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Buy a piece of History, and travel through time as you stroll among the medieval streets of Hyeres, also known as the city of 1000 palms. Leave your car behind, and walk to the open market, restaurants, and boutiques. Hike to the top of the historic city to the beautiful gardens, the old castle, the avant-gardist Villa de Noailles.  Go down and explore the 18th century part of town, with its 19th century casino, villas, and parks.
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Located in a semi private courtyard, this townhouse of 37m2, (approximately 400 sq. ft.) excluding staircase, is located in the heart of the historic city of Hyeres. Across the courtyard, you have another structure of 15m2 (160 sq. ft.) with water and electricity for laundry, parking motorcycles or bikes, and storage. With the potential for extension.

1st floor: kitchen and 1/2 bath
2nd floor: living room

3rd floor: bedroom and bath
Detached structure across courtyard

Three minute walk from the Medieval town square, the Place Massillon, where the Templar tower stands.  This old town center is lively during the day and at night. Click here for more information


Pristine sand and rocky beaches, sea marshes and luxurious gardens, vineyards and orchards, pinewoods and palms. So many decors gathered in one unique community: It is Hyeres, the city of 7000 palm also known today as the palm capitol of the world. Situated at the southernmost point of Provence, only half an hour from Saint-Tropez, the town where the French Riviera was born,was visited during the 19th century by Queen Victoria, Robert Louis Stevenson and D.H. Lawrence amongst others.  In 1887, it was in Hyeres that the writer Stephen Liegard invented the term “Cote d’Azur”,  known by the anlgo-saxon as the “French Riviera”. The profusion of palm trees adorning the wide boulevards, as well as the picturesque hotels and villas, give an exotic aspect to the whole town.
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Marinas and Beaches

The marina of Hyeres is located only 15 miutesn from the old city of Hyeres. There are over 30 kms of fine sandy beaches. Streching out to sea is the Giens Peninsula  that is reached via a road surrounded on one side by salt march, which is a haven for wild birds. On one side is the beach of l’Almanarre, one of the top windsurfing location on the French Riviera. On the other side, the beach of Hyeres Plage, from where ferries depart from the Iles d’Hyeres. There you can rent all kinds of boats, book numerous excursions, and so much more…
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The Historic City

Hyeres has always had a great reputation for its rich agricultural soil, hence its thriving trees and plants, its orchards and vineyards; The queen Catherine de Medici visited Hyeres in 1564 to see the orchards which reminded her of her native Italy.  A century later, King Louis XIV created the “jardin du roi” (the garden of the king) in front of the actual Park Hotel, where he collected some specimens to be planted in the “Orangerie” at the castle of Versailles. In the old town, you’ll find yourself strolling amid winding medieval streets, a medieval guesthouse, Porte Massillon and the 12th century tour Saint Blaise. Look out for Renaissance doorways, the 13th century Provencal gothic church of St. Louis and other examples of a rich past. Above the town is the 12th-century chateau of Saint-Bernard from which there are wonderful sea views and a surrounding park full of Mediterrranean plants. At the top of the hills you’ll find the cubist Villa de Noailles designed in the 1920s by Robert Mallet-Stevens, for art patron Charles de Noailles and used as a film set by Man Ray and Brunuel. Also don’t miss the park Ste-Claire , where American writer Edith Wharton lived and cultivated a rich terraced garden. Among other historic parks in the vallon of Costebelle, visit the “Plantier de Costebelle”, neo-palladienne villas surrounded by enchanting gardens.
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Iles d’Hyeres

Three beautiful unspoiled islands lay off the coast of Hyeres.  They are environmentally protected and cars are restricted. Wonderful  hikes and biking among the scented maquis, especially quiet and beautiful in winter and offering bathing and diving in summer. Porquerolles, the largest, offers super beaches and great biking. Port-Crock is strickly protected (no cars or bikes), a paradise for hikers or just nature lovers. There you will find a magnificent variety of marine life. Swimmers and divers can follow a planned route to see the underwater  spectacle.  L ‘ile du Levant, the 3rd island has the world’s oldest naturalist colony, Heliopolis.
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Travel info: You can reach Hyeres by flying into Toulon-Hyeres airport. The historic center of Hyeres where the house is located is 15 minutes from the airport. Toulon-Hyeres airport is an International Airport with daily flights to Paris and London, as well as other cities of France and Europe. Other international destinations are also available.

You can also reach Hyeres by train: TGV (french bullet train) to Toulon and then TER (Interregional train) to Hyeres.

Note from the owner:
Particular of the townhome:  Lowest property taxes. Actual property taxes per year: 300 euros ( due to its location in the historic quarters of town).

Purchase can be done through the Notary of the French Embassy or the Consulate of the country of the buyer.

Price: 218,000 Euros. Contact Chantal at 650-799-1963 (USA) or email pncfred@yahoo.com