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September 2023 Collectibles


September 2023 Collectibles

30 September 2023 at 10 am PDT


Friday, September 29, 2023: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday, September 30, 2023: 8:30 am - 9:45 am

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Sterling Silver, Jewelry, 1987 Jaguar XJ6, Indo-Persian and other Arms & Armor, Mid Century Modern and other furniture, Wine, Contemporary Art (Eyvind Earle, Patrick Nagel, Jim Buckels, Ting Shao Kuang and more), Southwestern pottery and woven items, Royal Crown Derby and other porcelain, Asian decorative arts (jade, porcelain), general collectibles.

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1229 Items

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Lot 51: 14K Italy 2-Tone Gold Choker.
Lot 52: Pair of 18K Yellow Gold Pierced Clip Back Earrings.
Lot 53: 18K Italy Yellow Gold Leaf Brooch.
Lot 54: 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet.
Lot 55: Pair of Tiffany & Co. 18K, Onyx & Mother-of-Pearl Earrings.
Lot 56: 14K Case Back Ladies' Vintage Locket Watch.
Lot 57: Pair of Yellow Gold, Pearl and Diamond Earrings.
Lot 58: French Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze "Elephant" Mantel Clock.
Lot 59: Large Hummel Figure, Merry Wanderer, with box.
Lot 60: Gaston Leroux Bronze, Seated Man Reading a Book.
Lot 61: (18) Justice League and (2) Sub-Mariner Comic Books.
Lot 62: (2) Comics; The New Gods Issue 1 & Kamandi Issue 1.
Lot 63: (6) Moon Knight and (3) Marvel Premeire Iron Fist Comics.
Lot 64: (45) Classic Comic Books inc. Radioactive Man.
Lot 65: (4) Classic Comic Books.
Lot 66: (9) Comic Books .
Lot 67: (2) Comic Page Posters, Numbered and Signed "Whiterby".
Lot 68: Antique Bohemian Gilt and Enameled Decanter.
Lot 69: Turkish Silver Metal and Brass Pen Box (Divit).
Lot 70: Continental Amethyst Glass Gilt Painted Decanter.
Lot 71: Signed Paul McCartney Photograph.
Lot 72: Fossilized Mastodon Jaw, Mongolia.
Lot 73: Circa 1800 Carved Wood & Gesso Santos Figure.
Lot 74: Eric Isenburger Oil on Canvas, Still Life, Vase with Flowers.
Lot 75: Eric Isenburger Oil on Canvas, Interior with Flowers, 1964.
Lot 76: Pair of 19th C. Indo-Persian Bazuband Armor.
Lot 77: 19th C. Indo-Persian Tabar Axe with Dagger.
Lot 78: 19th C. Moro Kampilan Sword.
Lot 79: 19th C. Moro Kalis Sword.
Lot 80: 19th C. Ottoman Yatagan Sword.
Lot 81: 19th C. Persian Khanjar Dagger.
Lot 82: 19th C. Indian Single Blade Mace.
Lot 83: 19th C. Indian Khanda Sword.
Lot 84: 18th C. Indian Sang / Spear Head.
Lot 85: 19th C. Ottoman Miquelet Flintlock Castle Rifle.
Lot 86: 19th C. Indo-Persian Flintlock Rifle.
Lot 87: 19th C. Indo-Persian handled Spear.
Lot 88: 19th C. Indio-Persian Dhal Shield.
Lot 89: 19th C. Tibetan Horse Saddle and Breast Collar.
Lot 90: Russian Imperial Silver Belt, 84 Fineness Mark.
Lot 91: Indo Persian Silver Belt.
Lot 92: Semi-Antique Kazak Runner.
Lot 93: Antique Kazak Rug.
Lot 94: Antique Caucasian Rug.
Lot 95: Chinese Quartz Lidded Vessel.
Lot 96: Chinese Carved Jade Miniature Vessel.
Lot 97: Chinese Carved Rock Crystal Duck Figure.
Lot 98: Chinese Carved Spinach Jade Lidded Vessel.
Lot 99: Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold & Amethyst Ring.
Lot 100: Yellow Gold Filigree and Opal Necklace.