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May 2024 Collectibles Auction

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May 2024 Collectibles Auction

25 May 2024 at 10 am PDT


Friday, May 24, 2024: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday, May 25, 2024: 8:30 am - 9:45 am

Buyers Premium for Lots 1 - 160 and all lots marked (Alt BP) is 30% discounted to 26% with Cash, Check or Wire Transfer.

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Vintage Americana and timeless collectibles, Music boxes, Vintage wind up toys, stuffed animals & pull toys, Sterling Silver, Jewelry, 1969 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, Swarovski, Lalique and other crystal, Montblanc Pens. Danish Modern and other furniture, Antique Rifles, Writing boxes, Dresser boxes, decorative arts.

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1060 Items

Per Page :


Lot 51: Yellow & White Gold Filigree Link Bracelet.
Lot 52: 14K Yellow Omega Link Gold Choker.
Lot 53: Yellow Gold & Amethyst Bracelet.
Lot 54: Pair of White Gold & Diamond Pendant Earrings.
Lot 55: Pair of Platinum and Gold Cuff Links.
Lot 56: Montblanc Meisterstuck No. 149 Fountain Pen.
Lot 57: Montblanc Alexander Dumas Fountain Pen.
Lot 58: Montblanc Boheme Rouge Fountain Pen.
Lot 59: Montblanc Dostoevsky Fountain Pen.
Lot 60: Montblanc Voltaire Fountain Pen.
Lot 61: Early 20th C. American Hand Made Quilt.
Lot 62: Contemporary Hand Knotted Silk Rug.
Lot 63: Tiafeng Jiang Limited Edition on Canvas, Vigilant.
Lot 64: Jim Buckels Silkscreen on Canvas, Two Suitors.
Lot 65: Sergio Bissi Oil on Canvas, Il Ponte a Stazzenia.
Lot 66: Daum Crystal Amber Panther (Large).
Lot 67: Swarovski Soulmates Crystal Bear Figure.
Lot 68: (4) Swarovski Crystal Figures.
Lot 69: Swarovski Soulmates Eagle Sculpture.
Lot 70: Pair of Lalique Mesanges Crystal Candlesticks.
Lot 71: Elgin Gold Filled Pocket Watch.
Lot 72: Group of (20) Men's Watches.
Lot 73: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Before the Sun Goes Down.
Lot 74: Ting Shao Kuang Serigraph, Best Wishes.
Lot 75: Tie Feng Jiang Lithograph, Girl of Tang Dynasty.
Lot 76: Ichiro Tsuruta Serigraph, Universe A.
Lot 77: Tie Feng Jiang Artist Proof Lithograph, Moonlight Dance.
Lot 78: Jennifer Nagel Dumas Serigraph, Shannon.
Lot 79: Vintage American Hand Made Quilt.
Lot 80: Vintage American Hand Made Quilt.
Lot 81: Pair of Replica Prop Colt Revolvers and Holsters.
Lot 82: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 83: Brass Percussion Cap Muzzle Loader.
Lot 84: Vintage Piano Shaped Novelty Box.
Lot 85: Domenico Pontarelli Vintage Accordion.
Lot 86: Vintage Swiss Cylinder Music Box.
Lot 87: (3) Vintage Animal Wind Up Toys & Musical Cat.
Lot 88: Display Stand with 2 Guitar Music boxes & Miniatures.
Lot 89: Collection of Opera Glasses & binoculars.
Lot 90: Group of Vintage Metal Engines, Cars & Carriages.
Lot 91: Group of Vintage Lacquer and Lidded Boxes.
Lot 92: Group of Oriental Cloisonne boxes, Vase & Miniatures.
Lot 93: Group of Vintage Hand Painted Lidded Boxes and Cups.
Lot 94: Group of Marble and Rock Specimens and Coral.
Lot 95: (4) Vintage Hand Painted Bellows.
Lot 96: Group of Vintage Animal Figures and Collectibles.
Lot 97: Group of Vintage Cutlery and Wooden Tools.
Lot 98: Large Group of Vintage Kitchenware Items.
Lot 99: Mappin & Web Silver Plated Flatware in Fitted Casket.
Lot 100: Extensive Wallace Silver Plated Flatware in Casket.