 2 Armchairs And A Side Table.
Lot 1218: Green Metal 5-Pc Patio Suite. Loveseat, 2 Chairs, Side Table And Serving Tray Table.
Lot 1219: Glass Top Patio Table With Webbed Chairs.
Lot 1220: Green Metal Work Table With 4 Chairs And Side Table With 2 Chairs.

Lot 1221: Angle Iron Work Table With Upholstered Top.
Lot 1222: (3) Metal Patio Chairs With Cushions And A Side Table.
Lot 1223: Glass Top Patio Table With 4 Horse Shoe Back Chairs And Teal Cushions.
Lot 1224: (4) Brown & Jordan Patio Chairs, 2 Loungers And 2 Side Tables.

Lot 1225: (4) Brown & Jordan Patio Chairs With Table And Umbrella
Lot 1226: (2) Circular Patio Tables.
Lot 1227: Group Of Patio Furniture. (2 Armchairs, 2 Folding Chairs And 2 Glass Top Tables).
Lot 1228: Glass Top Patio Table With Webbed Chairs.

Lot 1229: (2) Patio Side Tables, Wood With Metal Base.