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July 2024 Motorcycles and Collectibles Auction

27 July 2024 at 10 am PDT


Friday, July 26, 2024: 11:30 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday, July 27, 2024: 8:30 am - 9:45 am

Buyers Premium for Lots 1 - 120 is 30% discounted to 26% with Cash, Check or Wire Transfer.

Bicycles to be auctioned at 9:30 am

Vintage Motorcycles (Norton, Triumph, Ducati, Moto Marini, Honda), Indo-Persian & Ottoman arms, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Fine art, crystal, Vintage toys, music boxes, writing boxes, dresser boxes, sculptures, Contemporary art, fine and modern furniture, porcelain, decorative arts.

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Can't make it in person? We have online bidding available too. Visit Invaluable to learn more.

120 Items

Per Page :


Lot 1: Reed & Barton "Francis I" Sterling Silver Flatware, 21 Pieces.
Lot 2: (2) Sterling Silver Bowls & a Plated Basket Bowl.
Lot 3: Vanderslice & Co. SF Silver Flatware, 23 Pieces..
Lot 4: Ynez Johnston Woodcut, Blue Garden.
Lot 5: Kiki Kogelnik Artist Proof Serigraph, Doctor's Wife, Signed.
Lot 6: (6) Towle Sterling Forks & (6) M-O-P Knives in Box.
Lot 7: (2) Sets of Sterling Silver Teaspoons.
Lot 8: Lalique Versailles Clear Crystal Vase.
Lot 9: Mappin & Web Silver Plated Flatware in Fitted Casket.
Lot 10: Group of Sterling Souvenir Spoons & Other Flatware.
Lot 11: (12) RW & S Sterling Silver Soup Spoons.
Lot 12: (9) Sterling & (6) .800 Silver Teaspoons.
Lot 13: Vintage Karabela Sword and Scabbard.
Lot 14: Antique German Poleaxe.
Lot 15: Antique Long Handled Sword.
Lot 16: 19th C. Moroccan Miquelet Camel Gun.
Lot 17: Ottoman Gold & Silver Overlay Miquelet Rifle, 19th C.
Lot 18: Antique Jezail Miquelet Rifle.
Lot 19: Ottoman Gold & Silver Overlay Miquelet Rifle, 19th C.
Lot 20: Indian Torador Matchlock Gun, 19th C.
Lot 21: 19th C. Ottoman Miquelet Rifle.
Lot 22: Silver Mounted Miquelet Rifle, 19th C.
Lot 23: 19th C. Miquelet Rifle with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay.
Lot 24: German WWII Russian Volunteer Shashka.
Lot 25: Simon Brothers Gold Filled Handled Cane.
Lot 26: 1976 Honda GL1000 Motorcycle.
Lot 27: 1977 Moto Morini 3.5 Sport Motorcycle.
Lot 28: 1957 Norton Dominator 88 Motorcycle.
Lot 29: 2001 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle.
Lot 30: 1993 Ducati 907IE Motorcycle.
Lot 31: 1992 Ducati 907 IE Motorcycle.
Lot 32: 1978 BMW R100S Motorcycle.
Lot 33: Ducati Performance Leather Motorcycle Jacket.
Lot 34: Honda Rider Collection Leather Motorcycle Jacket.
Lot 35: Ducati First Racing Black Leather Jacket.
Lot 36: Vanson Leathers Motorcycle Jacket.
Lot 37: Creative RiderWare Inc. Cooltech Leather Motorcycle Jacket.
Lot 38: Ducati & Belstaff Motorcycle Jackets.
Lot 39: (2) Eames Aluminum and Black Leather Lounge Chairs.
Lot 40: (6) Stendik Mies MR Chairs (Rattan).
Lot 41: Mid Century Rosewood 2-Section Bookcase.
Lot 42: Oriental Style 2-Drawer Open Bookcase.
Lot 43: Spanish Jousting Knight Suit of Armor by Marto.
Lot 44: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 45: An Indian "Bandaq" Matchlock Musket.
Lot 46: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 47: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 48: 19th c Mughal Toradar Flintlock Carbine.
Lot 49: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Flintlock Musket.
Lot 50: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.

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