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September 2023 Collectibles


September 2023 Collectibles

30 September 2023 at 10 am PDT


Friday, September 29, 2023: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday, September 30, 2023: 8:30 am - 9:45 am

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Sterling Silver, Jewelry, 1987 Jaguar XJ6, Indo-Persian and other Arms & Armor, Mid Century Modern and other furniture, Wine, Contemporary Art (Eyvind Earle, Patrick Nagel, Jim Buckels, Ting Shao Kuang and more), Southwestern pottery and woven items, Royal Crown Derby and other porcelain, Asian decorative arts (jade, porcelain), general collectibles.

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1229 Items

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Lot 1: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bowl.
Lot 2: Sterling Silver Creamer, Sugar & Irish Silver Waste Bowl.
Lot 3: Old Newbury Crafters Sterling Silver Flatware, 60 Pieces.
Lot 4: Tiffany & Co. Italy Sterling Silver Dresser Box.
Lot 5: Group of (16) Danish Silver Spoons.
Lot 6: Edward Lees 1807 English Silver Berry Spoon.
Lot 7: (5) Early 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Plates.
Lot 8: (2) Early 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Covered Sauce Bowls.
Lot 9: Worcester Royal Lily Large Oval Platter.
Lot 10: (3) 19th C. Royal Crown Derby Dishes.
Lot 11: (2) 19th C. Mason's Covered Sauce Bowls with Plates.
Lot 12: Saint-Louis Crystal "Cactus" Art Glass Paperweight.
Lot 13: Reuge Swiss 3.144 Music Box, The Dauphin.
Lot 14: Reuge Swiss 3.72 Grand Piano Music Box.
Lot 15: Pair of 18K Gold Cuff Links and Single 14K Cuff Link.
Lot 16: Longines Master Moonphase Automatic Watch.
Lot 17: 1979 Canada $100 Dollars Gold Coin.
Lot 18: Yellow Gold Rectangular Pin (Tests 14K).
Lot 19: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Mauve, Red & Purple.
Lot 20: Leroy Nieman Limited Edition Serigraph, Cafe Rive Gauche.
Lot 21: Eyvind Earle Presentation Proof Serigraph, Beauty Breaks at Dawn.
Lot 22: Isaac Maimon Acrylic on Canvas, Women at Cafe.
Lot 23: Jim Buckels Limited Edition Serigraph, Seventh Torii.
Lot 24: Eyvind Earle Limited Edition Serigraph, Mystic Mountain.
Lot 25: (4) Bottles of 2007 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 26: (2) Bottles of 2004 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 27: (4) Bottles of 2008 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 28: (6) Bottles Assorted 2013 Ridge Zinfandel.
Lot 29: (6) Bottles Assorted 2009 Ridge Zinfandel.
Lot 30: (2) Bottles of 2009 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 31: (4) Bottles of 2012 Ridge Montebello.
Lot 32: Ellamarie Woolley Enameled Copper Wall Hanging #496.
Lot 33: 1987 Jaguar XJ6 4-Door Sedan.
Lot 34: 19th C. Indian Bhuj Axe.
Lot 35: 19th C. Indian Ram-Dao Sacrificial Sword.
Lot 36: 19th C. Indo-Persian Tabar Axe.
Lot 37: 18th C. Indian Pata Gauntlet Sword.
Lot 38: 19th C. Indian Katar Push Dagger.
Lot 39: 18th C. Indo-Persian Hooded Katar Dagger.
Lot 40: 18th C. Indo-Persian Gada Mace.
Lot 41: 19th C. Afghan Pulwar Sword and Scabbard.
Lot 42: 19th C. Mughal Matchlock Musket.
Lot 43: 19th C. Mughal Toradar Matchlock Musket.
Lot 44: 19th C. Mughal Bow and Arrows.
Lot 45: 18th C. Partisan Spear Head.
Lot 46: 19th C. Indo-Persian Gurz Spiked Mace.
Lot 47: 19th C. Indio-Persian Dhal Shield.
Lot 48: Eyvind Earle Serigraph, Beyond Paradise.
Lot 49: Ting Shao Kuang Serigraph, Echoes.
Lot 50: Mark Keller Giclee, Dolores Park.